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Nice rig ya got there Schwa! Love the room!!

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l-200 with reference II klipsch

Originally Posted by Louis Bartay View Post
If your pre/pro has the room correction feature it will blend in the different horns.I have Cornwall fronts, C7 center and RS3-II rears all are Klipsch but all have different diaphragms and design of woofers/drivers in them and my Yamaha HD AVR room correction and my ear and Db meter has them dialed "N" I have a Nice sounding 5.2 for HT and Cornwalls for fronts for just stereo music. http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/.../1973-l200.htm these were killer sounding speakers when they were new. They still are if the networks etc are up to date. My Brother wanted a pair that had the "3 Way" mod done to them in the late 1980's. But he went with LaScala and a bass bin (sub) I think the JBL for fronts should sound just fine. IMHO.
The L-200's are in "home built boxes". I just replaced the surrounds on the 15" drivers this past week. They still have the original JBL crossovers I bought in about 1974 and seem ok. I had a little Klipsch center channel, probably considered 4 inch speakers with center tweeter, (in reality, 3 inch cones). Tended to be better than most small speakers but did sort of muffle speech a little with increased low frequency voice tones. I am hoping the clarity of the 64II will compliment, not muffle the JBL horns like the little cheepo Klipch I had in the center.

I have a Yamaha Avantage 3010 AV receiver. I could put the JBL's on a separate 100 w/ch Audire amp I have but think it should be fine with the super efficient Klipsch and not tax the Yamaha. I do not do any extensive equalization because I found years ago, if you do not like how a speaker sounds, try a different one, do not try to change it very much. The Yamaha Y microphone thing can set the levels and I can tweak them. Does it also equalize each one or just mess with output levels? I went with the sealed center channel enclosure of the 64 II hoping that it would not fight with the 35 to 50 cps output of the JBL's since the Klipsch was sealed and thus in phase above the JBL ported output. The Klipsch 64 II output should be down enough in frequencies below 35 cps to not really impact the JBL port output. The boxes are tuned to about 28 cps. I also have an 18 inch JBL sub in an 8 cu ft box on one channel of a Heathkit 200 watt /ch amp. It is pretty good down to about 28 cps then a typical 12/octave ported design roll-off. It does a great Harrier Jet imitation (True Lies). Not sure yet how to incorperte it with the sides and center which may be considered by the Yamaha to be bass capable as "Large" speakers versus the little surrounds I used to use and not send sounds to the big sub.
I have (again home built with all JBL parts, just my enclosures) 4 way JBL 4343 monitors at the opposite end of the room, biamped using a Marchand active crossover feeding the 15 inch drivers on a 250 w/ch Heathkit amp and the 100 watt Amber amp for the 10 inch mid range and two horns. That is for the music but really the L-200's sound almost as good to me. With all the stuff in the living room for audio and video it is tough to find a place to sit! May be silly to do all this but I need the clarity for my aging ears that just do not hear a lot of sibilant sounds. I saw a pr of the slot radiator tweeters you are probably referring to. The went on Ebay for over $700! The horns go up to 12 to 15Kcps without them but they do add some brilliance at least for those of us (not me!) who are in the sub 50 age brackets. The 4300s are sort of like the upgraded l-200's (called L-300s, which added the slot radiator super-tweeters) by inserting a 10 inch mid-range taking over the 300 to 1200 cps range from the 15 inch drivers and horns. I went from L-200 then added the tweeters and a few years later added the 10 inch mid ranges. I got a few extra drivers at good prices and assembled another set of L-200's for the theater end.
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Originally Posted by retro124 View Post
Great I'm looking to add them also to my system also. I think they will do great. DTS sound test how you did it?
I sent off to DTS and they mailed me a DVD. I did not use any software etc to print a graph etc. I used a Db meter placed where I use my AVR mic in the center of the 5.2.

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