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dman918's Avatar dman918 10:36 AM 04-22-2014
Hello all,

Currently, I have Polk RT800i towers for my fronts, and a Polk CS400i center, Velodyne 12" sub and Pioneer VSX-1120 receiver. I just sold my current surround speakers as my wife wants me to switch to in-walls. After some discussion in my previous post, I've been informed that my RT speakers aren't half bad (as compared to some of the other speakers I was considering) so I am keeping them and looking for a good in-wall surround speaker to match them.

I have a rather large room (20x20) and open to my kitchen which is about another 20x20. Main focus is for movies and tv, with occasional music.

So, I've been considering the Polk RC85i for my surrounds (also heard PSB may be a good choice?), but am completely open to any suggestions that are in-wall and under $250 a pair.

Thank you for all your suggestions.


dman918's Avatar dman918 08:08 PM 04-22-2014
Anyone? I'd like to order tomorrow if possible.
dman918's Avatar dman918 11:21 AM 04-23-2014
Will it matter since its all rear stage? Do I want as big as I can since the room is large and open? Please advise.
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 12:14 PM 04-23-2014
The Polk in-wall should be fine for you
crazyrob425's Avatar crazyrob425 12:37 PM 04-23-2014
Ignore the PSB's and go with the Polk RC85i or Polk RC65i's (The guy that recommended the PSB's isn't too respected here and his recommendations barely make sense)

Surrounds are not necessary to match. They hardly ever play a big deal in sound unless you listen to music in multi-channel stereo.

Polk's will have similar sound to the rest of your speakers.

If you must go with in-wall speakers the RC85i and RC65i are the way to go
dman918's Avatar dman918 02:33 PM 04-23-2014
OK great to hear. Thank you both so much!

I do have to go in-wall. I have Polk FX300i's right now but the wife wants them gone because she thinks they're "ugly".

Thanks again. I will go ahead and order the RC85i's then.
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