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I'd like to hear opinions about what speakers are the best at varying price points. A friend of mine is in the market, so I told him I'd try to find out for him. So, nominees for best speaker at the following prices:

1) $500
2) $1000
3) $2000
4) $3000
5) $4000
6) $5000

I think he wants to spend ~$3000, pretty sure he won't go over $5000.

Thanks. BTW, I mentioned the Primus P363, the Vandersteen 2CE Sigs, and the B&W CM10's to him already.
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There's no such thing as "best" as all speakers have a sonic personality. My usual short list for recommending speakers includes Monitor Audio, PSB, Kef, Aperion, Axiom, and Ascend.
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I would include Sonus Faber as well.
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Bose wink.gif

Krell Evolution 900e x 7

Bose Jewel speakers.


Jealous of my speakers?

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There is no such thing. You are just going to listen to a lot of speakers and decide which are best to you.Have fun smile.gif
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Horn vs ribbon vs dome vs planar etc is where to begin deciding the main sonic signature while investigating the merits of each type of design.

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