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vinyl's Avatar vinyl 07:55 AM 01-22-2012
Mr A - I'm always impressed.

jproy13's Avatar jproy13 02:06 PM 01-22-2012
Originally Posted by MrAcoustat View Post

My 2 channel only rig, KEEP IT SIMPLE for the love of music.

Chord CPM-2600 & Chord One & Acoustat's 1+1s

Have you seen my butter knife?...seriously though, WOW! and I mean that in a good way.
caper_1's Avatar caper_1 04:44 AM 01-24-2012
see a couple posts below...links were broken...
Big Whitey's Avatar Big Whitey 07:09 AM 01-25-2012
Originally Posted by CHASLS2 View Post

Just picked up the Paradigm Millenia Ones 5 speakers system for my bedroom. They replaced my Klipsch RF7, RC7 and RS7 system.

Ummm when you say replaced..... what are you doing with those lovely speakers you "replaced"
Krokov's Avatar Krokov 09:19 AM 01-29-2012
Here's a pic of all my front speakers. They are ATC fully active monitors. The sub is a Bowers & Wilkins DB1.

jkeener71's Avatar jkeener71 11:08 AM 01-30-2012
BIC America Formula F-12 Subwoofer

Pioneer VSX-1121-K Receiver

2 -JBL Studio 190s - L + R

1 - JBL Studio 120c - Center

2 - JBL Studio 180s - SL + SR

2 - JBL Studio 130s - SBL and SBR

On the way, so haven't heard them in action yet, but can't wait!!!!

Hopefully the Europeans know whats up.

Here they are in my pad, I'm the guy talking to the hottie!

ejusted's Avatar ejusted 12:21 AM 01-31-2012
My theater/2 channel system.

Focal 1038 BE II Towers,
Focal cc1008 center channel,
Paradigm PW2200 ver. 2 sub,

seneca's Avatar seneca 07:39 AM 01-31-2012

my current System :

Front : B&W 802 Diamond
Center : DALI Phantom Vocal ( Will be exchanged against B&W Signature 8NT shortly)
Sub: Martin Logan Dynamo 700
Surrounds : Nubert NuVero 3
jkeener71's Avatar jkeener71 11:27 AM 01-31-2012
All these setups are so nice, and look so good. I need to do some work to clean up my setup once my speakers arrive.
drewbie96's Avatar drewbie96 01:56 PM 02-01-2012
Front/Left - Carver Cinema 5.2 (not running subs)
Center Channel - DefTech ProCenter 1000
Surround Side L/R - DefTech SR-8040BP
Surround Rear L/R - Polk Audio RM2350
drewbie96's Avatar drewbie96 02:10 PM 02-01-2012
After looking through this thread more, I am amazed at how much some of you guys have spent on your Home Theater.
caper_1's Avatar caper_1 05:36 PM 02-01-2012
Lets try this again:

Originally Posted by caper_1 View Post

lol. Posted my current setup already, and just couldn't resist the Energy RC-70's at 999 CAD/pair boxing day!

Current setup:
3 X Energy Take FPS
4 X Energy Take LCR
1 X Monitor Audio RS-W12

Just bought:
2 X Energy RC-70 !! Hells Yeah!

I added a DIY TRIO12 downstairs with the HT, and moved the MA sub up with the RC70s:

jaramill's Avatar jaramill 07:47 PM 02-01-2012
Updated my spec to include my new Outlaw LFM-1 EX!! He's a big boy!
YPSTOLMACH's Avatar YPSTOLMACH 10:26 PM 02-01-2012
My stereo / ht setup

Fronts Jamo c605

Center Jamo C601 *2 (considering bying c60)

Rear: handmade (DIY project): woofer EOS Emotions + Tweeter Morel Supremo Piccolo
Sub: none.. I have one but I am not using it because my fronts give me all I need and I have to sacrifiy the LFE channel because I live in a condo

Receiver: Harman Kardon AVR3600 (not the best one but does the job)
jkeener71's Avatar jkeener71 02:16 PM 02-03-2012
Originally Posted by ejusted View Post

Nice Pic!
CD6's Avatar CD6 10:53 PM 02-03-2012
My 5.1 / 2CH system

Harman Kardon AVR3650
Cambridge DACMAGIC
PS3 Slim
Mission M35i
Mission M3C2i
Mission M32i
Mission MS8

Bellari amp
AKG Q701
BeyerDynaminc T70P

Perry R's Avatar Perry R 07:09 PM 02-05-2012
I have a few that I put together myself. Offered as driver and x-over kits. You supply the cabinets.

My 2ch speaks are Dipoles by GR Research. They use a PAudio 12" co-ax with 12" GR servo drivers (paper cones) on Rythmik servo amps. These are really nice,set up properly they're hard to beat.

My home theatre speakers are Designed by Rick Craig of Selah Audio.
The fronts are arrays of Hi-Vi 3" with fountek ribbons.
The subs are also by Selah, I have 2 duals but only one pictured.

The surrounds are arrays of 4" Hi-Vi with Dayton ribbons.
The center is Seas drivers with Morel mid and fountek ribbon.

Thanks for looking
jproy13's Avatar jproy13 05:50 AM 02-06-2012
I don't know what to say except

Congrats!! just outstanding.
robertw11's Avatar robertw11 07:43 AM 02-06-2012
Pioneer Elite PRO-111FD
Pioneer VSX-1021k

Speakers 7.1:
Polk Monitor 60 Series II (L/R)
Polk CS1 Series II (Center)
Sony SS-MSP69R/L (Surround L/R)
Sony SS-MSP69S (surround Rears)
BIC America F-12

jproy13's Avatar jproy13 07:48 AM 02-06-2012
really nice. Even if your speakers are larger, it's very unobtrusive and takes nothing away from the decor, which is really nice, of the living room. Well done and great gears.

robertw11's Avatar robertw11 02:50 PM 02-06-2012
Thank you much
tmc1971's Avatar tmc1971 08:45 AM 02-07-2012
Some really nice setups here..

I am using
-Pioneer Elite SC55 W/
Velodyne EQ-MAX 12" sub
JBL Studio 120c center
2x JBL Studio 130's
4x JBL Studio 190's
bornacane's Avatar bornacane 12:24 AM 02-08-2012
Love my B & W CM8's with the Cm centre and dipole B & W rears
BarracudaDelGato's Avatar BarracudaDelGato 08:48 PM 02-09-2012
Some great setups. I'm still in the process of reading the whole thread.

I have recently replaced fronts and sub in my 5.1 setup. I'd like to take this chance to thank all the people who offered some much needed advice.

L/R: Monitor Audio GX200
C: Monitor Audio GX150
(Surround: monoprice 8" in-wall)

sanjiyan69's Avatar sanjiyan69 08:08 PM 02-10-2012
Front: Klipsch F1
Center: Klipsch C1
Surround: Klipsch S1
Sub: Klipsch

I'm upgrading to Reference series....
Dean The Machine's Avatar Dean The Machine 12:44 PM 02-11-2012
My Setup:
Pioneer KRP-600A
Pioneer BDP-LX52
Pioneer VSX-LX52
Jamo® D 500 THX® 7.2
Jamo® SUB 650 (2)
Xbox 360 slim / Kinect
Logitech Harmony One

a special for my two Jamo subwoofers

sewerdog's Avatar sewerdog 08:38 PM 02-11-2012
Fronts Polk r50's center Polk cs10 rears Sony B1000's Sub Acoustic Audio 10in powered with Yamaha 465 receiver.
jproy13's Avatar jproy13 04:55 AM 02-12-2012
Originally Posted by Dean The Machine View Post

My Setup:
Pioneer KRP-600A
Pioneer BDP-LX52
Pioneer VSX-LX52
Jamo® D 500 THX® 7.2
Jamo® SUB 650 (2)
Xbox 360 slim / Kinect
Logitech Harmony One

a special for my two Jamo subwoofers

Most definitely one of the cleanest setup I've ever seen. Very nice.
hyghwayman's Avatar hyghwayman 03:25 PM 02-14-2012
I got the SP-PK51FS speaker package by Pioneers Andrew Jones, minus the sub last Dec as a birhtday gift from my family. Not as impressive as some pictures I've seen in this thread, they do sound good in my room (much better than the whimpy Curtis HTiB speakers I had before). Now I just need to get me a nice Sub and a bigger TV

Dean The Machine's Avatar Dean The Machine 09:42 AM 02-15-2012
Originally Posted by jproy13 View Post

Most definitely one of the cleanest setup I've ever seen. Very nice.

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