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Hello AVS World of Knowledge,

Recently got back into really listening to music and looking for some opinions on speakers. For now, I am using my older Carver receiver (the original one) w/ a Denon CD player and Denon turntable with a Paradigm sub. Will eventually be upgrading to separates and using it for music and as a HT, but just music for now. Down the road I see about a 60/40 or 70/30 music/movie split.

Used to have and loved some Energy speakers but had to buy some new (used) speakers as the tweeters dried up (didn't use them for a while.) Anyhow, with $$$$ always a factor, looking for the best place to spend it now while keeping the HT in mind for the future. Got a good deal on a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7s (version 2) a few months ago and then a few days ago a great deal on a pair of Monitor 9s came up (seller thought they were version 3, but as they have no "version" on the nameplate I am guessing they are version 1 - thoughts?.) Got 'em both now and will be doing some serious A/B comparing later, haven't done so yet. So that is part of the dilemma - which pair to keep.
The other part is "upgrade-itis" - ever heard of it? Found a pair of Paradigm Studio 60s (version 2) I'm interested in. From pretty much everything I've read (here on AVS and elsewhere), the Studio 60s are better for music than the Monitor line. So what if I get them (the 60s) for fronts/mains and use a pair of Monitors for rear speakers in a home theater setup? overkill? Probably - but why not?
And following the same train of thought, an aquaintance is moving and has a pair of Klipsch RF-82s for sale w/ a set of MIT wires for a good price. Hence, the Klipsch complication. There have been a lot of Klipsch RF-7s for sale lately, so why not do a HT setup w/ RF-7s and RF-82s?

Any thoughts/input on the above?

Additional questions:
  • What would be a good (approximate) price on any/all of the speakers mentioned above
  • Any thoughts/suggestions on separates that would work for the above; I am considering some of the Internet-only companies like Emotiva and Outlaw, but I do love my Carver and Sunfire made a few things I like too.
  • Have had other brands of speakers, found them "acceptable" and then I found the Energy speakers & "loved" them. Any thoughts on any of the above speakers similarity to Energy?

Thanks for your "World of Knowledge" and patience in reading this.

Yes, I know that I "hear" things differently than you and the only "real" way is to select a speaker is to listen and then listen some more; but educated or "World of Knowledge" opinions can help.

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If you love the energy speaker sound I would go with them. They are nice speakers and would work great for both ht and music.

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