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Old 10-08-2007, 03:52 PM
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1st HT, was back in 1996
I got Circuit City stuff - Infinity speaker book shelf's with a 10" DCM sub and an Onkyo receiver (979 I think). I got a 35" Tube TV.

Then switched to a DCM 12" and still completely unsatisfied.

Then found a real audio store and got a Mirage 8" that blew the others out of the water.

That satisfied me for a few years, then I got some Wharfedale towers that were awesome in comparison from UBID dot com. It was their Studio type line. Now my dad has those.

I moved into a real house and got a larger HT budget and got some RBH 661-SE's in a 5 channel system with the same Onkyo receiver. I got 2 RBH 1010-SEP's for the subs which blew away almost everything I had heard. I expanded shortly after to a Theta processor and Sherbourne 7200 7 x 200 watt 120 lb amp. Mean beastly thing that I still use today.

I found little difference in the audio section so sold that and just got an Outlaw Audio 990, which wasn't as tweakable, but sounded just as good. I then added 2 more 661-SE's for a 7.1 channel system. I got a projector in this system - Infocus.

I then moved into yet another house and got used all the old equipment, but the projector. I replaced the Infocus with a Mitsu HD1000U. Much better IMO especially for the money, but I'm much more of an audiophile than a videophile anyways.

I just upgraded my mains and center to RBH T-1/Reference line and center is a 661'SE/Reference. It sounds incredible! Now I just need to fix some nulls in the room.

Hurry up and slow down.
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Sony Transistor radio
Sony walkman headphones
Paisley Bookshelf.
Energy Bookshelf
Energy Reference 22
Mission Cyrus 753
Magnepan Mg12

Over rougly 25 yrs
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Over 4 years since i got into this hobby
- Polk smallest size satellites
- Polk RM series Satellites
- Polk Rti Series Bookshelves and Dipoles/Bipoles
- Energy Connoisseur Bookshelves and Dipoles
- Energy Veritas
- Dali Helicon's currently and hopefully for a long time

My HT Setup
My Blu-Rays
PSN Id:blitz500

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Canton towers
Mission Monitors with (no-name) Sub
Thiel 3.6
B&W 802 N

with a brand new set of Aerial 9's in boxes

I luv Theta
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Bose Acoustimas - 1994
Tannoy (Dont Remember)
BnW 803
Aerial LR5
Aerial 20T's - This month (I am done with speaker upgrades)
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Too many to list:

A few personal notables---

Fisher towers (circa mid '80s --- first real attempt to get back into audio after great exposure during college years in the mid '70s with mostly Marantz equipment.).

Pioneer 303's (circa early '90s --- typical wide box style...still have in storage...kept me subless for a number of years).

Wharfedale Emerald 97's (2002 --- 4 towers and CC).

Emerald 97's are so good with my listening preferences, I still won't be upgrading for a very long time.
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Main L/R only:

Polk Monitor 4a
Paradigm Mini-MkIII
Paradigm Studio 20
Paradigm Studio 40
ACI Sapphire
Paradigm Studio 100 real wood (current A/V room system)
Energy RC-30 (current Living Room system)
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In 1975 I owned a set of Pioneer Tower type speakers, can't remember the model number but do remember they sounded pretty good.

Around 1978 i purchased a set of Infimity Qb's Excellet sounding speaker for its day.

In the mid 80's I bought the first set of Bose AM 5's the day they went of the market. They sounded sweet then and still do today. I have added a set of Bose 201 Series IV's and a bose VCS 10 to compliment my HT and a Yamaha YST SW 315 subwoofer.

I took the red pill.
(and got screwed by Toshiba)
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Old 12-19-2007, 11:27 AM
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1982 - Sony Receiver - I had it for week and sold it.
1982 - HK Receiver - Still have it, not working right now
------ MCS (JC Penney) 3-way linear phase speakers
------ Technics Cassette
1984 - Technics CD Player
1985 - Boston Acoustic A60's (Currently my L & R Theater Speakers)
1991 - Carver HR732 Receiver (Whole House Sound)
------ Carver 5 Disc Changer
------ Boston Acoustics T970 Tower Speakers (Great Room Speakers)
1995 - Yamaha Home Theater Receiver - (Detached Garage Tunes)
------ Paradigm Micros FL & FR (Bedroom Theater)
------ Paradigm CC50 Center (Bedroom Theater)
------ Yamaha YST150 Subwoofer (Theater sub)
1998 - Denon AVR 1400 (Not currently being used)
------ Panasonic 5 disc DVD changer w/DD processor (Not currently being used)
------ Advent Bi-wireable rear surrounds (Not currently being used)
2003 - Yamaha Home Theater in a Box (Receiver & sub in Bedroom Theater)
----- One set of speakers used in Kitchen for whole house sound.
2005 - Paradigm Micros (Theater Rears)
2007 - Toshiba HD-A2
------ HK AVR 247
------ Paradigm CC290

Considering purchasing a power amp - used HK or Carver, or new NAD 272 and using Denon 1400 as pre-amp for whole house sound.

Looking at an Outlaw Sub for theater to replace the old Yamaha, and a set of Boston Acoustic VR2's or Paradigm Monitor 7's to replace the BA A60's in the theater.
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Not too many steps for me

Yorx mini system
Radioshack 8" sealed 2-way and cheap KLH center/surround
Aiwa mini towers 2-way and Sony 2way center and surrounds
And here is the big step - B&W 683, HTM61, DS6 Love these, they'll be around for a while.

Sub: Passive 15" DAK - Had for many years, pretty decent
Velodyne SPL1200R (would have been bigger but for WAF)
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I went from a pair of Infinity bookshelves that I had from middle school all through high school and then when I was like 22 and had my first real job I bought my M&K setup. First the L/R S-125 then a year later I bought the center S-125 on sale. A few years later I bought the SS-150 surrounds on eBay and the SVS 16-46pci online. Now, if I can only track down another pair of SS-150s on eBay
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Wow this brings back memories,
Built my first set in High School woodshop, 3way 12” Radio Shack woofers
Next I moved to Sony 3way 12”
Then Sony 5.1 in a box from Sears
Polk Audio RM7200 5.1 set and 2 Polk Audio R30 floor standers.
Polk Audio RTi10, CSi5, reused the 4-RM7200 satellites & subwoofer.
So that’s my journey from 1980 to Current setup:
Paradigm Studio 100v4, CC690v4 center, MiniVee 8” sub, 4-FXi3 surrounds, working on replacing them next.
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Old 12-22-2007, 10:40 AM
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1978 - Empire Royal Grenadier 9000 - A friend of the family still has these. I remember as a kid going over to his house for family Xmas, New year's parties and he'd crank them. Great speakers and really beautiful cabinets. They look like furniture and conceal well. Marble tops with a 15" down firing woofer.

1982 - Infinity RS Kappa - my dad's system based on Tandberg components, he'd let me use it as a kid.

1986 - Sony can't remember the model, part of a rack system, I saved up for my first stereo which my dad picked up as a demo model from Service Merchandise.

1991 - Radioshack Minimus, used in college since they were small.

1998 - AR 310HO (my dad still has these), AR312HO, CS50, and the matching 15" sub. Awesome for the money. Got these new from an online auction back when online auctions first started. I think the website was called onsale.com then became newegg.com.

2005 - Revel F50a - simply amazing - the best speakers I've ever heard. Sold due to limited space. Superb built, superb sound, superb everything!! It was hard parting with these.

2007 - Canton Karat 703DC, 705 center, AS300 sub - Just got these recently. Impressive sound for the size, these are bookshelves but they are 3-way!! A very full sound with good separation of bass, mid, and treble. Build quality is superb.

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1979- MCS series 3 Way
1990- Bose 301's
1997- Pioneer prologic theater in a box
2000- Sony theater in a box 5.1 100 watt sub
2007- Sunfire CRM-2's CRM-2C and 2 Sunfire Super Juniors

No Longer Works For ELAN Home Systems, Sunfire and Homelogic Tech Support Specialist.
MY opinions are my own and when i am in forum i do not represent any of these companies!
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Started about 12 years ago

Cambridge Sound computer speakers + sub.
Polk RT10s + Sony center channel + Pio avr (dont remember model #s)
JBL sub and 5 satellites (dont remember model #)
Yamaha HTR 5935 HTIB
Sony STR DE197 + 2 Sony bookshelf speakers
Bose Acoustimass system (had it for 2 days)
Yamaha 661 avr
Def Tech PM 1000s (4) + Def Tech PC1000
Def Tech BP7006s (2) + Def Tech CLR2300
Mirage Omni S8 sub
Onkyo 805 avr
HSU VTF 2.3 sub
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I won't bore you with the progression (although not that long), but it ends with Klipschorns as mains.

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Old 02-04-2011, 05:45 PM
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Most recent last:

$5 clock radio
Basic CD/Cassette boom box
Technics stereo receiver w/ garage sale bookshelf speakers
Upgrade to pair of Polk R30's
Denon AVR 3808CI, 2xParadigm Millenia 300, 1xRel T1, 2xSnell SR.5
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Looks like a fun thread. Thanks or resurrecting it. My speaker progression is as follows:
1974 - Utah WD-90's - anyone remember these?
1977 - Avid 102's
1981 - ADS L-520 - still have them and in great condition
2003 - Klipsch RF-15, RC-25, RB-15, RW12 (Home Theater bug sets in)
2008 - Wharfedale Diamond 9.6, Diamond 9.CM, Diamond 9.2, RW12
2010 - Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand, Theatro Grand, Diamond 9.2 and still have the Klipsch RW12 sub.

Vienna's by far my favorite followed by the ADS L-520's. Guess thats why I still own the ADS - can't seem to give them up.

Marantz PM15S2 LE, Arcam FMJ CD-17, VPI Traveler V2 with an Ortofon Rondo Blue, Technics SL-1400 with an Audio Technica AT-14sa, Simaudio Moon 110LP, Pro-ject Phono Box S, Pioneer Elite VSX-52, Pioneer Elite BDP-52FD, Dynaudio Focus 260's, Vienna Acoustics Theatro Grand, Wharfedale Diamond 9.2s, REL T-1 & Panasonic TC-P54S1
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Well i never knew anything about sound, except that i liked it loud. Always played my music loud. My first system has got to be credited to my first car.
--1987 Jeep Wagoneer, no idea what was in it, but i fell in love listening to music in that thing
--Ok so after that i joined the military and got my first HTIB solution from sony with 5.1 tiny satelites and unpowered sub(this was main HT)
--Got a logitech z-680 5.1 system that i listened to music on through my computer
--Found a refurb onkyo tx-sr605 for a good price and used the satelites from my sony system
--Got a brand new Velodyne VRP-10 on discount at circuit city going out of business sale
--Woot 4xEnergy C-100's with Energy C-C100, now i had a system
--Just picked up two Energy RC-50's for mains with 7.1 off the C-100's

So the breakdown
-Sony HTIB
-Energy C-100's
-Energy RC-50's
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Do speakers that came with my Kmart Soundesign system count? I don't even know if I can remember my first stand alone speaker system... Lets see...

Some 10 or 12" JBL 3-ways... (don't remember model)
10" 3-way 100 watt Pioneers (don't remember model)
Optimus 15" 2-way (don't remember model number, early 90's)

DIY 15" 3-ways with Mach II horn tweeter, Realistic soft some mid, and the 15" woofer from the 2-ways above (also stole the bass port out of them, heh). I made these from left over scraps from a new home construction when I was around 13 years old. My first attempt at DIY, lol.

Another DIY 15" 3-ways with Mach II horn tweeter, Realistic soft some mid as above, but with that crappy Realistic 15" Poly woofer. Wish I could find the old polaroids of these as I actually bought high grade 3/4" nicely finish plywood and carefully planned out construction and they came out mint looking. I still have and use the T-square I bought to make these speakers.

DIY 12" 3-ways with Realistic 12" dual voice coil sub, same soft dome mid and Mach II tweeter as above - The dual voice coil paper cone sounded much better than that crappy 15" Poly woofer but neither seemed to handle much power

Optimus Mach II (these where pretty good for Radio Shack specials, actually. Gonna buy the next set I find on Craigslist for nostalgia, hehe)

Cerwin Vega VS-150 (had these babies for a 14 year stretch!)

B&W 683/684/685

B&W 804S

Didn't list center speakers and funny when I owned speakers with 15" woofers I used to mock narrow towers with small woofers and look at the total 180 I did when it comes to what types of speakers I prefer now, heh...


Sony HTIB 100 watter, lol.
Velodyne MicroVee (only for a day, burned out and dealer replaced with the
Velodyne MiniVee
Sunfire Signature EQ (I always wanted one of those little Sunfires)

This was my first actual first sound system my parents bought me though:

Yea I remember jamming out to my Micheal Jackson, Twisted Sister, and Quiet Riot cassettes and that thing back in the early/mid 80's, hehe.
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What is the make and model of that red boom box? There were a lot back then that had a similar design. Notably Panasonic and Sharp. Sears had a line that was made by someone else. I LOVE them things!

Sounds good!

AVR: Denon 1913
L/R: Polk RTiA1
Center: Polk CSi3
Sub: Polk PSW505
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