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PolishDude's Avatar PolishDude 11:33 PM 11-09-2013

I just picked up a set of RTi A5s, I already know I want the CSi A6 center, now for the surrounds, I am doing a 5.1 maybe a 5.2 surround sound, I can get the RTi A3 for 275 shipped which are direct firing bookshelf speakers or the FXi A6 for $340 shipped which are dipole/bipole speakers. My HT will be in my living room that is 13' by 25' rectangle however the couch that I will be using as my surround sound "center" will be about 9 feet from the TV and front mains. The area behind the couch will be a sitting area that also opens up to the kitchen. For my purposes will the FXi A6 benefit me or will the rear firing portion of the speakers get lost in the remaining 14 feet to the back wall, not to mention, the open up to the kitchen on one of the walls. I am able to place the surround speakers directly to the left and right of the seating position and can put them the 2 feet or so above the seating position as recommended. I can also put them on the back wall but at that point the speakers will be 14 feet behind the seating position or even further than my mains will be to the seating position. I want to figure out what I should do now as I am doing my flooring and need to hide my wiring.

Niavlys's Avatar Niavlys 06:22 AM 11-10-2013
Your room have the same dimensions as mine and mine's is completely open to the kitchen.
In the last 6 months, i’ve tried a lot of speakers for the side surrounds. One of them was a pair of RTiA3 installed on the walls but i quickly found out that they were too big to use as side surrounds for a 13’ feet large room.
Me and my wife did not like the fact that we were sitting too close to the RTiA3. At the time, i was running a 5.1 system.
Then i decided to go 7.2, moved the RTiA3 to the back, 11’ away behind the couch and bought a pair of FXi/A4 for the side surrounds. I don't regret that move, i’m running them in dipole mode and totally love them. For surround effects in my room, they are doing a much better job than the RTiA3, the Aperion Verus Forte bookshelf, the Polk Tsi100 and the Fluance XLPB bipole speakers i’ve tried.
As for the RTiA3 in the back, they are just the perfect size, i love them too !
Geoff4RFC's Avatar Geoff4RFC 11:54 AM 11-10-2013
FX's all day...............the most versatile speaker in surround I've ever used......

Give this link a read
PolishDude's Avatar PolishDude 12:34 PM 11-10-2013

I found a guy selling CSi A6 and FXi A6s, trying to see if I can work out some sort of deal with him

Geoff4RFC's Avatar Geoff4RFC 12:56 PM 11-10-2013
PolishDude's Avatar PolishDude 10:10 AM 11-11-2013

Okay so I measured my space, the only problem would be if I wanted to mount the FXi A6s directly to the left and right of the listening positon, they would probably have to be mounted really high (above the door) as the space between the door and the window is only 10.5 inches. That would put them probably around 8 feet off the ground or about 4 feet from my ear.  Could I mount these behind me even though the back wall is about 14 feet from the listening position and my Pioneer Elite SC-63 receiver will compensate for that when I run MCACC? At that point I could mount them at any height I wanted.

PolishDude's Avatar PolishDude 09:26 PM 11-11-2013

Well just picked up a CSi A6 and FXi A6s for $455 shipped so that is all locked in, so now do I put them directly to the left and right of the listening position but high up or on the back wall that is 14 feet away from the couch but at the right height. What would also be better for when playing music, I feel like back wall would more so "engulf" the room in sound in a good way, no?

Geoff4RFC's Avatar Geoff4RFC 09:35 PM 11-11-2013
Congrats!!! I left my replying opinion in your thread on the Polk site smile.gif
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