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01-31-2014 | Posts: 33
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I'm planning on these for my home theater setup - a 18 x 24 perfect rectangular room with a isolated room outside this for the Amp equipment. Can someone please help me with my choices?

1 x Emotiva XMC-1 Processor

4 x Cerwin Vega 1800 Amplifier 400W x 2 @ 8ohm

1 x HSU Research HC1 MK2 Center Channel
2 x HSU Research VTF 15H Subwoofers

6 x HSU Research HB1 MK2 for Left, Right, RLeft, RRight, SLeft, SRight
4 x HSU Research HC1 MK2 Left, Right, RLeft, RRight
2 x HSU Research HB1 MK2 for SLeft, SRight

1 x HSU Research HBM12 MK2 for Mid Bass Unit

I picked XMC-1 for future proof for at-least 5 years
I picked Cerwin Vega because of its SNR and Power Vs Cost ratio on the CV1800. I could change to an XPR if it would make a very big difference. Also, I have a isolated room where I could hide all the equipment and make it sound proof for the fans running on the amps.
I picked the VTF15 based on the reviews on several forums including here
I couldn't arrive at a conclusion about the speakers still. I don't know if I'm making the right decision going with the Horn.

I have a pair of Polk RTi12 which is lying around for few months which I'm not going to use anywhere. Any thoughts if using these for my HT would be better - with a set of polk speakers instead of the HSU? I would really appreciate your replies on this.
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don't know why you've settled on an Emotiva processor... they have a strong track record for amplifiers, but not so much with their processors. A more mainstream AVR with good room correction would be my choice, and one that has pre-outs so you could add an external amplifier IF you feel you need one later. The Hsu's get plenty loud without one. Admittedly maybe not quite true reference level, but very close, and that is loud.

I went from Polks to Hsu's, and wouldn't go back, but speaker preference is very subjective, and you should try to listen to a pair before you commit.

And even if you do decide to add external amps, why those? the Hsu's are rated up to 250 watts, so feeding them 400 may not be the best idea, IMO. And you wouldn't benefit from the XLR connections those CV amps have. You'd actually have more expense buying converters.

If you have room, you could just use an HB-1 as a center channel... it is completely acceptable, and is preferred by many to have exact matching speakers for the front 3. I use an HC-1, but that was due completely to space constraints I had at the time. Upping it to HC-1's across the front would look cool, but probably won't improve the sound much (if at all). Again, IMO.

Subs, the VTF15's look great. I have dual VTF-3's, in a smaller room, and don't feel they are lacking. The 15's weren't available when I purchased, or I'd probably have them. Buy as much sub as you think you'll need, and can afford, the first time.

hope it helps, and wasn't too rambling,
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I think the HC-1s would be overkill for surround speakers. In fact I would only use them for all front three if you intend to listen at loud volumes. I would definitely skip the Emotiva processor, unless you really want Emotiva's Dirac room correction. I would go with something like the Denon Avr-X4000 instead, and only get separate amps if you feel the Denon doesn't drive the speakers loud enough for your taste. The AVR-X4000 automatically dials in dual subs, which is not a very common feature and can save you a lot of hassle. I like the Rti Polks, they aren't bad, but you will have to compare then to the Hsus to see which you like better. I wouldn't buy a MBM-12 unless you find your mid bass is lacking. Just go with VTF15h's for now, they do have a ton of mid bass output already.
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Thank you for your suggestions. I currently have an Onkyo NR908 and two Polk RTi12's from my old home's basement.

Any suggestions which could make use of these? I was thinking if XMC-1 is brand new and may have some bugs initially, I could use my NR908's pre-out to fire up the CV1800's and connect the RTi's and match them up with few Polk LSiM703's for L/R/B/S, one Polk LSiM 706C for center and two HSU VTF15H subs - for few months, and then add the XMC-1 when stable.

Would Polk LSiM703's be a better choice?
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I really like the Hsu's, but yeah, I think the LSiM703's would be better, they measure beautifully, but then they do cost what 8 or 9 times as much. In that price bracket, I think you could do better than the LSi speakers though. I would want something with more dynamic range. What is your budget? What is your setup like, are you dealing with an AT screen and projector? If not, what kind of room do you have for a center speaker?
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