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Matthader's Avatar Matthader 12:19 PM 06-08-2014
I'm looking to start a decent small system and eventually grow into 5.1/5.2 maybe. My issue is my living room has a fireplace dividing it from the dining room with pass thru on both sides and cathedral ceilings but anyways...with my initial budget I can start 2.0 with towers or bookshelves and a sub. So far I've only heard Paradigm Monitor 7 line that I liked. I'm gonna try to hear some more brands tmrw EMP Tek, Polk, Monitor Audio. I like a real clean sound subs thinking SVS or maybe Reaction Audio, HSU.

So which do you think would be a better starting point for home theater 75% of the time and music rocking out when family is out. Thanks

postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 12:38 PM 06-08-2014
It looks like you are considering some excellent options. What's your initial budget? How big is the listening space? Will the TV be mounted above the fireplace? Also, will there be a decent position to install the center speaker? Perhaps you could provide a simple diagram or picture.

I would also consider Ascend Acoustics, HTD, KEF, and JBL as well.
Matthader's Avatar Matthader 01:07 PM 06-08-2014
My initial budget is 1500. The space is about 16x25 with ceiling about 15 feet at highest point. I was planning on a center at some point and the tv will be on a stand.
postrokfan's Avatar postrokfan 01:58 PM 06-08-2014
For mostly HT you're definitely going need to a subwoofer at some point even with towers. Towers are nice if you require higher output but the low end they provide is not that important with the incorporation of a subwoofer. With a $1500 budget I would be inclined to put all of that into the best front speakers that you can afford and add the subwoofer, center, and surrounds when finances allow.


Monitor Audio Silver Series 6: $1500
JBL 580: $1200 (Amazon)
Focal 816V $1319 or if you can stretch it, the 826V for $1619 at Music Direct, Clearance
KEF Q900, $1300 at accessories4less
PSB Image T6 $999 at Saturday Audio + SVS PB1000

Book Shelf:
Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2: $1448
Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1: $798 (satin finish) + subwoofer from SVS, Rhythmik, or HSU (upgrade to Sierra 2 later)
Monitor Audio RX-1 $499 clearance Audio Advisor + Rhythmik F12 $874 or Silver Series 2 $1050 + SVS PB1000
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 02:32 PM 06-08-2014
PSB Image T5 towers are $299 each at Audio Advisor - and moving fast
Matthader's Avatar Matthader 03:03 PM 06-08-2014
Can't do Cherry
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 03:38 PM 06-08-2014
Originally Posted by Matthader View Post

Can't do Cherry

Then what is your color restrictions?
shadyJ's Avatar shadyJ 04:32 PM 06-08-2014
Can't go wrong with Monitor Audio or Wharfedale. I wouldn't bother with Polk unless you can afford the LSi series. You might consider a Hsu Ultra 2.1 package. Some Aperion Verus Grande are affordable nice looking and decent speakers. Another speaker to look at which would be great is the Philharmonitors.
darkpoet25's Avatar darkpoet25 04:46 PM 06-08-2014
A couple of more speakers to throw out there are the Dali Zensor's and Focal Chorus speakers. Another option for a sub would be Outlaw Audio.
Phrehdd's Avatar Phrehdd 05:07 PM 06-08-2014
Everyone has their fav speakers or makers of speakers. I am no different.

What I will say is that you might consider a system (as I did) where you can start with bookshelf style speakers that later can be re-purposed as rear speakers.

While I have some Goldenear speakers, I have helped set up a couple of friends with Def Tech Studio 65's. I think the Studio 65 is a huge sleeper as it has great sound at a reasonable price and can be played both low and loud easily. These are not small bookshelf style speakers but easy to put on stands and in the other case, we used wall mounts. I prefer my Goldenear for other reason related to the type of music I enjoy. The Studio 65 sounds great with music and very impressive with HD audio on Blue Rays.

My system

Fronts - Triton 7
Center - XL center
Rear - AON 3's
Zone 2 - 2x AON 3
Sub - old Klipsch 12" (almost never used)

Both friends - 4x Studio 65, Center DT 8060, Subs HSU
Matthader's Avatar Matthader 06:35 PM 06-08-2014
Yea those Def Tech s look solid, and up to 300 watts each. Need to hear some in Atlanta.
zieglj01's Avatar zieglj01 06:50 PM 06-08-2014
Originally Posted by Matthader View Post

Yea those Def Tech s look solid, and up to 300 watts each. Need to hear some in Atlanta.

Definitive is nice - however, that is not 300 watts rms - that is 300 watts short term peak.
Matthader's Avatar Matthader 08:24 PM 06-09-2014
I decided to go for value and and also save some money. Bookshelve Emp Tek and a Reaction sub that is a monster in my space. I was having option overload but I'm happy now. I was really concerned about my space and the cathedral ceiling but for HT this 2.1 rocks. For music it's a little thin so far but I haven't really messed with the settings. So now I can upgrade to towers and a center or just grab some more bookshelves and go crazy. Thanks for everyone's input! Picked up Amazing Spiderman on Bluray and had our first movie night it was great.
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