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Tuckfro's Avatar Tuckfro 10:59 AM 01-05-2007
Hello, I just replaced my Wharfedale Diamond II's, Opal center, and crappy Yamaha sub with:

2 HSU HB-1's
1 HSU HC-1
1 VTF-1

I'm very happy.

jcavner's Avatar jcavner 11:19 AM 01-05-2007
My current setup is Athena's all the way around. F1, B2, C1, and the AS-P400. All that for less than $1K well over a year ago, I'm very happy with them.
uprighter's Avatar uprighter 07:22 AM 01-06-2007
Just putting my system together
Ascend 340s front and center
Ascend 170s surround
HSU VTF2 MkIII Subwoofer - New version just released

Driven by Pioneer VSX-84Tsi
TV Samsung 46" 1080p

The receiver arrived yesterday, the speakers are being built and should ship by next week.
Can't wait!!!

btw, we are upgrading from a late 70's Sanyo reciever w/era Boston Acoustics speakers.
bpowers's Avatar bpowers 11:16 AM 01-06-2007
Vienna Acoustics Oratorio Center
Vienna Acoustics Waltz Grand Surrounds
Infinity Overture II Front ( Replacing with VA Strauss soon)
Velodyne DD-15 sub
patchmark's Avatar patchmark 03:58 PM 01-06-2007
Fronts:Angstrom Modular Two's
Rears:Angstrom Modular Two's
Centre:Angstrom Modular Six C
Sub:Angstrom Modular Ten i
Anka's Avatar Anka 08:27 AM 01-07-2007
I am so happy with my panny 57 that I just bought a second one. Hooking it up to extra pair of Ascends 170's SE (B's). Have about 200$ in CD's in the past weeks. Very fun hobby but tough on the pocketbook for sure! Now for that second sub...

Yoshiki-X's Avatar Yoshiki-X 04:37 PM 01-07-2007
Sonus Faber Concertino Domus
(looking for a sub now)
Tony J's Avatar Tony J 07:33 PM 01-07-2007
Atlantic Technology FS 3200 Fronts and Center
Polk Audio rm series sides and backs
Hsu VTF3-MK3
HK- 635
Efalegalo's Avatar Efalegalo 08:09 PM 01-07-2007
My 5.1 Set-up:

Panasonic - XR - 55
Ascend Acoustics 4 x CBM 170 SE
Ascend Acoustics 1 X CBM 340 SE

Overall happy, but I would describe it has being a "brite" system
BigE43's Avatar BigE43 08:49 PM 01-07-2007
5.1 rig

PSB 6T, Image S, Sub6i

2 channel rig

Monitor Audio GR 20s
Refefer's Avatar Refefer 01:13 AM 01-08-2007
Hey, new to the forum:

2 Channel Rig only.

Speakers: Polk Audio SDA 1B's
Amplifier: Rotel RB-980 BX'
Preamp: Parasound P/HP 980
Source: Oppo
dthree's Avatar dthree 12:08 AM 01-09-2007
New poster old system:

L/R - B&W 601 (s1!)
Center - B&W CC6
Surround - Paradigm Atom

Thinking of ditching the Atoms for dipoles or upgrading to 603s in the front and moving the 601's to the surround position.
ungeek's Avatar ungeek 10:59 AM 01-09-2007
All quite new. The Orbs are working great in the tile + glass sunroom, and the Strata Minis coupled with the SP3 and CD-5 are amazing

Living Room (for music): AV123 Strata Minis; Onix SP3 tube amplifier; Onix CD-5

Sunroom (for HDTV): Yamaha HTR-6090; Orb 5.1 People's Choice Mod2s + Mod 1s + Super 8 sub; Philips DVP5960 modified for region free; Vizio L32 HDTV
ejunior2's Avatar ejunior2 11:57 AM 01-09-2007
Well, I just ordered new speakers so I thought I'd repost.

The Snell K.5,CC-1, Paradigm Atom mis-matched system is going out. On the way in is a set of 3 Paradigm Millenia 20's (LCR) and a pair of Def Tech Gems for the surrounds. For now I'll keep the old Paradigm PS1000 sub as it still rocks to house.
Fastnbulbous's Avatar Fastnbulbous 12:17 PM 01-10-2007
Rega R3 | Wharfedale Evo-Centre | Wharfedale Evo-DFS Bi-Polar Surround

Rega R3 is great for my studio, front driven so I can put it against the wall, woofer on the side. Unfotunately it doesn't quite match the timbre of the Wharfedale Evo Center. Waiting 'til I move to bigger space to upgrade to something like Opus 2, get a matching center and keep the surrounds.
4DHD's Avatar 4DHD 08:08 PM 01-10-2007
5 JBL Performance Series PT800
2 JBL L212(back surrounds)
2 JBL sub1500

Stereo w/turntable
2 JBL L212(mirror imaged, Charged-Coupled network)
1 JBL B212 sub
also 2 JBL Studio L 890

MB tv sound system
3 JBL L212
1 JBL PB12
Raymond Leggs's Avatar Raymond Leggs 12:57 AM 01-11-2007
A Pair of GPX bass reflex speakers (bookshelf- 1-way) Model No. S 7799
They sound Quite deep and rich better than any of the speakers that were similar

An old emerson SPC 200 Center speaker ( I rally dont need it but it was ony $2.00 and it has a broken tweeter (no sound from tweeter)

Used to have a pair of bassless CASIO SPS-50 rpeakers (trashed em)

two unmatching speakers (trashed them)

Durabrand home theatre system (bassy)

A pair of lloyds fullrange speakers (cheap sounding ) threw em away couldnt take bass muffled sound
77Pat's Avatar 77Pat 09:41 AM 01-11-2007
5 Advent Heritage H200
Energy S10.2 Sub
Onkyo 504 Receiver
exerciseguy's Avatar exerciseguy 06:58 PM 01-11-2007
Monitor Audio Radius R90, R180, R360
Mission M32i
Boston Acoustics CR77
Infinity Alpha 20
Polk R15
sigs21's Avatar sigs21 08:43 PM 01-11-2007
I have paradigm Millenia 200's as the fronts and 20's as the center and rear
Raptor007's Avatar Raptor007 01:23 PM 01-12-2007

Advent Loudspeakers (70's)
Denon PMA-700V

Home Theater (Movies / Games):

HTD Level 3 (4 towers, 1 center, 1 sub)
Denon AVR-3300

Pics of my current setup (I will have a much better space once I graduate):

hugh9269's Avatar hugh9269 03:17 PM 01-12-2007
B&W DM604 S3
B&W DM600i

Nice to be aboard!
Don F.'s Avatar Don F. 05:04 PM 01-13-2007
I have Boston vrb mains and Boston vrc center. I am pleased with the Boston sound, but would like to improve on my jbl e250 sub. Not happy with jbl.
I have a fairly small room (12 X 15). I have narrowed my choices to svs, outlaw, and hsu.

I would appreciate any info on those three speakers.

Thanks, first post on this forum.....
Tailwagger's Avatar Tailwagger 07:04 PM 01-15-2007
HT System:
Mains are Genelec S30C Tri-amped
Surrounds are Genelec 8030a Bi-Amped
Sub is a Martin Logan Grotto Mono-amped
Currently no center channel, likely a pair of daisy chained 8030s someday

Martin Logan Sequel II
SAVholic's Avatar SAVholic 10:42 AM 01-16-2007
Yamaha Performance series:
NS-555 (front)
NS-C444 (center)
NS-333 (surround x 4)
YST-SW315 (sub)
moematthews's Avatar moematthews 06:01 PM 01-17-2007
I have Quad 22L speakers for fronts. Absolutely love them. Moved my PSB Stratus Minis to the rear. I think PSBs represent world-class value. My subwoofer is an Energy 10.2.
sternvette's Avatar sternvette 08:31 PM 01-17-2007
My 7.1 setup : Cambridge Soundworks MC500's for LCR and MC200's for surrounds
sub: SVS 25-31pci going to be replaced by HSU vtf-1
MY 5.1 Def Tech Mythos' LCR, ProMonitor 100's for surrounds. The SVS 25-31pci will be back with these speakers.
OrquiAH's Avatar OrquiAH 12:24 AM 01-21-2007
I have a set of Logitech Z5500 attached to my Plasma HDTV and HD Satellite. My old JBL L100's were attached an working fine until last week when one passed away after 31 years of service. I'm looking for a new set of speakers to tyake advantage of the new Pioneer VSX84TXSi Receiver. The Plasma HDTV is also a Pioneer. The Logitech surround sound system is fabulous and will go to my grandsons for their X-Box.
dabu's Avatar dabu 12:51 AM 01-23-2007
Paradigm Studio 60 fronts
cc470 center
adp 170 surrounds
Onkyo 674 (does the HDMI trick for now)
Graywolf 2 106"
LVM37 W1 for computer monitor...

Want to add an VTF3, but I have neighbors
Rick58's Avatar Rick58 03:15 PM 01-23-2007
I recently purchased Monitor Audio Silver consisting of RS6 fronts, RS lcr center and RS fx surrounds. I'm very pleased with the sound (for both home theatre and music) and I'm looking forward to getting the speakers "run in". I'm also using an Energy sub. My receiver is a Rotel RSX-1056.

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