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Tweeter Guide Foam

Originally Posted by dmblevens View Post
I refoamed my phase tech 6.5s this weekend. . . .
Does anyone have any suggestions for the foam around the tweeter? It measures about 6.25" X 6.25" and needs to be replace. I emailed Phase Tech sales in February, and was told the replacement price for new foam pads would be $30.00 per tweeter. Is there an alternative? What kind of foam is it made from?
Does anyone have suggestions for replacing the guide foam that surrounds the tweeter? As I needed to replace the woofer on my PC6.5, I figured I'd also replace the slowly crumbly tweeter foam. Phase Tech charges $30 per foam (which seems a bit steep) so I decided not to replace the tweeter foam as the foam is only crumbling on the outside edges which shouldn't effect the sound/purpose of the foam. Alas, I'd like to replace the foam if it can be purchased elsewhere or if there are alternative ideas for doing so.
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I recently acquired a pair of V52's off of Ebay via an online thrift store seller. Here are some questions and comments I have regarding them. I've owned Phase Tech speakers for years, so please don't take any negative comments as trolling.

Since I don't have any idea what usage they saw prior to my use, I was wondering if they were still not broken in? The VDT drivers seem to take a very long time to settle in.
  • They are extremely neutral capable of easily showing the difference between amps, CD players and even cables if you believe it
  • There is a brightness and glare at times with a lack of bass
  • Definitely need a Subwoofer.
  • Really shine with tube amps as most Phase Tech speakers do.
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Originally Posted by Snejenka View Post
I'm thinking of selling some of my Phase Technology system, which I hobbled together over the years (bought some new and some used when I could find them, but sometimes in different finishes). I just have no idea of their worth or if they are worth selling at all.

I'm having an especially hard time with my PC 8.5 floor standing speakers. I can't remember what I bought them for, can't find any reviews or comments on them (they were built in '89). If anyone could offer any advice on what they should be ballparked at, or if you have a link to any literature or the original price for the 8.5s I'd really appreciate the help.

PC 8.5 Floorstanding (black) 4 Ohm double posts for Bi-Amping
The fact that I missed this post during my decade-long search for black PC8.5s just hurts. I finally found some about 6 months ago, and UPS wasn't very nice to them on their way here. Oh well, I have them now, and after I refoam a few drivers I'll have completed the 7.1 system I've always wanted.

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