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cneely8's Avatar cneely8 10:26 AM 05-03-2006
>in-ceiling speakers to complete the setup.

Traditional feedback in this forum is that in-cieling speakers are NOT the way to go. Do a quick search on them and you can form your opinion based on those who have experienced or tried it. Very negative feedback on the quality of in-ceilings.

Audio5oh's Avatar Audio5oh 01:38 PM 05-03-2006
Thanks for feedback. This is why I wanted to use actual bookshelf speakers (for my built-ins) as the main speakers vs. listening to in-ceiling speakers mounted above my 32 inch widescreen. I figured the only time that I will listen to rear surround speakers is when I'm watching movies in Dolby Digital or DTS.
Ironmike86's Avatar Ironmike86 06:34 PM 05-03-2006
Originally Posted by cneely8 View Post

>My understanding is that the RTi line sounds a bit bright.

I chose Polk because it was the LEAST bright of all I listened to (Klipsch, JBL, Infinity). So your best bet is to make sure you listen first and see what YOU think is bright or not. Personal taste plays into this in a huge way.

Ditto. Don't know about bright but I prefered the sound the best in my price range. But it's all the internet speakers I was interested in. Subs is one thing but speakers really differ in sound and opinions. Sub's tell you buget and you get 2-3 picks. I need to do some house upgrades first also Roof ect..maybe I'll just get bigger Polks
jkg123's Avatar jkg123 11:37 AM 05-11-2006
Here are the speakers I have:

(2) LSi25 (fronts)
(1) LSi Center
(2) LSiFX (sides)
(2) LSi9 (rears)
(2) PSW1000

I dont know which reciever to buy for them. I have thought about getting the Denon 3806 or 2807, or even the Pioneer Elite 74 Series. Can I get a consenus of what reciever under 2500 dollars would be the best buy? Something with HDMI capabilities also, any help would be greatly appreciated. Any input at all.

AbyRai's Avatar AbyRai 12:18 PM 05-11-2006
I have been doing alot of reading, and am new to this board, I am planning to buy Polk speakers with this setup:

Polk M20(front)
Polk M10(Rear)

HK AVR 235/240

Anyone have any comments/suggestions/ideas on this, I am totally new to this stuff. I will prefer to have floor standing speakers.
Thanks in advance...
panndder's Avatar panndder 12:36 PM 05-11-2006
Polk subwoofers are generally not recommended. A Dayton would probably serve you better for the money.
AbyRai's Avatar AbyRai 12:49 PM 05-11-2006
Thanks for the input, how do u guys rate M series from polk or do they have any thing better and comparable in the same price range?
As you might have seen the package I have chosen is not really high end in terms of power/more output. I might upgrade the package down the line, Do you think HK AVR 240 have the capability to handle the high end speaker packages? I know its a very subjective question but if somebody can share the experience...Thanks again
jonnythan's Avatar jonnythan 01:00 PM 05-11-2006
The M20s are simply the new version of the R30s. They sound pretty good and go pretty loud....

*But* The R30s are a way better value, considering you can get a pair shipped for $100 flat. Or less. Combine them with an $80 shipped CSi25 and $70 shipped pair of R15's (the M10 replaces these) and you will have an equivalent system for a fraction of the price.

There might be better things in the price range of the M20, but I haven't heard enough to give a recommendation.
RONM's Avatar RONM 07:28 AM 05-12-2006
Hey jkg123,
I have the same Polk set up as you with
the exception of a SVS sub.I would strongly
recommend you power the LSI with a seperate
amp as they are a true 4 ohm speaker.The more
high current the better.I use OUTLAW gear and it
works great.
Toorad4u's Avatar Toorad4u 08:42 AM 05-12-2006
I have the following Polk system for about two months - got a great deal at CC.
Fronts - Polk M70's
Center - Polk CS2
Side - Polk Atrium55's
Rear - Atrium 55's
Powered by a Onkyo 603 reciever.

I know the Atriums are outdoor speakers - but do not count them out for side and rear surrounds - they sound great(better than in-walls), sonically match the fronts, and can mount on the ceiling or wall very nicely (you can even paint them to match if you wish, I didn't)
I am 100% satisfied with this 7.1 system and highly recommend it. - Jim
DjarumBlack's Avatar DjarumBlack 12:02 PM 05-12-2006
My polk system, just a few months old:

2 Polk R30's
2 Polk R15's for rear.
and an R15 for the center channel.

Bic V1020 sub

Yamaha htr -5840 6.1 reciever

This gives me one extra speaker to go to 6. 1 when I choose, as well as they were so cheap from Fry's.

The whole thing costed me about 600 bucks.
Ultiman's Avatar Ultiman 04:35 PM 05-12-2006
Using some RTi4s and a CSi3 with an Onkyo 503/530 receiver. R15s seem to working pretty well as some nice budget surrounds. All set up with a Mirage S8 sub...not too bad between Ebay finds and Amazon deal on the sub... = $500 + receiver HTIB (selling Onkyo speakers and sub for $150)...pretty decent system for the price!
Polk_Audio_LSi's Avatar Polk_Audio_LSi 04:44 PM 05-12-2006
Well there's been 10 pages to this one forum but I guess one more POLK fanatic wont hurt! LOL Currently:

Living Room:
Fronts: Monitor 40 (Bi-wired)
Center: CS1
Surrounds: Paradigm Cinema ADP Bi-pole
Sub: Velodyne VRP-1200

In The Future:
Fronts: LSi15 & LSi9 (15's triangled towards sweet spot, 9's on sides between front soundstage & sweet spot triangled towards sweet spot bi-wired off 15's)
Side Surround: LSiFX (On side walls)
Back Surround: LSiFX (on back walls)
Sub: Velodyne HGS-12X (Beside sweet spot on floor)

My 2 Boys Room
Fronts: Monitor 40
Center: CS2
Surrounds: Monitor 30
Sub: PSW12
mazersteven's Avatar mazersteven 11:18 PM 05-12-2006
Just purchased 4-LSi9's, 2-LSi7's, and LSiC for a second system a month ago. Now all I need is gear to drive them.
jon2k2's Avatar jon2k2 12:49 AM 05-13-2006
Is Cs1 a good match for R15 when used as fronts? According to Polkaudio, it should match, but i read somewhere that it has different timbre? i think the csi25 would be a better match.
Hairyfoot4's Avatar Hairyfoot4 07:00 PM 05-14-2006
Polk audio fan dropping by.

Have RTi 8's (L/R), CSi 3 Center, RTi 4's Surrounds (2), driven by Denon 2807.

Have room for upgrade . . . that is when i get a bigger room
jkg123's Avatar jkg123 10:17 PM 05-14-2006
Originally Posted by RONM View Post

Hey jkg123,
I have the same Polk set up as you with
the exception of a SVS sub.I would strongly
recommend you power the LSI with a seperate
amp as they are a true 4 ohm speaker.The more
high current the better.I use OUTLAW gear and it
works great.

Crap, I think I got myself into this audio to deep. I thought all I needed was a reciever to power these Polk Lsi's. I feel retarded asking this but, do you know of made by Denon? Would the PMA-2000 IVR made by them work? Or am I totally off the mark here? I think I want to stick with a Denon reciever, I was thinking the 2807, what do you think?
mike1812's Avatar mike1812 10:26 PM 05-14-2006
Just upgraded front soundstage last weekend:

LSi 15's L/R front
LSi C center channel

Having to do a bit at a time--too much $ to do all at once (even though Tweeter's private sale and 12 month no interest financing was nice incentive).

Will gradually replace remaining Yamaha speakers/sub with LSi FX sides and rears (7.1 system) and new sub (or 2?). I hear everyone knocking the Polk subs, anyone care to chime on the PSW1000 (the LSi system sub?). Haven't listened (not ready to buy yet).

Nicely driven by B&K AVR 307. I can already tell the difference (but given what I was replacing, it's not hard to improve upon!). I'm sure my downstairs neighbors have noticed the difference!!!
mike1812's Avatar mike1812 10:43 PM 05-14-2006
jkg123 --

I'm not familiar with the "made by Denon" you speak of. If you want to drive them with a receiver, it needs to be a "high-current" receiver. Denon makes high-current receivers, as do others, like B&K. From the specs posted on Denon's site, your 2807 appears to a high-current model capable of driving 4 ohm speakers. You don't NEED separates, but you may find an improvement in sound if you use them. I'm mighty happy with just my B&K driving them, so choose what matters (and sounds best) to you. I called B&K to verify my AVR would drive 4 ohm speakers. You may do the same with whatever receiver you plan to purchase--call the mfr tech support and ask if it will drive 4 ohm speakers.

Good luck!
Hairyfoot4's Avatar Hairyfoot4 04:08 AM 05-15-2006
I've heard friends refer to their polk subs as good boat anchor or a coffee table. Take a listen to a Velodyn sub, thats what I've been considering.
etbull's Avatar etbull 07:02 AM 05-15-2006
I have a Panasonic xr55 receiver. Just picked up a pair of R15s for the fronts and need a center and surrounds. The Polk website recommends the the CS1 as center, but I've seen alot of posts saying the csi25 is best. Is there a big difference between the two?

Also, I have big limits for the rear surrounds. The house we moved into was pre-wired and due to the room layout, the only option I have is to either install the rears in the ceiling or to mount satellites from the ceiling and then point them inward. What would work best with my setup? I don't have a big budget, I's like to spend ~$200 for the surrounds.

Would the RC60i's be a good match?
AbyRai's Avatar AbyRai 10:21 AM 05-15-2006
Alright guys...after taking all the inputs, I bought a pair of R30's for front and R15's for a good deal this weekend, will buy the dayton sub and may be CSi series center.
I am focusing on HK AVR-240 receiver, any inputs on this receiver?
Do you think HK AVR 240 have the capability to handle more high end output speakers, if I upgrade them down the line. If somebody can share the experience...Thanks again
mziegler's Avatar mziegler 10:51 AM 05-15-2006
I own a 5 year old RM 7500 system. I'm replacing the sub (not a Polk) for sure. I'm thinking about a new center speaker too--I just don't like the quality of dialogue. I'm happy with my satellites.

Any suggestions? If I stay with Polk do I need to choose carefully? Is it a problem to go outside?
Hairyfoot4's Avatar Hairyfoot4 01:36 PM 05-15-2006
I would verify this before going further . . . I listened to a demo setup powered by a HK receiver and after a minute or so it suddenly cut out. Not sure if this applies to the HK AVR 240 or not, but it will probably be quite a let-down when your showing to your friends.
etbull's Avatar etbull 06:05 PM 05-15-2006
What is considered a good price for the CSi25 and the RC60i? I don't need them immediately, so I can wait for a great deal.
jkg123's Avatar jkg123 07:52 AM 05-16-2006
I am going with the Outlaw Audio 990/7700 Pair to run my 7.1 Polk LSi set-up! Just ordered today! Now back to the sub, I returned my PSW1000 and havent picked another one out yet.....Right Now I am looking at the Energy S12.3......Velodyne DPS-12.......or maybe I made a mistake and should go back to the PSW1000......any ideas?
jkg123's Avatar jkg123 07:53 AM 05-16-2006
I dont think I want to pay 2300 bucks for a SVS nice as they sound/look........
jonnythan's Avatar jonnythan 08:46 AM 05-16-2006
Originally Posted by etbull View Post

What is considered a good price for the CSi25 and the RC60i? I don't need them immediately, so I can wait for a great deal.

eBay always has new-in-box CSi25s for about $90 shipped.
Beerrocket's Avatar Beerrocket 08:14 PM 05-16-2006
Main: Polk R50s
Center: Polk CSi25...maybe get the Csi3
Surround: Polk R30s
Rear: Polk R15s
Sub: Dayton 12"

First off is that a decent system, especially for music and second of all i need some serious help with a receiver for this system that will be compatible with either center channel for a couple hundred dollars or more that $300.00

Thank you in advance for all who throw suggestions my way

I heard Onkyo's but am new at his and dont know which receiver to get....

Links to receivers greatly appreciated
jkg123's Avatar jkg123 11:06 PM 05-16-2006
Energy S12.3 Sub or Velodyne Sub (which one?)????

If I am running a Outlaw 7700 as my amp for my Polk LSi set-up, can I run a Denon 2807 as my preamp????

Opinions appreicated on the first question.....Expert Advice appreiciated on the second question......Thanks!
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