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HT1's Avatar HT1 11:35 AM 12-07-2007
RF-62 Fronts
RS-52 Surrounds
RC-62 Center

Infinity ES-301's 2nd room audio

Yamasung's Avatar Yamasung 11:15 AM 12-08-2007
Boston Acoustics:
mains: VR975
center: VR920
surrounds: Micro 100x
back surrounds: VRM/EX
presence: Micro 130x

rear sub: Polk PSW505
Raymond Leggs's Avatar Raymond Leggs 02:44 PM 12-08-2007
My current speakers

A pair of 2 way 1970's phillips bookshelf speakers with a dual cone woofer
A pair of 2 way morse-Electrophonic Acoustic suspension Horn speakers which have to have some repairs done to the cabinet to seal them up and increase the bass response.

magnavox bookshelf speakers
The cheapjack floorstanding speakers that came with the soundesign stereo (drivers soon to be replaced with "5.5 " inch Car speakers.
Cheapjack soundesign bookshelf speakers which came with another soundesign receiver.
AzCat's Avatar AzCat 02:44 AM 12-10-2007
mains: M80 V2
center: VP 150
surrounds: QS8
sub: still shopping
mbolla's Avatar mbolla 03:10 PM 12-11-2007
Mains - AV123 Onix Reference 1
Center - AV123 Onix Reference 100
Surrounds - AV123 Onix Reference 1
Rear Surrounds - AV123 Onix Reference .5
Sub - AV123 MWF 15 (hasn't shipped yet)
Cardinals's Avatar Cardinals 02:55 PM 12-12-2007
Mains - Paradigm Mini Monitor v5
Center - Paradigm Cinema CC v3
Surrounds - Paradigm Cinema 70 v3
Sub - Def Tech Supercube III
stenvik's Avatar stenvik 04:20 PM 12-12-2007
Main: B&W 802D
Sub: Jlaudio Fathom F113

still waiting for new denon pre amp/processor that comes late january/feb 2008, thus waiting for purchase of other speakers in surround system
Chris-R's Avatar Chris-R 05:17 PM 12-12-2007
Energy RC-Mini Series (5.1 configuration)
Tulpa's Avatar Tulpa 05:43 PM 12-12-2007
Currently have hooked to my Onkyo 504/540:

Two Athena AS-F2.2 towers
One Athena AS-C1.2 center
Four Onkyo surrounds (will be replacing with... something)
One Onkyo 230w sub (will be replacing with Bic H100)
Turbozilla's Avatar Turbozilla 09:48 PM 12-12-2007
Definitive Technology ProCinema 1000 Plus:
Center: 1ProCenter 2000
Mains: ProMonitor 1000
Surround: ProMonitor 1000
Sub: ProSub 1000
Pharcyde23's Avatar Pharcyde23 11:28 PM 12-12-2007
Mains: Def Tech 7006s
Center: Def Tech CLR2300
Surround: Def Tech PM1000s
Subs: HSU VTF2.3 and HSU MBM-12

Pushed by onkyo 805
daddymike1979's Avatar daddymike1979 01:18 PM 12-13-2007
Klipsch F-2 7 speakers system and a Klipsch Synergy 12 sub ---- love em---- rock my room - love em -- I cant even turn them much past half way up..... It hurts, --and I was one of those dumb kids with a huge system in their car when I was 16...... Did I mention I love them!!!!
jrada's Avatar jrada 01:23 PM 12-13-2007
In my dedicated home theater I am using Monitor Audio Silver Speakers

Front L - R : RS6
Center : RSLCR
Surround Side : RSFX
Surround Back : RS1

I have been very happy with them for both Music and Movies

I also have a Monitor Audio bronze subwoofer
eeshasdon's Avatar eeshasdon 02:28 PM 12-13-2007
Mains: Focal Alto Utopia
Center: Krell Resolution C (To be replace with Focal Utopia center)
Surround: Focal Chorus SR800
Sub: JL Audio F113

Powered by Krell.

Awaiting new JVC HD100.

Wonderful sound! :-)
SuicideJockey's Avatar SuicideJockey 05:16 PM 12-13-2007
Definitive Technology Mythos ST (front)

Definitive Technology (center)

Infinity (side)

Axiom (rear)
Eagle Shadow's Avatar Eagle Shadow 08:41 PM 12-15-2007
I have a pair of older Phase Tech bookshelf units on stands for right and left and a Phase Tech center channel speaker. I purchase these units in the mid to late 90's.
I have an older Mirage powered subwoofer, also purchased in the 90's. Recently bought a pair to B&W M1s' for the rear channels. I am very impressed with the B&W's. Makes me lust for other B&W products. I have been satisfied with these products, but I am sure I could do better.

At some point I may update, but buying speakers is such a subjective process. I am interested in any comments as to whether B&W's price is too high for what you get.
lsouth44's Avatar lsouth44 02:26 AM 12-16-2007
Just got a set of the KEF KHT 3005's with a Onkyo605 and lovin it so far
Browninggold's Avatar Browninggold 09:26 AM 12-16-2007
2-6T Towers
1-6C Center
2-632 surrounds
2-532 rear surrounds
1-SV PB13 Ultra
everything sounds excellent running through a Denon 3808ci
BloggingITGuy's Avatar BloggingITGuy 05:19 PM 12-17-2007
3 x Kenwood LS-X1F Ultra THX LCRs
2 x Kenwood LS-X1S Ultra THX dipole surrounds
1 x Kenwood SW-X1 Ultra THX passive 12" sub
2 x Monster Cable Monster THX Tower Bass Module 200 THX Select powered subwoofers
SysteX's Avatar SysteX 05:41 PM 12-17-2007
Madisound Cygnet MKII bookshelves
AV123 x-sub
rmcdo's Avatar rmcdo 06:13 AM 12-18-2007
I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, but here goes. I have four ESS AMT-1 speakers as my main speakers and a Bose center channel speaker. I'm not happy with the Bose in this setup. I think the drivers are too small to match up well with the AMT-1s. Does anyone have a recommendation for a center channel speaker that would better match the AMT-1s?
phipark's Avatar phipark 04:55 PM 12-18-2007
Swan 5.1 pair
Swan C3
Swan 2.1 pair
SVS 20-39 PC Plus
bigc_2k3's Avatar bigc_2k3 08:50 PM 12-18-2007
Paradigm Cinema Series 330 for Left Centre and Right
Paradigm Cinema ADPs for Surround
Paradigm DSP 3100 (just got it today) for Sub
nostatic13's Avatar nostatic13 12:30 AM 12-19-2007
I believe in pictures

Main: Dana 930
Center: Dana 660
Rear: Dana 630
Sub: Hsu STF-2
Source: Oppo 981
Power: CA 540AV r3

smurf47's Avatar smurf47 12:25 PM 12-19-2007
just bought DCM time windows...been years since I've heard them...was a choice between them and celestion ditton 66's which I owned in the 70/ they use banana plugs?
brecker's Avatar brecker 06:21 AM 12-20-2007
Paradigm Studio's V.4's
Paradigm Seismic Sub
Denon 4308 CI
Jacksmyname's Avatar Jacksmyname 07:41 AM 12-20-2007
Main system:
Mains: Energy RC-70
Center: Energy RC-LCR
Sub: Mirage S12
Side and rear surrounds: Mirage Omnican 6
Fed by Yamaha RX-V3800

Second system:
Mains: Mirage Omnisat v2 towers
Center: Mirage Omnisat v2 cc
Sub: Mirage S10
Fed by Yamaha RX-V2700
beautye350's Avatar beautye350 06:11 AM 12-21-2007
Main HT (6.1):
(F) Athena AS-F2
(C) Athena AS-B1
(R) Athena AS-R1
(RC) Athena AS-B1
(SW) Dayton 10"

HT#2 (7.1):
(F) RTi8
(R&RS) Polk RTi4
(C) Polk CSi3
(SW) Polk PSW110

HT#3 (5.0):
(F) Cerwin Vega 380SE
(C) Cerwin Vega HT-CTR
(R) Ohm FRS-15
duckdodgerz's Avatar duckdodgerz 07:47 AM 12-22-2007
Humble A/V system in a living room that is only quiet when everyone is in bed asleep.

Front L/R- Inifinity Primus 160's mounted on BT77 wall mounts and aimed down
Center- Infinity Primus C25
Surrounds- 6.5" Ceiling mounted of unknown manufacturer/quality. Builder installed. To
be replaced with better in same location EDIT: ID'd as Russound 5/14-6" (Hard to measure in place)
SW- Cheapy that came with Sony receiver HTIB. Will be replaced.

TV- Pioneer PDP 5080HD (god I love this TV)
Receiver- Sony STR-K502 (will be replaced with Yamaha V1800/3800) EDIT: Yamaha RX-V3800 now in place!
EDIT: BDP- Panny DMP-30BPK (Happily Bitstreaming over HDMI)

I really like the Inifinity's. I think they are pretty limited by the receiver but there was a HUGE improvement from the old microsatellites I had.
barry1967's Avatar barry1967 03:28 PM 12-22-2007
My modest system. All old but still 100% functional.

Main, Klipsch CF-1s

Center, Klipsch KV-3

Rears, Memorex

Sub, Klipsch SW-8

Powered by a Yamaha RX-V559
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