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joeydable's Avatar joeydable 04:44 PM 05-03-2014

Hey All,


Im building a new family home and starting to look at some entry level but good bang for buck home theatre setup. We have a dedicated room which is 3.2mx4.5m.


I already have a BenqW1080ST projector which I thought would do the trick for the short throw with a pretty good quality image for a startup first HT system.


I dont want to overkill the rest of the setup at this stage; so im not sure where i should draw the line when it comes to amps and speakers :| everyone seems to have a different oppinion on brands/amps etc.


My whole house will be networked off a mac mini serving as a media centre; but rather than run soemthing like plex or XBMC; im just going to split the HDMI connection to 2 tv's (living and bed) and the projector. I cant be fussed with constantly updating libraries and the SMART tv's are pretty clunky unless you pay top dollar.


So my question is;

1. Should I be going 5.1 or 7.1

2. Inwall or freestanding

3. What receiver should I be using? (might need to power living room speakers as i dont trust them slim tv's no more)

4. looking for a cost effective 120" fixed screen - spend around 4-500?


Now im thinking runout technology models; for a better bang for my buck. Im not too fussed on having the latest of everything as this will be my first Home Theatre setup.


Approx budget around 1500 for speakers and <1,000 for the amp.

Im in australia also if that helps; haha.


Heres a rough mud map of my room. Ignore the positioning of speakers;

Thanks all.

Hopinater's Avatar Hopinater 07:24 PM 05-03-2014

Welcome to AVS and congratulations on setting up a new HT.


To answer your questions in order:

1. I would start with 5.1 and look to go 7.1 down the road if you decide you want more.

2. I would take freestanding speakers all day long over inwall or ceiling.

3. Personally I like Marantz and Denon partly because they have Audyssey (Onkyo does as well). But I would look at putting my money into the speakers and subwoofer and just buy an AVR that will have what you need and not much more (AVRs change every year as technology changes so you will most likely upgrade this more often than your speakers and subs so why dump too much money into an AVR now?). I would look to spend around $500. Soon the AVRs will be changing to the new models so you can get great deals on last years closeouts. 

4. I have no experience with projectors and screens so I will leave this one alone.


One big note, I suggest taking the money you save by buying a cheaper AVR and get yourself a good subwoofer. Since you are in Australia I would look at SVS, I think they have a distributer there. The subwoofer has a HUGE impact on your theaters sound quality and it should not be treated as an after thought. 


Good luck with your new theatre.  

cel4145's Avatar cel4145 01:06 AM 05-04-2014

Focus on 5.1, and definitely bookshelves or towers over in wall. And get a good sub. The SVS subs that Hopinater mentioned will do more for your setup than putting a lot of money into a receiver. smile.gif
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