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02-27-2004 | Posts: 43
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First post and have a rather unique question, has anybody got a pair of the Martin Logan odyssey speaker's. I have been on the war path trying to find any review of these guys in the home environment. Everything that I see seems to be based on professional manufactor or distributer full setup's and everyone says the same exact thing. WOW so cool, little break down on the sound or construction or cost benefit of these speakers are compared to other's. I will be using them stand alone with a smaller sub box that is appropriate for my room mainly for music but also as movie speakers for my plasma when I decide which one will fit. I will not be using surrond at any time for this system.

I have heard them in person and was blown away, even for the price, which is another thing. Is there a online retailer that might sell these monster's. I have what I think is a steller deal on paper but whould like to confirm that price with seeral other delaers before I make my ordering decision.

Also they have a high GAP/WAP factor as they look cooler then a big black box.


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03-03-2004 | Posts: 73
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Martin Logans are not typically discounted very heavily as ML has ways of discouraging their dealers from doing so. If you want a deal on close-to-new, the best deals can be had when ML replaces one model for another when the old model is on clearance. Dealer demos can be good deals as well.

IMO, the best deals in MLs is in the used market, if you can find ones for sale near your location. I recently grabbed a pair of near-mint SL3's (roughly equivalent to the Ascent i) for $1625. If I could have found room for them, I would have gone for the ReQuests, which are a bargain at their $2000-$2500 used price. Perhaps as I get more experience with my SL3's I'll be able to tell the difference between them and a pair of Ascent i's, but for me, the old MLs have just as much magic as the new ones.
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