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Op here. My op actively wanted other options! That was the point of the thread! - "I know lots of people hate the 901 but what is better new or used for £400 for what I want it to do?"!!!

I'm asking the 901 haters for price comparable alternatives. But as with every other thread on 901s you don't get genuine alternatives offered at second hand 901 money.

I really appreciate the comments made on this thread for keeping it mostly civil and some great points well made. I look forward to building my own - just not quite yet!.

So Bill - money where the mouth is - what should I buy used or new that has better volume, richness and club feel than 901's FOR THE SAME second hand cost?

You do seem to keep on insulting the 901 but I haven't heard you offer an alternative? I've picked up a set of series 4 now for less than £200 including EQ. What should I have bought in your opinion that is better for the sam

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You did well for the money ( A little less actually than I would expect to pay for a nice pair of series IV ) I can't offer much better at that price especially for their intended use you don't have to defend your choice with me I know what they can and can not do having owned them .

OTOH not good to personally attack others
whom you may not agree with bad form for a new or any member just saying!

just enjoy the party and enjoy the loud music 901's can do that very well !

I'm not much for old Japanese cheap kabuki speakers with multiple drivers in too small of box they were junk when they were new and
now they are just old junk now not even fit for firewood ! But OTOH for a small amount of money they can get loud and in that respect
are better than small speakers for dance parties.

The series IV are new enough and have improved foam surrounds as opposed to the older ones and so are not likely of needing
any immediate attention. In any event re foam kits are inexpensive but tedious work for 18 drivers .
Plus if in your home they won't look like they belong in a garage.or the dumpster.

Try to use appropriate wire doesn't have to be expensive just the proper size for distance you can find that here or maybe they came with decent cables ?
sometimes you can get decent wire cheap at home improvement centers
then get some inexpensive connectors you are set there are always monoprice or Amazon for inexpensive terminated cables also
You can't hear the wire despite what the hype says.

I fed mine 350wpc I can tell they can do loud decently no problem
for heavy bass a powered sub or two would not hurt . Try to feed them with similar power to what I mentioned in post 19 above
Pro amps work well and can be reasonable cost ,an AVR really usually won't bring out the best in them if much at all 350 - 450wpc is good for Bose 901 party !

Ofc keep in mind 901's are not commercial speakers like maybe some JBL or CV PA speakers that can take lots of abuse and fill inside or a parking lot with sound just saying but 901's will work fine inside if they are placedwell.
just don't beat them to death with lots of electronica bass (they aren't made for that) the front firing 801's are more of a PA type product.
801's area't bass monsters either and are usually used with bass bins .
but 901's can otherwise play decently pretty loud . 901's must have reflective walls behind and beside them if not you may try turning them around. but then they are direct radiating. like 801's

Don't forget a thumbs up if this has been helpful for you!
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Originally Posted by surelynot View Post

So Bill - money where the mouth is - what should I buy used or new that has better volume, richness and club feel than 901's FOR THE SAME second hand cost?
I don't make recommendations on what to buy, I only comment on engineering issues. Since the 901, and most Bose products for that matter, suffer from serious engineering defects, defects that those considering them should be aware of, I point those defects out, just as I do with any products that fail to deliver on promises made.
I've picked up a set of series 4 now for less than £200 including EQ. What should I have bought in your opinion that is better for the same money?
Really? Only one day after your first post?
When newbies show up here touting how great Bose products are, especially when they do so defiantly, one must question their actual agenda. Whatever. As you have, or claim to have, bought your 901s, there's no point to continuing this thread any further.
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Let came onto this forum, 24 hr ago and asked about the Bose 901 speakers for parties...and 3/4 of the reply were "don't buy Bose" and some very specific alternatives were mentioned. Not only did you buy the Bose despite the advice from the thread, but you bought them within 24 hours, so you didn't even take time to consider other options. Call me skeptical that you really wanted any advice...

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Some people come, not looking for advice but for confirmation. He simply didn't get his confirmation.
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