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Originally Posted by Mayhem_702 View Post
I currently have the following setup

L\R - BP2004
C - CLR2300
Sur - UIW63/A (in ceiling)
Sub - DIY slot ported 18" DI HT Marty Cube x2

Receiver - Denon AVR-X2100W

I'm not thrilled with my center channel .... I know some are going to suggest a Def-tech center channel upgrade, some are going to say get another BP2004 ... I've recently heard the SEOS compression drivers and it was a perceived improvement; I also listened to some ribbon tweeters and liked the clarity ...

How much of an issue is it to mix the type or manufacturer of the center? Anyone doing it? How's the Mythos 10 center? With modern EQ'ing isn't a lot of the issues of mixing speakers removed? I know its not a total non issue .. but was wondering if anyone had the same thoughts ...

Thanks for any advice in advance.


I have owned the 2300, twice, a Mythos 8 and now have an 8080. I haven't tried that, but it's recommended to have matching across the front soundstage. However, I did have Boston Acoustics VS line in my back with Def Tech upfront and the difference was very obvious. The Mythos 8 sounded very small compared to the 2300. I don't then a Mythos 10 would be much better. Somebody recommended the 2000, try that, a 2500, the 8080, or phantom center. I have just discovered my CS8080 increases a room null with REW. It's right at the 60-80Hz range. I have been running without my8080 for a couple days and seem to like it. I just don't like the thought of not having a 7.2. I may try something different to see if it works, otherwise I may just get rid of it. I like phantom CC mode, try it.


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I agree with Lowell about trying phantom mode, the 2004's should give you a pretty decent phantom.

As far as the 2300 itself, I'm sort of surprised it's not doing the job well, the 2004's should be a really good match for it, I was wondering what your setup is like as far as location and acoustics, I never pulled my 2300 out, but always had a pretty airy spot for it, and as much as going to 3000 was an upgrade, bringing it completely out of a cabinet and out into the open improved it that much more. Also, try playing with your EQ a little, I know ideally everything should be good with a flat adjustment, but again, it will help you to adjust for acoustical differences.

Good luck.

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Originally Posted by badgerpilot View Post
Just a thought, but are they at least 12 inches out from the wall?
Yeah. have actually used it in different setups in different rooms over the years.. no big thing. Now they are just used for when company comes over to play hockey on the playstation.. they are pretty good for that..
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Thanks for the input. The Center is on top of the 2 sub cabinets. Not inside anywhere. It's definitely the larger room or something happened during the move, I was never wowed by it but it does seem flatter in the new room.

I have REW, glad that was mentioned. I will run a sweep and see what it looks like compared to the mains.

Anyone who owns some deftechs compared them to the Clearwave Dynamic Mains(4TSE)/Center(4CCSE)? Impressions?
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A little off topic, but since it's been mentioned in this page a few times. To those that have used REW, is it worth the time, effort and investment to get the $95 mic and spend time learning the software? Or is using the receivers built in calibration tools (MCACC, Audyssey, etc) + SPL meter + some manual fine tuning a better route. I've been reading about it for the past day and it seems easy and complicated at the same time and I'm wondering if it's worth the effort and hours spent configuring everything.

Will you hear the difference between either way?

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I have a CRL 2002 for sale, no scrathes with original box and accessory's , if interested pm me, thanks
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Def Tech holiday deal?

Hi folks...

Has anyone heard if Def Tech is again going to offer their deal this year (Oct - Jan) - where if you buy 2 BP8060ST's at regular price - you get a center 8040 and 8040 surrounds for free?
They've done this the last few years - I'm hoping...
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I recently got a CS-8040HD from bajawaverunner (excellent condition, I might add), and am wondering if anyone has advice on whether it should be tilted towards me or not. I previously had a ProCenter 1000 and it was easily adjusted with the tilt screw. At any rate, I have the center on top of an entertainment stand below my projection screen and am wondering about tilting it upwards towards ear level, or if the "HD" means it doesn't need the direct shot that the PC-1000 might. I would only need the front to tilt upwards a small amount to have it aimed at the main listening position. What is a cheap, effective, decent-looking solution to this -- and do I need to solve this or is it not a problem?

Thanks in advance!

Tim S.
Former 35mm and Digital Projectionist @ Regal Cinemas

Currently watching on: BenQ W1070, 82" 1.0 Gain Screen, PS3, with Yamaha RX-V473, SVS PB-1000, a Def Tech CS-8040HD, and 4 Def Tech ProMonitor 800s.
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