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Blackdevil77's Avatar Blackdevil77 11:13 AM 02-15-2012
Reciever: Marantz SR7500

Front L/R: Paradigm Monitor 7 v.3's.

Center: Paradigm CC-370

Surround: Paradigm ADP-470

Subwoofer: Paradigm PW2200

40" Sony LCD TV not worth mentioning

galvs's Avatar galvs 05:14 AM 02-16-2012
Pics, please...
tinng321's Avatar tinng321 10:02 PM 02-16-2012
Downstairs Family room:
Bose lifestyle 25 hook up to a Harman Kardon.
51" toshiba dlp tv

Jbl l880 and velodyne vpr-1200 sub hook up to Denon 2308ci alond with my ps3 and pc.
32" Samsung LCD

Upstairs Family:
Theater Research (purchased them cuz I didn't know any better) hook up to a Denon 2311ci along with my karaoke system.
I am in the process of looking for a pair of floor speakers to replace the TR.
55" Samsung led LCD un55d7000
jproy13's Avatar jproy13 05:59 AM 02-17-2012
Originally Posted by Dean The Machine View Post


you're welcome. You should post your stuff here, I'm certain others will enjoy. It's the section of the forum where you get ot "show off" your stuff and set up and list your equipment and so on.

triumphrider74's Avatar triumphrider74 02:21 PM 02-21-2012
Reciever : Sony STR-DA5400ES
Front L/C/R : Miller & Kreisel LCR-750THX MKII x 3
Surround : Miller & Kreisel SURROUND-550THX x 2
Surround,rear : Miller & Kreisel LCR-45 x 2
Subwoofer : Miller & Kriesel V851
Display : Mitsubishi 57" DLP

I just got it all finished with the purchase and installation of the SURR-550's and new 12 gauge speaker wire ran to all. I absolutely love how this system sounds!
Blackdevil77's Avatar Blackdevil77 12:01 PM 02-22-2012
I'll post pics as soon as I get my home theater room done and have everything in there. Right now the room my stuff is in is a mess and there's giant DJ speakers overshadowing my little home theater system lol.
TornadoGT1's Avatar TornadoGT1 11:56 AM 02-23-2012
Not sure if I ever posted here...

2.1 Living Room Music-Only Setup
Pioneer BS21
Infinity TSS-SUB-450
Sony STR-DG510

Basement Home Theater Setup
Infinity PS252 Fronts
Infinity PC
Jamo C400 SUR Dipole Surrounds
Dayton SUB-120
Denon AVR-1312

Super basic I know but I like them.
slammin86's Avatar slammin86 07:52 PM 02-26-2012

Receiver: Onkyo 709
Amplifier: Acurus A200x3
Front: EmpTek E55Ti
Center: EmpTek E56Ci
Surround: Coming Soon
Sub: Elemental Designs A5-350
TV: LG 55"
Blu-Ray: PS3
caper_1's Avatar caper_1 05:48 PM 02-27-2012
^ ^ ^ Niiiiiiice looking speakers dude. Hope they sound as good as they look !!
Macstatic's Avatar Macstatic 08:39 PM 02-27-2012
Yeah they look fantastic! Especially that center channel! It's a beast of a center!
kentuck1163's Avatar kentuck1163 09:26 AM 03-01-2012
I'm new here in the speaker forum - although perhaps I should have visited here earlier.

Here is my current audio setup and I have several general questions which follow:

Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR709 (have had for two weeks)
Current Fronts: Sony SS-TL3 speakers (have had for 24 years - and recently discovered one of the tweeters is out -- see question below).
Center Channel: Polk CS150
Surround: JAMO C400SUR
Subwoofer: Polk PSW111
TV: Samsung 52" LCD

JUST ordered: Pair of Polk RTi8 tower speakers (for $375/pair, couldn't pass em up).

Now, the old Sony SS-TL3 speakers were quite decent in their day (sold for $500/pair back in '88-'89). They still were sounding quite good - until the tweeter went out. I did a search and original tweeters are no longer available.

QUESTION 1: Can I just go online, find another good quality 1" dome tweeter and pop it in as a replacement?? I hate to throw away decent speakers. I know any replacement I find is not going to have been "selected and tuned" for the cabinets and all that. Also, I know that if screw holes don't match up I need to drill. Thats ok. Obviously, if this would work, I will buy two tweeters to make sure the speakers are the same. I just don't know enough about speakers to know if you can just buy replacement parts and stick em in - or if its more complicated than that.

QUESTION 2: Should I bi-amp the new Polk RTi8's when they arrive and stay with a 5.1 setup (using either the JAMOs or the repaired SS-TL3's), or should I go with a 7.1 setup and use both the JAMO's and the SS-TL3's (or a replacement if they can't be fixed)? I really listen to a 50-50 mix of music/video. It's really easy to bi-amp on the Onkyo tx-nr709, and I have read that these Polk's are helped by it. Other folks say don't bother, and that I would miss the 7.1.

Any help from you officianados would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, I have cobbled together my system as budget has permitted and its by no means an audiofile system (but its getting better!!!).

Thanks again!
Tweaked05's Avatar Tweaked05 09:41 AM 03-01-2012
My primary system consists of

Harman Kardon AVR-354
B&W 604 S3's/Fronts
B&W LCR-60/Center
B&W 602 S1's/Rears
MTX SW1212/Sub

I love this sytem, but am currently looking to add an Emotiva XPA-5 for more power.

mmemon's Avatar mmemon 07:00 AM 03-02-2012
I have pair of Forum 123 speakers, do not know who made them but they are very old probably from 70 or 80. They are 3 way with 12 inch woofer. Any body know who made them and if possible some tech details on them will help

kemetblk's Avatar kemetblk 04:00 PM 03-04-2012
Originally Posted by jlr261 View Post

Funny, as I finally log on to post my speaker setup, it turns out I have practically the same setup as jproy13 -- which is unusual, since I haven't seen too many Athena Technologies owners here in the past...

In any case, this is my first 5.1 setup :

Fronts/ Athena Technologies AS-F2
Center/ Athena Technologies AS-C1
Surrounds/ Athena Technologies AS-B2
Subwoofer/SVS PB12-NSD DSP (ass kicker of a sub -- replaced weakish AT AS-P400)

Just upgraded my setup as follows:

Yamaha RX-V596RDS to Denon AVR-2311
Panasonic PT-AX100E to EPSON 8350

Question/ It now sounds like the speakers are not as well matched with the Denon AVR-2311 as they were with the Yamaha RX-V596RDS -- what speaker brand works best with the Denon AVR??

Originally Posted by jproy13 View Post

...but does the job for me

Athena AS-F2 / front
Athena AS-C1 / center (on the lookout for another AS-F1 for the center duty)
Athena AS-F1 / surround
Athena AS-B1 / surround back
Bic F12 x 2

Good to see more Athena's on here! JP, what are you using to angle up your C1?
jproy13's Avatar jproy13 05:10 PM 03-04-2012
Originally Posted by kemetblk View Post

Good to see more Athena's on here! JP, what are you using to angle up your C1?

thanks! I just finished unhooking everything as we are getting the room completely repainted in a light grey with a dark grey accent wall, getting brand new white recliners, new tv stand, speaker stands...etc. I just have the tv out and my wife and I want to cry

I like the Athenas and don't feel the need to change for the moment. I'm using an old remote to prop up my cntr

wtxgringo's Avatar wtxgringo 03:41 PM 03-06-2012
just got some Polk Monitor 70s 40s & a CS2 hooked up to my Onkyo HT-RC180 & i've been listening to cds, lps for 5 hours solid now & i'm just blown away with the awesome power & musical fidelity with these speakers. bass is good, treble could be better but the avr compensates for that. i have a BIC F12 sub & it just complements what the Polks do, so one happy camper here. Big upgrade for me from what i was using, Mordaunt-Short Carnival 2, 3, 5 setup, good speakers but lack the Ooomph! the Polks put forth. it takes me forever to save $$ to buy anything, so i'm totally happy with my purchase. no doubt there's better stuff out there, but for my lil abode, this is Good next thing on my bucket list is to get a lava lsp12 & see how that sounds!

After reading tons of threads on the sub forum, was set on an HSU STF-2 then an Outlaw & think I've finally settled on a Rythmik FV12. Watched War Horse & the sub I have really put out the grunt but think I want something more, must be upgrade fever!
JBrax's Avatar JBrax 04:16 PM 03-06-2012
Klipsch reference series
Rf-82 II L/R
Rc-62 II center
Rs-42 II surrounds

Attachment 239581
JBrax's Avatar JBrax 04:35 PM 03-06-2012
Oh, and my sub. SVS PB12-NSD

Attachment 239582
liquisonic's Avatar liquisonic 08:10 PM 03-08-2012
Tons of great speakers and posts in this thread!

Mine? A pair of Roger Sander's ESLs, and a long worked-on pair of transmission-line lows. Consisting of a Peerless 850146 10" woofer, loaded in an eight foot long folded TL enclosure. They sound simply fantastic...

Blackdevil77's Avatar Blackdevil77 03:54 AM 03-09-2012
How big is that screen you got there liquisonic?

Subs look fantastic btw, very nice work
cavchameleon's Avatar cavchameleon 05:14 AM 03-09-2012

Do you have pics of the sub build? Curious what it looks like inside - 8ft TL is pretty long, did you have to make it fairy narrow to get that in the box (the box may be deeper than it looks in you pic)?
FoxHoleJoe's Avatar FoxHoleJoe 05:24 AM 03-09-2012
liquisonic's Avatar liquisonic 06:46 AM 03-09-2012
Originally Posted by Blackdevil77 View Post

How big is that screen you got there liquisonic?

Subs look fantastic btw, very nice work

Screen is 96" diagonal, it's a DIY 'Silver Fire' screen.

Thanks for the compliments on my bass cabinets...

Originally Posted by cavchameleon View Post


Do you have pics of the sub build? Curious what it looks like inside - 8ft TL is pretty long, did you have to make it fairy narrow to get that in the box (the box may be deeper than it looks in you pic)?

Yes, it is a narrower line, I'll see if I can dig up build pics, cab is 2 foot deep on inside.

*edit* found a pic, all clamped up...

pdi192's Avatar pdi192 10:45 PM 03-20-2012
Panasonic p50gt30
Paradigm Sig S2
Paradigm Sig C3
Mirage OMD 5
Paradigm Sig Sub 1
Ps3 + Cable Box

dharel's Avatar dharel 08:44 AM 03-21-2012
A little update to my setup. Just ordered an Elemental Designs A3-250 to replace the ancient DCM sub.

KEF iQ90 mains.
KEF iQ60c center.
KEF iQ30 surrounds.
eD A3-250 sub.

All connected to a Denon 3311.
Dortch's Avatar Dortch 01:56 PM 03-24-2012
I purchased Bose 301s series II back in college and this lasted me for 10 years after graduation. In or around 2000, I decided to step it up a least for me, and spend some money on better sound. I found a deal at CC for Polk RT55s and a free center channel. I paid another $100 and upped the center channel to the cs245. All total, I was out for less than $450. Prior to the speaker purchase I got me a Yamaha RX V995 for $899. I could not believe I was spending a thousand dollars for an AVR, yet more than 12 years later, it is still firing on all cylinders. A year or two later I was convinced I needed a new CD player and that my 6 disk Sony was no longer cutting it. I purchased a Cambridge Audio D500se for ~$400.
So there you have it, plus a blu ray player and a 46” Panasonic HDTV.
In short, I have no complaints with the sound from the D500, yammy and Polks.
Oh, I still have the my children's play room.
danny_isr's Avatar danny_isr 10:47 PM 03-24-2012
Paradigm Studio 60 V4 Mains
none yet Center
Mission SCM50K surrounds
Paradigm DSP-3200 Sub

Rotel-1095 Power Amp
Marantz-AV7005 PrePro
PS3 BlueRay Player
Sony CD Player

Sharp LCD 60" TV
russ_777's Avatar russ_777 06:27 PM 03-25-2012
Apple Mac Mini running Audivarna
Roomie Remote running on iPad
Gallo Reference 3.5 (x2)
Gallo Reference Strada (x1)
Gallo Reference 3.0 (x2)
Paradigm Reference Servo 15
Da-Lite Cinema Contour 106"
Denon AVR-4311
Sony BDP-S570

burky's Avatar burky 05:04 PM 03-26-2012
I don,t have lots of money to spend at the moment, Anthem MRX 300, Emotiva XPA 2,Mirage M 990s,Paradigm CC370,Paradigm ADP 170, and for the garage Bose 901 series vi,and Bose 301 series iii,(remember it,s only the garage don,t bash me please)and a receiver straight from Hong Kong, a Denon 3035 G. I just happen to find an exceptional deal on the garage gear.I plan to upgrade my speakers in about a year or so. I also have a Paradigm PS 1200 sub ,not the greatest ,but works fine for movies.
FreakyFraser's Avatar FreakyFraser 05:13 PM 03-26-2012
Mirage set-up......

Mains: OS3-FS
Center: OS3-CC
Surrounds: OS3-SAT (x3)
Sub: Energy ESW-V8

Powered by a Pioneer VSX-1018 & Emotiva UPA-5
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