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Reviews like these are why I was thinking the RC70s would be a big upgrade over the RC30s.

From the 2006 Sound and Vision review:
To reverse that old audiophile cliché, the RC-70s were not ruthlessly revealing, but they were revealing enough to discern differences in the equipment driving them—including the subtle high frequency variations heard when comparing the digital outputs of several DVD players. And while I heard an occasional trace of metallic flavoring from the speaker's aluminum-dome tweeter, at its best the top end of the RC-70 is as open, airy, and as detailed as you could wish for.

The midrange was clear and free of the usual suspects—boxiness, nasality, and other nasty, artificial-sounding colorations that are particularly distracting with human voices. Voices were, in fact, beautifully served by the RC-70, with soaring female voices and male vocals that were rich and full-bodied. The RC-70s sounded neither "in your face" forward nor recessed, and produced a detailed, well-focused soundstage

From the 2006 Soundstage review:
The RC-70s did right by the celebration, and they raised a question in my mind: "How much more money would I need to spend to find a speaker I prefer substantially more?" I suspect it would be far more than Mozart was paid for his composition, adjusted for inflation, of course. The RC-70s are that kind of good.
I said it earlier, but it deserves repeating: The Energy RC-70s are special speakers. They perform well with all types of music, and they never really add themselves to the sound. Good recordings sound good, bad ones sound bad -- like it or not.
Because I thought the RC-70s performed to such a high standard, I decided to compare them to my own PSB Platinum M2s ($2500/pair), a minimonitor with some guts. I went back to the same Mozart overture in Die Zauberflöte and noted a bigger -- though not as crystal clear -- sound through the Energy speakers. Their low frequencies were far more extended than those of the PSBs, and this had the effect of adding space to the recital hall where the recording was made. Obviously the RC-70s should have more bass because the PSBs are minimonitors, but this is still worth noting if you are in the market for speakers and need (or don't need) deep bass.
If I had never heard the PSB Platinum M2 tweeter, I'd say that the RC-70 produced the best high-frequency performance I'd ever heard. It never errs on the bright side (unless the music is inherently bright) and it exhibits excellent detail. Still, when I switched over to the M2s, I found the tweeter even smoother, with more detail and what I can only describe as a very tidy sound. The M2s sound very clean, and reproduce vocals better than any speaker I've heard. While the RC-70s create well-focused images, with the M2s these images are razor sharp and give a better sense of space around each instrument.
But -- and it's a big "but" -- the M2s cost $2500, 25% more than the RC-70s, and they're minimonitors! At that price, I would expect outstanding performance from them. The fact that I thought the RC-70s deserved comparison with one of PSB's flagship Platinum-series speakers should say something about how highly I regarded the RC-70s' performance.
In my introduction I asked whether the RC-70 might set a new sonic standard at their price. More specifically, I wondered if $2000 really is the point of diminishing returns for a pair of floorstanding speakers. Although the RC-70s are wonderful, I still think that this honor is reserved for speakers that cost closer to $5000, where the competition is especially fierce. Many companies offer models around this figure, and I've heard some I liked more than the RC-70s. However, that the RC-70s get very close to the quality of these considerably more expensive designs is an important point. Their sound is extremely satisfying in so many regards, and they are such highly resolving and refined transducers that I can imagine many music lovers (myself included) living happily with them for a very long time.
My advice to potential buyers of the RC-70s would be to spend money on quality electronics to extract everything they have to offer. They can sound very good with budget gear, but their performance was elevated as the quality of the upstream components improved. The RC-70s are certainly revealing. When fed a signal that is as refined as they are, the result is so impressive that one might forget all about upgrading and simply get on with just listening to music. If this isn't the point of being an audiophile, I don't know what is.
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Originally Posted by RoyN View Post
Reviews like these are why I was thinking the RC70s would be a big upgrade over the RC30s.
I would think the RC-70's would have a clearer mid-range since the midrange 5.5" driver is a dedicated midrange covering 600hz to 2400hz, where the RC-30 "midrange" driver covers 40hz to 2400hz.

I've personally never heard the RC-70's so I can't really comment on the actual sound, but those are the specs for the speakers.
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Just bought a pair of near-mint Reference 22 (non connoisseur) monitors. The seller said he was the original owner and given their condition, it's likely true. The only cosmetic flaw that I can see is a corner on one of the stands has the lamination coming apart slightly. Sound great too, but I think the Veritas 2.3s still have the edge.

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Originally Posted by mattdub1 View Post
If anyone's interested in a rosenut v5.2c in pristine condition let me know. I posted the ad in the classifieds
I'm also selling my cb10s and cb5s as well. Will negotiate prices if interested
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Originally Posted by kgallerie View Post
The RC-30's are really a 2.5 way design. See specs here:

The top 5.5" woofer is used as a midrange driver (crossover with tweeter is at 2400hz) which is the same as the RC-70. The bottom woofer is used more as a woofer (crossover at 1000hz). I would think the midrange would be very similar to the 70's. The 70's just have bigger woofers to provide more bass, which I think you could control with EQ or plugging the ports for tighter, less boomy bass.
you're exactly right here, the RC-30's incorporate a 2.5-way configuration. The No. 1 (upper) woofer shares mid-range/mid-bass, the No. 2 (lower) woofer handles bass.
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RoyN buy the speakers if after audition the speakers you are not completely satisfied get other brand ,that's simple and that's what I did.

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Veritas 2.0r

Hi guys! I'm looking for some help from my friendly fellow Energy owners. I am trying to ceiling-mount an older Veritas 2.0r surround speaker, and was wondering if anyone's had success with any specific brackets / mounts / DIY combos. I'm running RC70s + LCR, with RC30s for wides and RC10s for heights... but I'm stuck using teeny Take Sats as sides/surrounds b/c I've been worried about ceiling mounting the 2.0r's and having them fall. Please help! Thanks!!
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Originally Posted by madbrain View Post

Those in this picture would work.
The pic at Audiovox seems to be showing the "dark cherry" or "walnut" even though description says black ash. I will contact them.
I ordered them in black ash, I cheapened out on shipping so will probably get them the week after Thanksgiving.
It's been many years since I did any audio upgrade in my home theater so I just had to get something

Julien Pierre -
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Originally Posted by SabreWuLF_ View Post
You will not need a subwoofer with the RC-70s. The bass on those towers...are ridiculously powerful.
It's true that they are very capable speakers with great bass. That being said bass extends down to a bit below 40 Hz with those -- there is still a whole octave or more to unravel with a good sub. Plus a sub would relieve your amp from having to drive the RC-70's woofer to extreme excursions.

That being said, a puny little box (e.g. my RC-70s were paired in a promotion with the ESW-C8 that goes down to 38 Hz!) will add very little to the RC-70 (or potentially even degrade sound quality).

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