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waja's Avatar waja 11:16 AM 12-18-2003
Front - Snell Acoustics Type C w/Hafler DH-500K amp
Center - Snell Acoustics CR.5
Sub - Hsu Research TN-1220 w/Hsu Research 500 watt amp
Rear - Polk Audio RC 55i

The Snell Type C speakers are not the original design. After destroying 5 tweeters and having them replaced by Snell, Snell said they could no longer send replacements. I worked out a deal to send the speakers back and have the Type C II tweeters added and have a new crossover built. These have been working fine ever since. The woofers finally gave out a few years ago, and Snell reconed one woofer and replaced the other woofer. Cabinets and grill cloth are showing some wear, but they still sound great. Must be 18 years old by now.


Poncho's Avatar Poncho 03:02 PM 12-18-2003
Front pair - Polk Monitor 10's (about 12 years old)
Subwoofer pair - Daytons 10" 100W
Center - Polk C175i
Middle pair - Polk RTi38's
Rear pair - Polk R15's
TheDesolateOne's Avatar TheDesolateOne 05:01 PM 12-18-2003
Mains: Krix Symphonix
Centre: Krix KDX-C
Rears: Krix KDX-M
Sub: 2 x M&K MX125
kartracer's Avatar kartracer 05:37 PM 12-18-2003
Mains:Polk Audio RT-25i
Center: Polk Audio CS250s
Surrounds: Polk Audio f/x 300i
Rear: Boston CR55
Subwoofer: SVS 20-39PCi
eulogytool's Avatar eulogytool 07:26 PM 12-18-2003
Earthquake's Platine Noire 7.0

Fronts and Rear Centers: PN-4521 towers
Center: PN-4421
Surrounds: PN-2421 dipoles


SVS B4+ w/Crown K2 2,500 watt amp
eljonron's Avatar eljonron 06:44 PM 12-20-2003
I ave Harman Kardon 30s and Tens adn their cneter channel w/the NHT swip8. ia m thinkg about selling my HKs bought them new in 1992. a great speaker bfore HK got out of them.
eljonron's Avatar eljonron 06:45 PM 12-20-2003
i have Harman Kardon 30s and 10s w the CS% center and a NHT subip8
jamiecrane's Avatar jamiecrane 06:57 PM 12-20-2003
Rocket ELT with HSU VTF-3R 1st room

AR/JBL/Rocket ELT SUB 2nd room

rollsisu's Avatar rollsisu 08:45 PM 12-20-2003
Front: Infinity IL30
Center: Infinity IL25c
Surround: Infinity IL10
Sub: Infinity IL100s
zacster's Avatar zacster 08:56 PM 12-20-2003
DIY Proac 2.5 clones (modded & not really clones) L&R
Audax DIY Center
Boston A40 rear
SVS 20-39CS sub

B&W DM303

JVC 3" mini

Basement (dormant)
Spica TC-50 (My testing speakers. Didn't work well as rears, and replaced by my DIY speakers. Awkward shape to use except on stands, and they're as big as floorstanders that way.)

Oldies no longer with me
Large Advents
Lafayette Heil EMT by ESS
MuratD's Avatar MuratD 12:08 PM 12-21-2003
I am amazed to see that some people have more speakers in their home than your average Tweeter God, these folks must be living either in Villas or Ranches.
Dan Schulze's Avatar Dan Schulze 12:43 PM 12-21-2003
Mains: B&W 802's
Center: B&W HTM1
Surrounds: B&W 805's
Subwoofer: Velodyne HGS-II 18

Spoonfed's Avatar Spoonfed 05:31 AM 12-22-2003

Quad 12L's (mains)
Quad Centre
and Wharfdale 30.2's rear

BUT now have

The Hulk's Avatar The Hulk 10:37 AM 12-22-2003
B&W Nautilus 802
B&W Dm-604 center (HTM-1 is coming soon)
B&W Vm-1 rears (4 B&W Ds-6) is soon here

B&W vm-1 to the computer

A B&W ASW-800 is on the way aswell.

The Hulk
Clay M's Avatar Clay M 12:32 PM 12-22-2003
Rocket ELT's will be here next week. Can't wait.
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 01:38 PM 12-22-2003
Front L/R: Ascend CBM-170s
Center: Ascend CMT-340
Surround: Ascend HTM-200s
Sub: HSU VTF-2

iibbmm's Avatar iibbmm 03:08 PM 12-22-2003
Klipsch RB3 Mains
Klipsch RC3II Center
Klipsch RS3II Surrounds
HSU STF-2 Subwoofer

good little apartment setup
Mr.Poindexter's Avatar Mr.Poindexter 04:45 PM 12-23-2003

Originally posted by MuratD
I am amazed to see that some people have more speakers in their home than your average Tweeter God, these folks must be living either in Villas or Ranches.

One house on 200 acres, baby! Country living is the only way to rock the house.
Mazeroth's Avatar Mazeroth 04:54 PM 12-23-2003
FRONTS: Polk LSi15s
RECEIVER: Harman Kardon AVR230

Still in the process of building my system. Will probably end up with LSi9s for rears and build my own subwoofer. Looking at the Outlaw 7100 to power everything. Not bad for a college kid, eh?
petermwilson's Avatar petermwilson 04:22 PM 12-24-2003
All speakers connected to Denon 5800/03

Fronts Totem Model 1 Signatures F/C/L
Music surrounds Totem Model 1 Biwireable Lb/Rb
Totems are 4ohm, sensitivity 87

Added for film
Surround B Axiom QS4 Dipoles
Effects surrounds Monitor Audio Bronze B1's

Subwoofer NHT SUB II 21hz +-3

Peter m.
conner's Avatar conner 11:36 PM 12-24-2003
Front L/R Diva 6.1
Center C3
Rear L/r Axiom Audio QS2
Woofer Sony-yeah the cheap one:-modded

Couldn't be happier since my kids would rather watch a movie at home than in the theater!!!!
im timmy's Avatar im timmy 03:36 PM 12-28-2003
canton le 109 floorstanding, le105 center, le102 bookshelves, mk v75 sub. klipsch synergy series kv1 center, kg5 bookshelves, ksf8.5 floorstanding
Acropora's Avatar Acropora 04:09 PM 12-28-2003
Piega P-10 mains, Piega P4C MkII center, Paradigm Mini Mk II's w/ HDS woofers.
nhparrot's Avatar nhparrot 04:30 PM 12-28-2003
HT Room (7.1)
Front L&R -- ACI Sapphire
Center -- ACI Protege
Surrounds - ACI On-Wall Emerald
Rear Surrounds - ACI On-Wall Emerald
Sub - SVS 25-31 PC Plus

Audio Room
Proac Response 1sc

Dining Room/Kitchen
Boston Acoustics VRi565 in-ceiling

Boston Acoustics Bravos

Parasound Nomad 6
buggy's Avatar buggy 08:05 PM 12-28-2003
Front LCR M&K S100
2 Dynaudio D28AF Tweeters (for a little extra high)
Rear M&K S85
Subs 2 M&K V125
4 Dynaudio 30W100 (compounded under couch)
Infocus 7200 PJ
Draper Premier 2500 119" screen
Lexicon DC1 processor
Sunfire Cinema Grand sig. Amp
Yamaha M80 Amp (driving subs under couch)
MTX RT10 X-over
Sony DVP-NS725 DVD Player
RCA DRD486 Satellite rec.
Adcom ACE 515 power enhancer
X-10 Lighting Control
Universal SL9000 Remote

Except for the PJ, DVD, SAT the entire system is quite old but still works very well

maxman's Avatar maxman 08:24 PM 12-28-2003
MAIN SPEAKERS: Energy Veritas V2.4i
CENTER SPEAKER: Energy Veritas V2.0Ci
SURROUND SPEAKERS: Energy Veritas V2.0Ri
BACK SPEAKERS: Energy Veritas V2.0Ri
sfi's Avatar sfi 08:45 PM 12-28-2003
Paradigm (SYSTEM 8) which include:

Paradigm 11'S
Paradigm CC-370
Paradigm ADP-370
John Robert's Avatar John Robert 09:44 PM 12-28-2003
Infinity Intermezzos:

4.1t fronts
3.5 center
2.6 rears (Another set coming for surrounds)
Hsu VTF-3R

All powered speakers - Run as 5.3 with LFE to HSU and 4.1t's

Bedroom HT (A mishmash of speakers - still sounds OK!)

Polk Lsi15 fronts
Klipsch SP-1 as center (don't ask...)
Athena AS-F2 as rears
Polk PSW-650

Happy HT,

Xcalibur_255's Avatar Xcalibur_255 03:00 AM 12-29-2003
I always like seeing you pop into a thread John. It reminds me that I'm not the only person who enjoys Infinity on the forum. I see the Hsu sub in your list. I'm curious, was the Intermezzo sub not up to snuff compared with the rest of the line?
kitwell's Avatar kitwell 05:13 AM 12-29-2003
fronts: Rocket 550's
rears: Rocket 250's
center: Rocket 200
sub: mirage FPX-S8
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