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Previse 04-17-2014 06:46 PM


I'm a bit of an audio noob and would really appreciate any help that could be given to me.


Currently i'm using a Z906 logitech setup for my speakers. I've got that connected to my Mac Mini + 3 Gaming consoles. It's getting really tiring switching my cables for what i want to play (as there are only 2 toslink ports on the Z906 sub). Mainly i use my speakers for GAMING & MOVIES/SHOWS.


What i'm getting at here:

1) I need something to be able to accept 4 HDMI inputs, and output ONE Hdmi (So i can choose on the receiver)

2) If possible it have an input for coaxial (The analog for digital TV)

3) 5.1 surround sound / Good Bass

4) Not kill my wallet


So far i've bumped into this on sale at newegg



195 shipped (As i have shoprunner); Hows this look to you guys?


Thanks for all advice!

wes182 04-18-2014 04:50 AM

Assuming you are doing this for a small room.

Can't tell what inputs you are using. Have you considered just getting an input selector/switch? Although it seems you may need 2 of them (one for HDMI, one for coaxial).

Does your TV have audio out? Maybe do it that way.

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