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Help with a few speaker choices

Good morning everyone!!

We will be moving into a new house towards the end of August and using this time to do a little upgrading. My current system consists of:

Front L/R: Klipsch RF3 II
Center: Def Tech CLR 2000
RearSurround: Def Tech BP2X
AVR: Onkyo HT-RC270 (100 Watts per Channel at 8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.08%, 2 Channels Driven, FTC). If you really want to see more:

Attached is an image of the floor plan for the room. The red X makes the placement of the TV and there is an approximate layout for a sectional and another chair (there will be an ottoman in front of the both). There is a good possibility that new furniture would be purchased in the future, but this is what we have for now. This room flows into the kitchen/dining room. The ceilings are 9' high.

The RF3's have been ok, but don't play well with the center - both were purchased long before I learned about properly matching the fronts. For listening, it used to be a majority of HT use, but over the past year, my music listening has increased, so I would say about 60% HT and 40% music. For my listening tastes, I would say all over the place - jazz/blues, rock, alt, some heavy, vocal, orchestra and blu ray concerts. I like to have some bass, but not pure thumping bass music - I like it where it counts (which the SVS should be able to assist with).

My future plans could tentatively include ceiling speakers for Atmos/DTS X, which would require a new AVR. But I am still waiting for some new models to come out and the make a purchase. I like the Denon 5200, but without the DTS X upgrade, I decided to pass on this one. Since the Atmos/DTS X is still down the road, I think I have some time to wait for the AVR upgrade. I do however think that an amp upgrade would be beneficial (such as Emotiva XPA-3 to give that extra power to the fronts/center and let the AVR power the rear/surround).

My budget has been all over the place, but lately I have thinking of the $3000 - $3500 range. Unfortunately, I don't have many options to test speakers in my area - I would most likely need to buy test and return. With work, other life things going on, this is not the best option for me. What I would like to do, is try and narrow a list down to a few top options and get one in to compare to my current setup and see how it sounds. If it wows me, then I could consider that a keeper. If it doesn't, return and move to the next one on the list. Optimally, I know this most likely isn't the best option - having multiple pairs to compare would be best, but just not an option now.

Like everyone else researching speakers, I have been all over the place on what I have read and probably have all the reviews and opinions pretty much memorized (at least it feels this way). This is what I have come up with:

For the record, I do want to stay with towers for the L/R. And the speakers need to be good looking as well - WAF is not required, but since I am upgrading, I want to make sure that I keep her happy with any decision I make (I also want these to look nice as well since these will be in our living (gathering) room).

These are speakers that I keep coming back to for some reason.

- Ascend Sierra Towers/Horizon Center

- Aperion Verus Grand Towers/Center

- Salk Song Towers/Song Center

If I did any of the above, this would allow for the speakers plus an amp into my budget (depending on new/used amp I would possibly have to go over budget a little bit).

My questions would be:

- based on my room layouts, would these be enough to work with my space?
- for the Ascend/Salk, would the raal upgrade be an important upgrade for all three speakers, or maybe the center only?
- I assume that adding an amp would help, especially since I have a larger space to consider, or would I just be wasting my money? I know my AVR has some power limitations
- lastly, I know it would be jumping to a new tier for which I budgeted, but I heard good things on Revel, and would have the opportunity to purchase the Revel F206 towers and C208 center for a little over $4100. However, by doing this, would have to wait to buy and amp for the additional power, and would I really notice that much of a difference over the Ascent, Aperion and Salk?
- I have gone through these forums (here and elsewhere) too many times and read about too many speakers. I did my best to not list too many choices, but are there any others that I should seriously consider?

As my wife would say, I spend too much time doing my "consumer reports" on items. However, with speakers, I don't have the opportunity to stop into a store and take a look at any and this is a purchase I would like to make last a long time before I would need to upgrade again.

Now that I am done with my rambling, my thanks for any suggestions, thoughts or ideas! Excited for a new home, especially for getting some new sound in there as well.
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The RAAL tweeter has been called the best tweeter on the planet, it is also very revealing. Upgrading your upstream components would seem to be a necessity in order to get the most out of your investment in those speakers. That's not to say that they would necessarily sound bad with your Onkyo, but I would liken it to putting regular gas into your Porsche Carrera. So, if you go that way, you should think in terms of it as a first step in creating a much better overall system, not the end-game. I would expect that the better your upfront components, the better they will sound.

BTW, where are you located? Listening is always the best way to select your speaker of choice. If this is just not possible, budgeting for multiple return shipping charges is prudent. To that end, always order just the stereo pair of speakers on the first pass. If you decide to keep them, then order the rest.

AS to knowing if the Revel would be more satisfying than the other choices ... your list is filled with good speaker companies and solid speaker choices. Which you would prefer is unknowable to anyone but you.

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Why not look at the new Klipsch Reference Premier line?

Klipsch RF-62II, RC-500, RS-400, SVS PC12+,
Def Tech SC8000
Harman Kardon AVR 1600
PS3, Apple TV, Sharp 70" Qattron
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Thanks for the replies. Figured as much for needing to do some upgrading with new speakers, and that an amp would be a good component upgrade (other than the speakers).

Kini62 - I just saw the review on the new Klipsch the other day and curious to take a look at them.

Looking at my room, and how it flows into the dining room, kitchen area, are the speakers I have listed going to be a good fit for this size area? Granted, I won't be listening critically when in the kitchen. When watching movies or listening to music, we should be seated about 10-12' from the speakers. Based on this info, would any of these be better to demo, or be taken off my list?

Also, I won't have any rears with this layout. The BP2X will be located on the side walls on the left and right, and about the same distance as the sectional. Would the BP2X be good at this location, or would I better off with a different style surround speaker?

I am located in Indy, and limited with choices of what I can see/hear. I have accepted the fact that I will most likely have to pick some speakers to start with and give a listen, taking into consideration that return shipping might be involved.
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