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smoka's Avatar smoka 01:32 PM 11-30-2013
I am trying to add in-wall surround to my setup and I've decided to stay on a budget (below $200 for both speakers). My current setup is a Klipsch Reference/Icon with a Sony receiver (see "Living Room" setup my sig). I initially wanted to high-end Klipsch reference surrounds, but they are way too pricey.

My current options are:
1. Polk RC85i
2. Klipsch Reference R-1650-W

Any suggestions on which is better or any other recommendations in this price range?

imagic's Avatar imagic 09:25 AM 12-01-2013
The Polks have higher sensitivity as well as higher power handling. Taking a cursory glance, the only reason I see to go with the Klipsch units is if—big if—they are a closer timbre match for your mains. However if you plan to use auto-EQ with your receiver, that might not really matter.
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 09:55 AM 12-01-2013
Originally Posted by smoka View Post

any other recommendations in this price range?
Look at HTD High Definition
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