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post #32611 of 32618 Old 11-21-2015, 06:21 AM
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+1 for Triad, but I admit that I'm biased.

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Panamorph, Stewart, Screen Innovations, Oppo and Control4.
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Dan - thanks for the thorough and honest advice you gave me even more to think about. I think I'll still swing by the dealer to listen to the Paradigm Monitors (can't hurt) but I'll check out a few that you mention as well. And yes about bringing the speakers out from the sides of the entertainment center - chalk that up to the wife acceptance factor
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I just picked up the Paradigm Monitor 11's - still tweaking - but so far love them! Using them alongside some Martin logan's and a Paradigm Sub 10. I also have a pair of the Paradigm Atom A2's for the computer or when I am sitting on the deck with a beer.

Anthem MRX 510
Paradigm Monitor 11 v7 (2x Mains)
Martin Logan Motion 30 (Center)
Martin Logan Motion 15 (2x Surrounds)
Paradigm Monitor Sub 10
Paradigm Atom A2 (2x)
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Hi. I'm looking to add a pair of ceiling speakers to my Millenia-based system for Atmos. Looking at the in-ceiling offerings, none have the same S-PAL tweeters. Any opinions of which of the offerings will best pair with the Millenia's (i.e. timbre match)?

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Technically the CI Elite series is part of reference series and the ones that should pair with the Millenia. However, I don't think it would be a huge difference if you went with the CI Home for Atmos. There really is no perfect match for the Millenia series, even with the older models. The AMS series is the only one with the S-PAL type tweeter but they were a match for the Monitor series, and the older SA series was a match for the reference series but used G-pal tweeters to match the Studio series. There was no in ceiling or in wall speakers that were a direct match for the Millenia series.
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I am using the AMS series, considering that its just for effects and not critical listening, I am glad I didn't spend the extra cash for the SA series (even if I could find them).

2 Channel setup -> Paradigm Tributes + Anthem Statement M1 amps + Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 + STP-SE preamp
7.2.4 Atmos HT -> Paradigm Studio 100s- Fronts, + Studio CC-690 - Center + Studio 20s Surround +
Rear Surround + dual Studio Sub 12s + four AMS-150R-30 (Atmos overhead)
Pre/Pro - Yamaha CX-A5100, AMP - Yamaha MX-A5000
Projector: Panasonic PT-AE8000U, Screen: Seymour F100 2.35:1 TV: Samsung UNDF658000
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The AMS has been discontinued.
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Just if anyone needs to recone the Paradigm Servo or Signature Servo woofer.

Paradigm will not sell the recone kit. If the suspension rots, either a new woofer has to be purchassed or the existing has to be sent to PARADIGM FACTORY TO BE RECONED.

It is the same for all reference or signature drivers.

I have a 7.1 Paradigm Reference Series 2 setup. Mains are Studio 100 v2 ( with two 8" drivers each) , a Signature Servo 15 Servo ( with one 15"driver), Studio ADP as side and Studio 20 v2 rear.

The surrounds of the 4 woofers of the studio 100 pair and the surround of the Servo 15 rotted.

I searched the internet and found that Midwest speaker has a set of rubber surrounds that fit the studio 100 woofers. Its the R8-2KIT @$29 perpair kit with and excellent liquid rubber adhessive. The 8"surround differences are that the replacement one has hole marks on the diameter which are not present on the original and the inside diameter lip of the replacements is narrower than the original, but it fits perfect.

For the Servo 15 woofer surround the F15-13kit @$34 per surround pair is quite similar to the original suspension. The 15" surround diameter has an angled lip. The inside diameter is a bit smaller than the original surround and the outside one is the same as original. To make the install, the inside diameter of the new surround has to be modified by makin small slit cuts on the matching the positions of the woofer's ribs so that the new surround can lay on the woofer's surface.

With parts and labor, I sept $220 on the repair of the 5 woofers, 4 in butyl and the 15" in foam. Same as the originals. The cost of this with Paradigm would have been $1,000.00, plus about $250 in shipping, mostly due to the size and weight of the 15" speaker.

Hope this info is of use to Paradigm owners here.
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