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10-03-2002 | Posts: 102
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I've got a few extra sets of speakers that are sitting around doing nothing, too small to use in the downstairs theatre, and too large for my wife to approve of in the main living room area. I've given some thought to experimenting with building an "in wall" speaker for the living room. Given that a car speaker is generally just the speaker bits attached to a plate mounted in the car, I thought why not try to do the same with a home speaker. I know that the porting and venting of the speaker design will be lost, but c'est la vie. Alternatively if I could basically saw the enclosure in half, attach a sheet of finished wood to the back and then mount that structure to the wall (or partially into the wall), I could gain back a small measure of some of the internal designs and possibly some of the porting, would I really lose that much in the way of sound? It would be a LOT less expensive than trying to find in wall speakers (which look for all the world like really nice car speakers on a plate (no venting or porting apart from the wall itself), and apart from the effort of building the plate, or sawing the enclosure box, not particularily difficult.

Has anyone tried something like this? Can you impart your pearls of wisdom upon me?

Thanks all in advance.
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