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BiggenF15's Avatar BiggenF15 07:14 PM 01-15-2006
Originally Posted by ToneDefJeff View Post

Current configuration is under final construction. I haven't had a chance to hear them in the room yet. Working on a IB sub setup before I test things out. The room is my greatroom as well as my HT area so stealth was the name of the game.

UIW-75's for L/C/R
UIW BPZ/A for side Surrounds
UIW BP/A for rear Surrounds


Awesome! Please let us know how this sounds. In-walls take a terrible beating, primarily from people who've never heard them...

Tkbalt's Avatar Tkbalt 08:38 PM 01-15-2006
Originally Posted by flint350 View Post

I just bought the same system for my new HT, except the sub. Just wondering, did you not find the subs in 7002's and 2500 enough? Does the addition of the CubeII really help that much? My room will be large (20w X 32l), but the HT is the front half and I am adding 2 BPX's at the far back wall simply for 7.1 use later. Thanks.

I have the same question. I have 2002's, 2002 center, BP2x surrounds.

Why the sub? Do you run the sub and the sub's in the towers? The subs in the 2002's will run me (actually my wife) out of the room at any significant volume.
khellandros66's Avatar khellandros66 09:02 PM 02-03-2006
Just upgraded my system to a pair of BP7006tl's

BTW The Mythos line is gorgeous and now offered in black finish which IMHO is way better then the silver.

Ideal Mythos would be:

Mythos Four's
Mythos Three (Center)
Mythos Two's (Side and Surround Back)
SuperCube III or (SuperCube II if budget allows)

cmeinck's Avatar cmeinck 10:15 PM 02-03-2006
I'm receiving the rest of my Mythos system tomorrow. It will consist of:
(2) Mythos One's - Front
(1) Mythos Three - Center
(2) Mythos Eight - Surrounds
Super Cube I

I've got a new Pio 74TXvi powering them. Looking forward to The Transporter 2 tomorrow. I'm sure the Black looks nice, but the aluminum is quite nice. It looks similar to my Apple G5 tower - and that's quite a compliment.

I'll report back, but I suspect this system will rock.
ball3r's Avatar ball3r 10:44 AM 02-04-2006
I absolutely love my Mythos setup.

Mythos Fours - Front
Mythos Three - Center
4 BP inwall surrounds
Black Velodyne SPL 12II sub

Let me see if I can do this picture thing:

khellandros66's Avatar khellandros66 10:17 PM 02-04-2006
Ball3r. Nice setup man very clean....

It seems my findings are similar to others about the Mythos line and how to get most for your money.

khellandros66's Avatar khellandros66 06:38 PM 02-06-2006
Originally Posted by Tkbalt View Post

I have the same question. I have 2002's, 2002 center, BP2x surrounds.

Why the sub? Do you run the sub and the sub's in the towers? The subs in the 2002's will run me (actually my wife) out of the room at any significant volume.

Alot of times having a sub in the rear of the room greatly enhances the effect, I noticed a huge difference in my Dad's theater when he added a Velodyne CHT12 in the back of the room. He already has/had

43in Hitachi 16:9 HD RPTV (CRT)
Denon 2910b
Polk CS245i
Polk RT1000i (80w RMS 6.5in Sub built into the towers)
Radioshack Linaeum (Inwalls With Ribbon Tweeter)
Yamaha YST-SW305 (200w RMS Dual 8in)

I havea feeling I will upgrade to inwall Bipolar rears as soon as I move out. But will aslo consider adding a SC II or perhaps SC I.

ball3r's Avatar ball3r 08:31 PM 02-06-2006
I picked the 3 trying to match driver sizes. I believe at the time DT has some misinformation on the size of the drivers on their website. I took the tape measure to them. It looks like the Eight has the same size drivers as the Mythos One? I REALLY, REALLY wanted the One. My wife just wasn't going for it. The Fours are great though.

Hey. Where'd that post go, lorelevitt? I know I'm not crazy. I've got the email.
rmlowz's Avatar rmlowz 08:27 AM 02-07-2006

I am curious for you BP VX/P owners, what volume level do you have them set at?
I have all four of them set at the 12:00 level. I was wondering if it would hurt to set them higher??

keeper's Avatar keeper 03:13 PM 02-07-2006
Originally Posted by J.H. View Post

Ya know i havent dragged them out of the basement yet but I really want to at some point. I think it will be a winning combo because powered speakers all the way around can't be a bad thing. Although the BPVX's are sweet speakers. Now it makes me kick myself for not spending the extra cash on the BPVX/P's which is the powered version of my speakers. What a dummy I am. J.H.

If you ever want to sell those BPVX's let me know.

I have the
CLR 2000
Bp 30's
CLR 2002 for back
SVS powered sub
J.H.'s Avatar J.H. 03:20 PM 02-07-2006
Ok will do but right now I don't think so. J.H.
Adz523's Avatar Adz523 06:40 PM 02-07-2006
Thinking of hosting a NY Definitive Rave at my showroom for those in the NY metro area in the coming month. Its a 21.5" by 17.5" room w/room treatments:

Set-up is

BP7000SC L&R,
BP7001SC - center channel,
2 BPVX/P as side surrounds
2 BPVXs as my back surrounds.

Components are:

Bryston SP2 Pre/Pro,
Bryston 6BSST powering the fronts (300w x 3),
CineNova Earthquake powering the rears (which may be replaced by NuForce Ref 9s by then)
Denon 5900 (modded)
Sim 300E-Link DLP projector (DC3)
114" Firehawk Screen

Email or IM me with any interest. I'll also post a separate thread on this shortly once date and time firms up.
Gators2001's Avatar Gators2001 09:03 PM 02-07-2006
I just Bought:

Mythos Ones : Front
Mythos 3 & 8 : Center will choose one
Mythos Gems : for surround
Pioneer Elite 74
SVS 12 Sub

Any input on these centers will be appreciated.

Will there be a notice-able difference w/ going to a Mytho TWO or so for surrounds??? (MOVIES Being my main application)
J.H.'s Avatar J.H. 06:53 AM 02-08-2006
Hows the Mythos system sound? When I heard them a few months ago they blew me away. J.H.
ball3r's Avatar ball3r 07:20 AM 02-08-2006
Originally Posted by Gators2001 View Post

I just Bought:

Mythos Ones : Front
Mythos 3 & 8 : Center will choose one
Mythos Gems : for surround
Pioneer Elite 74
SVS 12 Sub

Any input on these centers will be appreciated.

Will there be a notice-able difference w/ going to a Mytho TWO or so for surrounds??? (MOVIES Being my main application)

Wow. I think this will make a SICK setup! I would think you should go with the Eight center, I believe the drivers match the Mythos One's.

J.H. - I think the Mythos are awesome! I auditioned a number of the wall mount/flat panel type speakers and these blew everything else away. I also auditioned a couple of the non flat Paradigms, and these were right there with them. Couple the sound with the style and they were too good to pass up for me AND my WIFE.
J.H.'s Avatar J.H. 07:29 AM 02-08-2006
yeah I heard them a few months ago when I went to get my 7002's and they sounded great. That being said the 7002's holy cow they kick some butt. Love Def Techs. J.H.
ball3r's Avatar ball3r 08:13 AM 02-08-2006
I did not even listen to the 7002's. I had heard such good things about them, and I knew I could not get them. I was trying to 'down size' the speakers in my room. I bet they sound awesome though.
J.H.'s Avatar J.H. 08:32 AM 02-08-2006
Whats you setup? Mine is 7002's mains,CLR2002 center,BPVX for surrounds and BPX's surround back channels. What a system I must say not braging but man the speakers sound incredible. Also the DTs are being driven by a Parasound amp and the Parasound 7100 controller. J.H.
m@rkus's Avatar m@rkus 03:25 PM 02-08-2006
I'm currently running:

7004 fronts
2500 center
BP1.2x surrounds (largest that will fit in the space)
Sunfire True Sub Mk II
Velodyne SMS-1
Sunfire Ultimate Receiver

For the most part I like the Def Techs for movies but not really for music. Will probably switch to a PMC or Totem system later on this year.
khellandros66's Avatar khellandros66 08:25 PM 02-08-2006
Originally Posted by Gators2001 View Post

I just Bought:

Mythos Ones : Front
Mythos 3 & 8 : Center will choose one
Mythos Gems : for surround
Pioneer Elite 74
SVS 12 Sub

Any input on these centers will be appreciated.

Will there be a notice-able difference w/ going to a Mytho TWO or so for surrounds??? (MOVIES Being my main application)

If I were you, I would consider a pair of SuperCube II's quite possibley the best impact I have heard yet.

That being combines with the Above system would be greater then the 7002's, CLR3000, and BPX's unless of course that rig had a SCII or larger.

[LMS]007's Avatar [LMS]007 09:24 PM 02-08-2006
I guess just joined the Definitive club. I needed a center channel for my PC system and I had a gift card for magnolia so I checked out what they had and wound up with a CLR 2002. I was impressed with the capabilities of this speaker in the store. I wanted an aluminm tweeter to match the energy's. It seems to be an alright match, but it's not the same as my Energy C-3's. The 2002 is a very forward and almost harsh speaker. I thought my energies were bright, but the 2002 is even more so. It's great for movies and that's the only situation I need to use it in, but it also lacks bass response next to my C-3's. Does anyone know the official -3dB point of the 2002? I'm not concerned about it too much, but my crossover is at 60 and I hope that's high enough for the 2002. I don't want to raise that up. Other than that, its a beautiful speaker, large and loud. Its highly efficient too which I was surprised by. I built a huge shelf above my monitor and mounted it up there.
PULLIAMM's Avatar PULLIAMM 08:17 AM 02-09-2006
Def Tech claims that the 2002 goes to 30 hz. Their "official" frequency response claims tend to be a bit optimistic, though.
satchm0h's Avatar satchm0h 10:59 AM 02-09-2006
Mains BP7002
Center CLR2000
Surrounds 2 x BPX

I've just recent traded up from the 7004 to the 7002. I was able to A/B them in the showroom and was just astonished at the difference. I was expecting a relatively subtle difference, but I found it to be very significant. The sound field blended better, the midrange was far more complete, and the move up from the 10" to the 12" subs provided a substantial....."smoothing"...of the bass.

I've been listening to music on my friend's B&Ws and was considering the switch for my mains. But after comparing the B&W 703 to the DefTech 7004 for PCM I found the B&W edge to be so slight that it was not worth losing the Bipolar soundfield which simply can not be beat for HT. Not to mention the additional cost of investing in subwoofers to replace the 7004 integrade subs.

Still lovin' my Definitives!

I Superman I's Avatar I Superman I 06:00 PM 02-09-2006
I plan on picking up a Definitve system with a yamaha 5990 on Monday, yet my room is only 12X11, and really would concist of nothing but the setup, 51inch Toshiba RPTV, the couch(bed) and the screen. There is probally only about 7 feet max away from the screen, does anyone have an opinion on how these speakers will work in my room?

I plan on...
BP7006 for Fronts
SuperCube III for sub
C/L/R 2002 for center
BP2X surrounds
yamaha 5990 reciever

If anyone has delt with these speakers in close quarters, i'd love some feedback before the monday purchase.
J.H.'s Avatar J.H. 06:26 PM 02-09-2006
I have an opinion GREAT! Your gonna love em in a room just for movie viewing. J.H.
satchm0h's Avatar satchm0h 09:01 PM 02-09-2006
I agree with J.H.

In tighter quarters the 7006s will work very well. Throw in the SCIII and I expect you'll have a great HT experience. I've listened closely to the 7006 7004 and 7002. Since I knew I would not be adding an additional sub, the 7006s were not an option for me given my space, but I gave them a good listen just the same. The entire SuperTower line are solid performers.
scofow's Avatar scofow 09:27 PM 02-09-2006
What is the best processor setup for the BP7002 with a sub?

Speakers set to small or large?
What do you guys set the processor crossover around?
Is it best to use the LFE connection for the BP7002?

Thanks for you time!
I Superman I's Avatar I Superman I 09:37 PM 02-09-2006
Actually i was concidering just now on getting the 04 or 02's and not get the subwoofer to have more room, but i'm slightly confused due to them having equal wattage on thier website, is the price increase soley due to the sub size or are the woofers larger yet have no wattage increase? I guess i'm also wondering Is the sub on either of these efficient enough to replace a full on subwoofer or should I just go with the 06's and get the SuperCube III?

I'm guess what i'm really wondering is, should i get the 02's and no Supercube III, or get the 06's with the Supercube III. Opinions would be greatly apreciated.

Reminder, 12X11 room with the TV against the 12foot wall, paired with a yamaha 5990 and the DefTech Surrounds and Center.

also just thinking here. What difference does the 8inch sub make in the center speaker comparing the CLR2300 and the CLR2002? My center speaker will actually be sitting ontop of my Toshiba RP TV, and i'm not sure if the vibration could be a bad thing for it, or what actual effect that sub has on a center speaker, any suggestions on that aswell?
khellandros66's Avatar khellandros66 09:52 PM 02-09-2006
After watchin The Fast and Furious today on my system (room is 16x13x8) I would opt to say that I would add the CLR2300 anyday (that i can afford one), I would do that before I bought a CLR2002 and SCIII. However I would eventually consider adding the SCII :-D

EDIT- Ment the SCII

J.H.'s Avatar J.H. 10:54 PM 02-09-2006
IsupermanI I would say always go with a dedicated sub along with subs in your speakers. I love the way the room is surrounded by low end bass. My 7002's put out incredible low end and my SCII blends oh so well with them. Its a seemless wall of low end bass. I honestly can't imagine having speakers without a powered sub in the speaker itself. I just like the way it all works together and I guess thats why I love DTs so much. J.H.
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