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12-11-2005 | Posts: 7
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Hi avast and thanks for your kind words. Mine are in "Yew". i wanted them in "Piano black" but proAc don't use that.Then i've decided to get them in "Bird's eye maple" but fortunately the dealer over here had some wood samples and what i saw it in real,changed my mind.Too "whitish" for my tastes lol
Bought mine after listening to a "studio" series model,don't remember the actual model,and in a few words,bought them without listening to them. It tool me many months to get used to their sound,since my previous speaker (blown them up,don't ask me how lololol) were the top-of-the-line TDL. The reference standard ones.Yes,i did manage to blow up the whole right side speaker,all 7 drivers,woofers too ROTFL
Here is my complete system and if you or anyone else wants to ask anything,just let me know.

main speakers : ProAc Response 4
Surround speakers : ProAc Tablette 2000 (2 pair)
Center speaker : ProAc response cc-2
Subwoofer : Velodyne HGS-18 (1 pai)
AV Amp : Denon AVC-A1 se ( European model) not sure which US model is.
DVD Player : Pioneer Elite 79 (will get it sometime next week)
Plasma : Pioneer PDP-506xde
Projector : Sanyo PLV-60(lcd) , Sony HT-50 (crt)
Scrrens : Da-Lite permwall w/4;3 electric masking,Da-lite grey cloth,motorised w/tensioners
MiniDisk : Sony MDS-Ja-555es
Tuner : Revox B-261
Pre-Power : jeff rowland Synergy ii / Model 8ti
Cd Player : Cary Audio cd-306/200
Phono Stage : Tom Evans "The Groove"
Turntable : SME Model 20.0 w/SME series V aniversary tonearm , Kenwood L-07D w/ Kenwood tonearm
Cartridges : VanDenHull "black beauty",Van DenHull "Mc-One",ShureM-75EDii, Stanton 881s,Yamaha MC-100
Racks , Clearlight Audio RDC aspect rack , sound organization z560
Mains etc : Isotek Substation fully loaded (isolation transformers etc) APC line filters 1250 (x2) Rotel 1050 (x2)
cables : various , through XLO signaturers,Van Den Hull mc-silver , revelation , mainstream,the first , Hovland music groove 2 , Nirvana sl etc etc too many to mention here.
Thanks again !
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12-12-2005 | Posts: 8
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Home Theater Setup
2 Axiom M60 Ti
4 Axiom QS 8
1 Axiom Center Axiom Speakers are to good to be true, the other stuff is ok
1 Veldyne Sub
1 Yamaha Sub
Onkyo 800 Reciever
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12-12-2005 | Posts: 21
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Speaker Setup:

L&R Paradigm Signature S8's (rosewood)
C Paradigm Signature C5 (rosewood)
RS Paradigm Signature ADP(s) (rosewood)
RB B&W DS6(s) inwall (white)
SUB Earthquake MKIV-15 (piano Black)
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12-13-2005 | Posts: 204
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I have a full array of N.E.A.R. (New England Audio Research) which are not in production any longer.Mine had new drivers put in by the orignal designer Bill Keltyka of NEAR.

I use the M15's for the CC!
Video Monitor--Panasonic 42" Plasma

I would need to spend $15K to replace these speakers I bet!
At present I am using a Panasonic 70 Reciever which I shall switch out to seperates again as I am still looking for a better frontend that can do both HT and 2ch.. I hate losing SOTA 2ch. reproduction at the expense of HT.

I have been thinking of getting Aragon's HT Pre-Processor and using a Plinius amp for the Main channels and an B&K for the surround and CC.

I use an old Phillips CD-80 which still outshines most transports that are made today along with a Panasonic DVDP.I also have a Pioneer DVDP for other formats which I dislike for Video playback.

I have different taste of music and also have a Tape Collection along with a Vinyl collection which has not seen to much play the last 10yrs..

Very satisfied with my speakers!
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12-14-2005 | Posts: 348
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LR: Energy C5
C: Energy C-C1
Surround: Energy C3
Sub: Dead Mirage Omni S-10

Sending the Mirage amp to service today. Loved the sound when it was working, but rethinking the choice and looking at a HSU STF2
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12-14-2005 | Posts: 35
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1 - JBL Northridge EC35 center channel
2 - JBL Northridge E80 left and right, floor standings
4 - JBL Northridge E10 rear surrounds
1 - JBL SUB160

All are ash black in color. Driven by a Onkyo TX-SR503

Sounds great!
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12-14-2005 | Posts: 6,381
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Here is my complete setup. It has proven to me that patitence can pay off
1. Krell Showcase preamp
2. Esoteric DV50S DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-A player
3. 1 Bryston 4b-ST for L/R
4. 1 Bryston 5b-ST for Center and surround
5. 1 pair JM labs 927Be for L/R (Limited run of 500 pair with beryllium tweeter)
6. 1 JM Labs CC-901 Center channel
7. 2 Polk RT-3 surround speakers
8. 1 JM labs SW900 Subwoofer
9. 1 Monster power HTPS-7000
10. 1 Monster power AVS-2000
11. Cables by Transparent Audio
12. Pioneer DV-47ai DVD player
13. Sony 34XBR800
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12-15-2005 | Posts: 84
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Athena F2.2 mains
Athena C1.2 center
4x Athena R1.2 surrounds
Infinity 12" sub - older
Pioneer VSX-1015TX receiver
Adcom GCD-700 5-Disc CD Changer
Adcom GFA-555II amp driving mains
Tripp Lite LCR-2400 Line conditioner
Electrohome 8501 CRT Projector
Dell 3400MP DLP Projector
110" Carada screen
Monster cable for audio, belden for video

Music system
Allison Acoustics CD-8's
Adcom GTP-450 preamp
Adcom GFA-545II amp

Sitting in closet:
Adcom GFA-555II
Allison Acoustics CD-7's
Boston Acoustics A150's
Pioneer LD player, 50 LD's

I'm 2 days away from having dedicated theater complete, and it's driving me crazy. Last purchase will be HSU or SVS /2...decisions, decisions
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12-16-2005 | Posts: 63
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Athena Point 5
Mirage Omni S10
run by a HK AVR 235
Onkyo DVD, DVD-Audio SACD player
Sony 715P DVD player
Great setup for HT but not so great for music
Upgrading path - mains to be replaced with Athena AS B1 or ASF1 soon
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12-16-2005 | Posts: 3,187
Joined: Feb 2000
Mains: B&W 802D's
Center: B&W HTM3
Rear: B&W 805S
Sub: Velodyne SPL10BGII
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12-17-2005 | Posts: 7,639
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Mains: Dynaudio Contour 3.3
Center: Dynaudio Audience CC
Surround: Alon Centris
Sub: ServoDrive ContraBass
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12-17-2005 | Posts: 6
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home theater:
Mains: Mackie hr624's active monitors
Center: Mackie hr626 active monitor
Surrounds: Advent av575's - Ebay for $57, but they really get the job done.
Rear: 1 Advent Laureate floorstanding speaker - One of a pair I bought for $35 at an estate sale.

RAWKs the House!!!!
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12-18-2005 | Posts: 1
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This is my first post so I hope you are patient with my detailed equipment review which I realize is beyond the scope of this thread.

Front L/R: Quad 12L (Studio version); sourced from front L/R pre-outs through a Paradigm C-30 crossover.
Main Amp: Yamaha M65; As $ permit, I will replace this with a Yamaha MX-1 or 2.

Center: Paradigm CC-370; May replace someday with a Quad L-Centre.
Side Surrounds: Paradigm ADP-170's
Back Surrounds: Paradigm Monitor 3's
Receiver: Yamaha RX-V1400

Front Sub: SVS 25-31CS; sourced from front pre-outs through the Paradigm X-over.
Back Sub: 15" 3.56 cu.ft. sealed DIY; sourced from LFE channel. As $ permit, will replace driver with an Adire Tempest.
Sub Amp: Carver TFM-35

Sources: DVD- Pioneer DV-578A; VCR- Sony SLV-N500; Cassette- AKAI GX-M10; Turntable- Technics SL-QD35; MP3- Dell PC (all rarely used except for DVD & PC).

Video: Run of the mill 26" Philips TV. Someday will have a projection LCD.

Power: PowerVar ABC1200-11; Sourced from a #10 AWG home run. I need to get a 2nd PowerVar.

Ancillary: Carver H-9AV; Behringer Ultraflex Processor; ART351 Equalizer.

I listen seriously to music about 30% of the time, casually listening to music about 50%, and watch movies about 20%. The un-orthodox sub configuration is due to the fact that when seriously listening to music I set the receiver to Direct 2 channel stereo, whereby only the front L/R channels are active.

The Quads are glorious speakers to hear all by themselves, but they roll off at about 45Hz. However with the above arrangement the SVS provides the Quads with lower end support even in this 2 channel mode. Also, the Paradigm X-over has infinite variable gain, phase & cutoff controls which are very helpful for blending the SVS with the Quads.
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12-19-2005 | Posts: 164
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All Def Techs.
L/R- BP7004
center- C/L/R 2300
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12-20-2005 | Posts: 63
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Originally Posted by kera View Post

Athena Point 5
Mirage Omni S10
run by a HK AVR 235
Onkyo DVD, DVD-Audio SACD player
Sony 715P DVD player
Great setup for HT but not so great for music
Upgrading path - mains to be replaced with Athena AS B1 or ASF1 soon

I added two AS F1s last week. They are my mains now. Still in the break-in period... (My basement family room looks like a freaking speaker store now )
I am very happy with the setup...very good for music as well as movies.
Planning to connect the 2 S5s to the RS to complete the 7.1 system...that is this weekend...
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12-20-2005 | Posts: 1
Joined: May 2005
All M&K THX Select
LCR750 and Center-750 mains
S550 Surrounds
VX-1250 Sub
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12-21-2005 | Posts: 34
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Current crop of speakers:

Axiom M50s main.
Axiom M3, vertical/inverted, center.
Axiom M3s surround.
Sub: ancient, creaky 16mm film(1946 vintage)projector speaker cabinet with PE 12" driver.

Much better sounding system than Y'all may have been led to believe.
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12-23-2005 | Posts: 19
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Main family area B&W's 805's.. Surrounds and center are Mirage , Living room is ADS 810's Series 2.. Both Great in their own ways
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12-23-2005 | Posts: 13
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My system pales in comparison to some of them on this thread but I bought my years ago and for the most part it still does what I need it to do and does it well but it is not the best ever made.
All Mirage speakers
RFX-7 Floor standing
RFX-C Center
RFX-2 Bookshelf (surround)
Mirage sub.

again this is the lowest end stuff that mirage makes and all if it was being discontinued when I bought it as they were getting ready to introduce their omi polar stuff (wich is why I got it so cheep) But again it sounds clean and for the price has giving me years of good service. My look into upgrading in the next few years but we will see.
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12-24-2005 | Posts: 100
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Mains: Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System (2 piece)
Center: Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Center Channel
3 Rears: Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors
Sub/LFE: ACI Titan II
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12-26-2005 | Posts: 915
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My HT, all Bay Audio inwall:

970's for L and R
960c for C
985's for surrounds
900 sub with 150w rack mount power amp/Xover
Denon AVR3805

I'm very happy with it. Especially since I live in a small house and I have room to walk around... plasma mounted on the wall.

Recent client install;

BW Nautilus 802's for L and R
HTM3 for center (had an HTM2 because of budget, took one listen, and tried to sell me the HTM2 for cheap!)
BW Signature 7's for rears/surrounds.

Bryston SP1.7
Bryston 4BSST for the L and R
Bryston 8x75w for the Center/surrounds (forget the model # at the moment)
(two channels bridged to 250w for center)

I had a lot of fun 'calibrating' this after work hours. Neighbor complained, client amused.
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12-26-2005 | Posts: 739
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aerial acoustics model 9s FL, FR
aerial acoustics CC5 center channel
Aerial acoustics CC3b rear channel
M@K ss150 surrounds
paradigm servo 15 NHT SA2 w/sw12i sub
Bryston 14B SST for LR
Anthem MCA50 for center(bi-amped) and surrounds.
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12-28-2005 | Posts: 75
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fronts- seas thors

centre-seas odin

sides-seas odins

rears-seas odins

subwoofer system-4x18" avalanche drivers in ib line array
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12-28-2005 | Posts: 487
Joined: Aug 2005
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12-28-2005 | Posts: 1,082
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I got a full set of JBL speakers, being powered by a Denon AVR - 3805:

FRONTS = ND 310 (Northridge Special Series - made in Denmark)
SW = PB 12
SURR. = S 38 II
SURR. BACK = N 28 (Northridge Special Series - also made in Denmark)

Cheers / Avliner
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12-28-2005 | Posts: 23
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Originally Posted by Dan_J_H. View Post

Fronts: KEF Q11's
Center: KEF Q10c
Surrounds: KEF Q2ds (dipole)
Sub: SVS PB12-PLUS/2
Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi

How do you like the combo Pioneer and Kef. I'm considering getting an Elite or Marantz. Do you listen to music too or just movies? See my signature for my setup.

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12-28-2005 | Posts: 73
Joined: Jan 2005
Energy Veritas 2.3i - Main speakers
Energy Veritas 2.0Ci - Center
Sonance TR-4000 in-ceiling - surrounds
SVS 20-39 PCi - Subwoofer
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12-29-2005 | Posts: 2
Joined: Dec 2005
Acoustech HT-75 /Main
Klipsch SC-1 /Center
MB Quart QLA40 /Rear
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12-29-2005 | Posts: 6,090
Joined: Sep 2005
I sold the B&W 802Ds and bought Wilson Watt Puppy 8 speakers. Below is my original post from 12/29/05.

B&W 802Ds.

I'm saving up for the rest after I purchase a Sony 60" SXRD in January.

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12-30-2005 | Posts: 17
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2 channel system only..........Klipschorns.
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