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Originally Posted by SmittyJS View Post
Most people will tell you ID subs are the best bang for the buck and that 10-inch will not be enough, and they're right, depending upon where you're going to place it and how much of a bass-head you become. You say your listening "area" (as opposed to "room") is that size, so I'm assuming it's open to an area that's much larger. In order to have equalized bass throughout that whole listening area you'll need subs that can fill (pressurize) that whole open area that includes the listening area. You've got to move enough air through a combination of surface area and excursion. That's big woofers and/or long excursion. But if you have limited listening positions you can probably get away with nearfield placement and a smaller sub. I won't get into the reasons for this because it's a long complex subject that took me a long time to research, but if you're interested you can find out plenty in the Subwoofer forum and by reading Harman Kardon's white paper on the subject. will give you an idea of some subs' output at various Hz. I would say Hsu, Rhythmic and Outlaw probably show the best bang for the buck, but those are all 15-inch. Most HT addicts here have far better bass than movie theaters, which generally don't go below low 30's Hz. And most music doesn't go below 40 Hz, except for down-tuned bass (31Hz), lowest piano keys (27.xHz), some synths and pipe organ (16Hz). So you'll have to decide whether movie theater-level bass is enough or whether you want to explore the depths at gut-rumbling levels of what's actually on that blu-ray.

I have seven subs in various rooms. Two are Paradigm Seismic 110, but I bought them used, so together they cost less than one new one. I liked their output for their size and the PBK idea. I'm not an infrasonic bass-head, and all my subs are small form-factor because I don't want big, ugly boxes in my living areas. Your constraints may be different, but in general, low bass extension means a bigger box. That ain't happening with a 10-inch.

BTW, there's a new 490 on ebay right now. I was thinking about buying it, but changed my mind.
I picked up a Seismic 110 off Craigslist for 1000. I could have found a better bang for your buck with another brand, but I really like this sub. It's small, but it can really hit hard.
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Originally Posted by Moparjoe View Post
they sound great to me dean122601, the backs are 85f's as well. Watched Captain America - Winter soldier on Friday night, Godzilla (2014) Saturday night, and probably American Sniper this weekend, all on blu-ray. I bought the "star wars collection" on blu-ray as the pod-race
scene is the absolute best for sound demoing, but my wife won't let me open them till my birthday ...
Completely fills my 2500 sq ft open concept house with a VERY wide sound stage. I'm impressed ....makes my old snell LCR's sound
like an alarm clock radio ......
this is a picture at night time watching a bit of Oblivion ...
image is over 12ft diagonally
Glad to hear you enjoy your speakers. Your long wait paid off.

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Originally Posted by Moparjoe View Post
System is installed , still issues with the monoprice HDMI >cat6 to the projector ...
Thank you Paradigm !
glad to hear you're happy with the sound. ..Are you planning on adding a space rug and maybe some absorptive wall hangings or window treatments? As much as you like the sound now, I'll bet you'll be even happier if you "deaden" the room a bit. ..It looks to be tad bit reflective. ..In any case, very glad your happy

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Originally Posted by bugsnest View Post
What's a good sub to go with this setup? I have never owned a sub so am really not sure if I should should look for a 10inch sub from a different brand or stick to Paradigms.
I ran a Paradigm Ultracube 10 in a Millenia setup for several years. It was fine in an apartment setting but when I bought a house, I felt it was underwhelming in a 14 x 20 room. I thought long and hard between upgrading to a Sub12 or SVS Ultra13. I went with the Ultra13, then bought a second, and couldn't be happier with them. The PBK Kit is nice but wasn't really a factor for me as my receiver provided adequate bass management for my tastes.
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Nice View, but .....

Originally Posted by tdiddy23 View Post
Have you made any progress with this? I am in the exact same situation actually (same piano black). I was on the fence between getting a 3rd studio 60 as centre or CC 490 initially. The centre channel will be below a wall mounted TV which is pretty high up (see pic).
Looking at the photo you posted, it is hard to find a good listening position anywhere on the couch with your current speaker placement.

First, I would make the center of the couch your primary listening position and arrange the L-R speakers to match. Second, I would recommend a Millenia 30 as a center speaker, as it is the largest wall-mountable speaker available now. Last, I would get an Articulating wall-mount for the TV, and hang the Millenia 30 under the TV.

Now, when you watch TV you can pull it out and point it towards the couch, and your LCR speakers will be in the right orientation for best sound.

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