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Originally Posted by dabsim View Post
One last thing atLoff? The latter part of your recommendation? The crossover,and sub output? Can u please clarify some more? Thanks James C
Basically (very basically since things differ from receiver to receiver)

Small/Large: This setting tells your receiver whether the speaker in that position will handle frequencies in the lower ranges or not. (Small=No Large=Yes)

Crossover Point: Where the receiver will start to roll off/cut the signal/frequency to that speaker.

Sub Setting: This has to do with whether your using a separate sub or not.
No/Off: tells the receiver that you're not using a separate sub to send the low frequencies to the other speakers, which ones will be determined by the Small/Large setting
Yes/On tells the receiver that you are using a separate sub and you want the frequencies from a certain point and down, sent to the subwoofer only.
Both/Plus/Double: Tells the receiver that you want the low frequency signals sent to both a Sub and the speakers set to Large.

In your case, with the speakers you're using, they can all be set to Large as they will all handle Low frequency signals well.

Hope that's what you were asking.

(I sent you a quick PM also)

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Okay! I've got it! I finally got my reverb set! I have them placed accordingly. Thank u for all the help atLoff.. And let me tell u fellow Def Heads. If u ever get the chance to own a pair of BP2000??? Get them!!! I haven't heard speakers that I didn't have to close my eyes for Stevie Knicks to sing right at me from 70% of my room!!! It's taken six straight hrs to get it right.
I tell you fellows. I wouldn't trade these speakers for two wives ,and a dog!!
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Looking for a little advice on narrowing down used speaker choices:

I am finding several BP7006 and 2006 available for about the same price, and BP10 (or BP10B not sure) for very close

There is a a pair of BP7004 for about twice as much as the above listed

I plan on getting a good sub either way. (leaning towards SVS, maybe Hsu)

I have a line on a Mythos Ten for center so I was planning on picking that up. (I emailed Def Tech and they thought this would match well with the 700x series. Forgot to ask about the BP10 compatibility). Rear surrounds will come later.

Setup will be mostly for movies but I still want music to sound good. Would I be losing/gaining anything by going to the BP10 speaker instead of something powered? And any comments/suggestions on these choices?
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