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synodontis 03:56 PM Today
Anyone with any experience/feedback on the Monitor 12 sub? Looking to pair a couple with Studio 60's in a fairly large room - I don't really see much feedback on them. Grasshopper seems to have had good performance with Rythmik F12's in a larger room setup - would the Monitor 12 subs be in the same league or is the investment better made in the ID subs? Looking to round out bass in a mostly 2.1 and 5.1 for mostly music? a some TV and HT. Local pricing I can get for Monitor 12 subs is ~899 and Rythmiks would be 100+ or 15" Rythmik F15 at $200+

Dan Hitchman's Avatar Dan Hitchman 04:03 PM Today
Originally Posted by LudwigZIldjian View Post
Thanks! I did get the center.... I actually am using this as a stereo setup, since it's for music purposes. So, just the pair of 7's and a sub. I have to see if the Center adds anything to the mix, which I'm sure it will. I will use the Center in the Living Room anyways.
Don't forget that there are numerous multi-channel surround music media (from SA-CD to Blu-ray music) to choose from that sound spectacular compared to straight stereo, so definitely consider keeping the center with the system and getting some Monitor bookshelves for the surrounds.
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