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Panda House 11-10-2013 07:30 PM

Hi guys, I'm two months into this home theater hobby and let me tell you this forum has provided me more accurate, helpful info than Best Buy ever would. Also let me thank it's members who have helped me along the way. Anyways I recently bought a pair of Infinity RS4 speakers for surrounds. This completes my set as I have 2000.6's for mains, 2000.3's for rear surrounds and RS4's for surrounds. Now I was going to get a pair of 2000.4 for surrounds but the driver looked different than my other Infinity Reference speakers so I went with the RS4's. I measured them but can't find any specific info on them, correct me if I'm wrong but the RS4's use the same driver and tweeter as my other speakers right? I paid $40 for them and on the same day got a 46" Sony Bravia KDL-46W100 120HZ LCD TV for $70, worked fine but had a blurry image for the first 10 mins on warm up. Replaced the T-Con board and bam! Perfect TV. I love Craigslist! I also need advice on a similar center channel. I was going to get a pair of 2000.3's and use a single one as a center channel but my current TV stand doesn't allow that due to lack of space. I currently have a Video-1 by Infinity but to me the drivers look more like the ones from the 2000.2 References or SS Bookshelfs I'm not exactly sure which. I know the matching center is the CC3 and it's currently on e-Bay for $120 + $22 shipping. If you guys don't know of any other compromise I'll take the plunge and buy it. Also I got a little creative and put the tweeter from a Klipsch SB1 into the Infinity-1. To me it sounds better, this was probably a stupid idea I know but can I cause any serious damage? I'm a novice by all means and would appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thanks!

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