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Rook_1's Avatar Rook_1 11:20 AM 07-17-2005
wrg2, I do have my fronts bi-amped off of my RSB/LSB of the AVR300. I bought some of the 4 wire 14ga bulk stuff from (love that place).

I can't honestly tell you how they'd sound without the bi-amp becuase I had the AVR-300 configured for it and the speakers wired for it before I ever put any sound through them. They DO sound great but I will eventually go 7.1 (probably ADPs and studio 20s) and send these back to single amping, hopefully they wont suffer TOO much

Kal Rubinson's Avatar Kal Rubinson 06:41 PM 07-17-2005
3 60v3s across the front
2 60v2s in the rear
1 Servo 15

N8DOGG's Avatar N8DOGG 12:02 AM 07-18-2005
Heres the O'l setup:

studio 60's v.2 front
studio Center v.2
studio 40's v.2 surround
studio 20's v.2 back surround
2 servo 15's

Sony Da4es processer
Rotel 1095 amp 5 ch 200x5
B&k (dont remember model #) for mains 350x2
bravo D2 (yup it actually still works)
Panasonic cv-52

Hitachi 51S500

And I love it all to death, sounds fantastic, looks great and the bass is incredible!!!!
Opie's Avatar Opie 08:59 AM 07-18-2005
Just bought the following:

Monitor 7 v4 FL/FR
CC370 v4 Center
ADP-170 v4 Surrounds
Hsu VTF-2 MKII UberSub
H/K AVR 635
Panny RP56 DVD
RCA DTC-100 & DirecTiVo

So far so good! However, with my 17 month year old, I wonder if I'll ever get to leave my sub at its calibrated level after bedtime.

Room Size: 14.5' (w) x 19' (l) x 7.5' (h)
wrg2's Avatar wrg2 05:01 PM 07-18-2005
Rook_1 More than likely I go with the Bi-amp a little down the road, As soon as I get my ADPs up and running I'll re-evaluate
Benny Nieves's Avatar Benny Nieves 06:55 PM 07-18-2005
Monitor 7 v.4
paradigm 370 cc
paradigm cinema 110 rears
paradigm PW2100 sub
Yamaha RX-V 750
Marantz DV-7600 universal dvd
monster power plz ignore lazy to adjust
Doubichou's Avatar Doubichou 08:56 PM 07-18-2005
Dedicated Room

Front: Studio 20 v3
CC: Studio 470 v3
Back: (3) Boston Bravo
Sub: Boston

AVR: Denon 3805
DVD: Denon 2900
Proj: Infocus 4805
mikemorel's Avatar mikemorel 05:40 AM 07-19-2005
Just completed a full gut reno of the family room.

Studio 40s v.2 for the mains (in cherry veneer) picked up used off Audiogon. Mounted on Studiotech Ultra (cherry) stands (perfect match!).
Studio cc 470 v. 3 (cherry) for the center.
Studio 20s (cherry) for the surrounds, mounted on the walls with Axiom speaker brackets (very unobtrusive). Needed to go small due to WAF - she still thinks they are too big.
Seismic 10 SW. Needed to go small due to WAF - would probably have gone SVS or Hsu otherwise.

Denon 3805 AVR; Denon 2910 DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-A.

Sounds awesome - thanks to all the input I got on these boards.

Got a good deal on the v.3s/Seismic from local dealer - 20% off. Also picked up a Stickley all-cherry credenza to house the AVR/DVD/HD Cable box and to sit the Sammy DLP on, and complete the cherry motif. That is an awesome (albeit pricey)TV stand.

The wife and I both grinned from ear to ear when we first cranked Pink Floyd DOSM SACD all the way through.
gregeas's Avatar gregeas 06:43 AM 07-19-2005
So I just ordered the Arcam AVR300 and a pair of the 60 V3s, which I'll probably bi-amp with the sixth and seventh channels of the 300.

Question: on the road to going 5.1, what is the next speaker I should buy: the center or the sub? One problem is that I have a monolithic Sony RPTV, so the center will have to be placed way above ear level (or on a stand in front, but I have an extremely active 15-month-old boy).
mikemorel's Avatar mikemorel 06:53 AM 07-19-2005
The cc 470 center has some adjustment of the outrigger feet, so that you can boost the rear of the speaker to angle down to the listening area. Some people also use door stops to increase the downward angle of the center.
vdefrancjr's Avatar vdefrancjr 12:20 PM 07-19-2005
front: Monitor 9's
Center: cc-350
Rear: Titans

Sub: SVS PB-plus/2
Marantz SR7500
QSC-MX-1500a (thx cert.) running the mains

i wanted a whole house sound system, and this does it - lol.
Yung's Avatar Yung 12:35 PM 07-19-2005
My setup is listed in my profile, its only the lowly Performance series but its been a great bang for the buck and I really enjoy them.

F: Atoms V.3
C: CC-170 V.3
S: ADP-170 V.3
Sub: PDR-10 V.3

Receiver: Pio VSX-1014TX
DVD: Pio DV-578S
Trent's Avatar Trent 12:57 PM 07-19-2005
I'm fairly pleased with my setup, at least until I have a dedicated room:

Monitor 7 v.4
Velodyne DPS-12

Pioneer 1014 AVR
LG 7832 DVD player

Does anyone have 7 Signature 8s in their room? My next upgrade will probably be to the Signature series.
---k---'s Avatar ---k--- 01:34 PM 07-19-2005
I'm glad to hear that someone else has the Performance series. I was starting to feel very out of place. Right now I have:

F: Titans
C: CC-170
R: Atoms
Sub: MB Quart D1200si
Receiver: Denon 2400

in a ~18x18 room. I've been very happy, especially considering the price I paid. But I've outgrown them, and sometime this year, it is all going to get upgraded. Likely to either Monitor 3s or 5s with a Denon 2806.
hdtv00's Avatar hdtv00 02:54 PM 07-19-2005
I started few years ago back with mon 5's( the floor standing version then, now might be different), then upgraded to mon 9's. Had cc350 center, and mini's for rears.

Now I have studio 100's ver 3, 570 , mon 9's are now rears, mini's are now back center rears and 2200 sub. Powered with onkyo 898 reciever all running via HTPC.

I've had paradigm for bout 10 yrs now almost. LOVE the sound quality for the price. All that can really be said I think.
rjsquirrel's Avatar rjsquirrel 04:05 PM 07-19-2005

Quote "Also picked up a Stickley all-cherry credenza to house the AVR/DVD/HD Cable box and to sit the Sammy DLP on, and complete the cherry motif. That is an awesome (albeit pricey)TV stand. "

Mike I can relate. My Wife wanted the Stickey cabinet also to put the TV, center channel and electronics in so you can close cabinet when not in use. But I must say Stickley furniture is VERY NICE.

wrg2's Avatar wrg2 04:22 PM 07-19-2005
gregeas, I'd go with a center...heres why, just after I purchased my Arcam and the Paradigms, my Velodyne HGS took a sh*t so I was just left hooking up the S2s and the C3 center, and the existing B&W wall mounts that was my effects channel on my previous Yanaha DSP A1. I thought without the sub, the S2s just wouldn't be able to reach too my suprise with the C3 hooked up with the S2s and playing multichannel music, and CDs I was caught completely off guard at how good the bass sounded with the three fronts, course there are a pair of good mid bass drivers in the C3, but I was pleasantly suprised. Being the Studio series is so similar and the 60s I believe have larger drivers, with that studio series center will give you a lot of good listening pleasure with the Arcam. Especially with the Neo6 using music, where is seamlessly seems to blend the center between the two fronts. And if you listen to movies it's pretty good also, at least for the Sigs, which is bearable at least because I still have the B&Ws for rear surround until my ADPs come in. And of course, the sub is going to make a very measurable difference is sound LFE for both music and movies. Don't get me wrong I love my sub, but until it get repaired my system seems somewhat bearable, much to my suprise. Which ever your choice either sub or center, it seems that your on your way to building up a nice system
gregeas's Avatar gregeas 08:43 PM 07-19-2005
wrg2: thanks for the advice. I live in a Manhattan apartment, so I don't have much subwoofer experience... But this new system is for a house out of the city, so I don't have neighbors to worry about. That said, it seems the center makes sense.
Kevin. W's Avatar Kevin. W 09:10 PM 07-19-2005
Studio(v3) 40
Studio ADP470
Studio CC570

Powered by a NAD T773

dromayn's Avatar dromayn 10:22 PM 07-19-2005
Family Room Setup

studio 100s v.3 up front
cc 370 center
studio 20s v.3 for back surround
sunfire tru sub eq

Krell TAS 5x200 amp
Krell Showcase surround processor
Sony DVP CX777ES CD/DVD/SACD 400 Disc
rnrgagne's Avatar rnrgagne 10:37 PM 07-19-2005
Originally Posted by Trent View Post

Does anyone have 7 Signature 8s in their room? My next upgrade will probably be to the Signature series.

Now that would be a "paradigm" set up...
devinjc's Avatar devinjc 03:58 PM 07-20-2005
Former System: P. 5se fronts, atoms rear, phantom center, dayton 10" sub

Studio 20s Front and Side, Atoms rear surrs, 15" Quattro DIY sub, still with the phantom center.

Powered by Pio 1014.

I'm in love love love.
Steelheart1948's Avatar Steelheart1948 08:35 PM 07-20-2005
Front Speakers Sig S-4's
Center Sig C-3
Side Surrounds Sig S-4's
Back Surrounds Sig S-2's
Receiver Denon 4806
DVD Player Denon 3910
This is where my bonus from work went to.
bobbyg1983's Avatar bobbyg1983 09:25 PM 07-20-2005
Front: Studio 20 v3
Center: CC-370 v3
Surround: Mini Monitors v3
Sub: PS1000


TV: Toshiba 57H83
XBOX, PS2, Gamecube all through component (Pelican system selector pro)
Pretty much all Monster interconnects, but AudioQuest Bedrock speaker cable on LCR (bi-wired)

Still in need of a CC470, but i'm currently stuck paying off my new laptop. Overall, I'm very pleased with my setup, although my apartment is an acoustical nightmare (vaulted ceilings, open to kitchen, etc.) I'm still in college though, and I know I'm already doing a decent job of spoiling myself, but lurking around this forum stokes my upgrade-itis daily. (Had to chance to demo a full 5.1 Signature setup recently, anchored by S8s... sooo jealous of you sig owners!!) Hopefully my new apartment this fall will be more acoustically friendly. With 15% off all my gear locally, I feel Paradigm is right at the top of the price/quality pile (and I work at Best Buy, where I could get lesser product for pretty deep discounts!!!)
devinjc's Avatar devinjc 10:51 AM 07-21-2005

but lurking around this forum stokes my upgrade-itis daily.

Aye. I just got the 4 Studio 20s, and was happy. Then I thought, well, I've got room to just stick the atoms in for 6.1 (no center) and see what I think. Well, I think I like rear surrounds. And I think that the atoms don't work the way another pair of Studio 20s would, occasionally the rear image just collapses. And now my 1014 won't layer IIx over DTS... and all I was trying to do was save up for the center channel.

Son of a.... and I'm forced to pretend that the Sigs don't even exist. Our get a lot more ambitious about life.
miltimj's Avatar miltimj 05:48 PM 07-21-2005
2 x 60s in front

Soon to be added:
2 x ADP-470 (sides)
2 x ADP-470 or 2 x 20s (rear) ...any thoughts on which to do here?

Also will probably go to 100s & CC-570 (100% upgrade guarantee at dealer), but need to do within 6 months or so.

Powered by Onkyo TX-SR702, will eventually get separate amp in a couple years most likely.
Dinger23's Avatar Dinger23 06:10 PM 07-21-2005
I started off with the Paradigm atoms with I think the cc170 and what ever rear in ceiling speakers that match it. Also had a cheap Sony A/V receiver I picked up from BB. It had the latest technology DTS!!! Being the 1st on the block with a DVD player I was thinking I had the greatest system in the world. Then I got hooked on this hobby and can't stop upgrading. (Thanks to the dealer trade in program) Had the Mini monitors with the cc370 now I have the Studio 20's with cc470. Moving into a new home in a few months and will have Bar/theater in the basement with S2s and the c3 center and adding the Statement A5 amp. Then next year I will be jumping up to the S4s and adding either the Anthem AVM 30 or Statement D1. Hopefully Paradigm will have a S6 line out to help bridge the gap to the S8s. Being married I am limited on just a few grand a year on this hobby. It kind of helps. I like doing the research and upgrading every year.
rpr2's Avatar rpr2 06:12 PM 07-23-2005
Ok, I'm in too. This is a great thread!
My system:

Pre/Pro: Anthem AVM-30
Amp: Lexicon LX-7 (7x200w)
Fronts: Signature S4's on J-29 stands
Center: Signature C-3
Surrounds: Studio SA-35's (in-walls)
Rears: Studio SA-35's
Sub: SVS PB12 plus/2 (maple)
DVD: Denon 3910s
TV: Sony KDF 60WF655 60in HDTV
Remote: Pronto Pro 6000

The sound from this setup is simply amazing. I find myself listening to whole cd's without a hint of listener fatigue. The Signature speakers are in gorgeous bird's eye maple--exquisite finish! I received a 20% discount from MSRP.
Newport_Racer's Avatar Newport_Racer 09:14 PM 07-23-2005
Studio 60's front
Studio 20's rear (on stands)
Powered by Denon 3805 and DVD TBD
miltimj's Avatar miltimj 09:30 PM 07-23-2005
You went out and bought all that at once, eh? Congrats... seems like a good setup.
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