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+1 on the troll.
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With dual subs, stack'em in the corner and put on a jockstrap. Don't want EVERYTHING in the room jingling!
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Hmm...Do I join in or not???? I guess so.

First let me say that first time posters expressing their opinion on other member's opinion and not really contributing to the thread reeks of trolling. That said and not being a "Reference II or Heritage owner," he wasn't talking about me so I'm off the hook.

I'd like the think I am an "audiophile" in the best sense of the word and unfortunately I have been accused of being pretentious especially, when it comes to discussing religion. More on-topic, I will state I know I can tell the difference blindfolded between the lower end Klipsch Reference speakers and what I have and would except a wager that was acceptable in that regard.

All of that said, be prepared to have folks come on here and express their love for the new lines--First with marketing anecdotes and then with personal testimonials--Fwiw, that is how speakers are sold and marketed in an internet age. Honestly, some of it will be heartfelt and others a marketing ploy. It brings back memories of when the "new" Reference II line was released and the scuttlebutt that surrounded those with folks I swear were posting under several names--The attacks were too similar and certain ones faded out. {Note: None of those are around today.}

In the end and IMO, this isn't a sales/marketing thread or website as compared to others, so I appreciate objective discussion on the subjective art of what we expect (or can expect) recreating sound in our Home Theaters and even like reading opinions of those dinosaurs that listen to 2-Channel (tongue planted firmly in cheek ;-)

For the record, I still think the best bang-for-your buck is going to be in the used market for upperend Reference and Heritage (made in Hope, AR) but there will be those that only buy new and will be happy with whatever Klipsch has to offer; After all, they are in the Speaker Business and make their living selling new speakers.

Honestly, I would be leery of buying speakers in the used market when it comes to the lower end models without checking them out first--That said, I feel the serious money could be made in betting folks if they could tell the difference blindfolded between ANY of the newer lower end Reference speakers and their older counterparts with similar components. Dunno, but it's always (read; sometimes) interesting around here and that is my 2 cents over my first cup of coffee. {Note: I also don't feel I have anything else to add to this discussion.}
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The Reference I speakers sound good/decent for the price you pay, but to say that they are superior in any shape or fashion to Reference II is off the reservation. However, if that's your budget, you're getting good gear for the price. No question.
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I tried the KF-26's (in place of my Synergy III B-2's) for a month paired with my Synergy III C-1, S-2's and put the B-2's that were my FR and FL in the back for the 6th and 7th channel. SVS 20-39 PCI-sub. I took them back. Did they create a little more fill? Yes, but in my room (11'X13') It wasn't worth the $ I got them for in my opinion. Also a week after I got them the new Reference line you all are talking about came out. They dont sound much different in the store than the Icons so I figure wait until Black Friday and see what kind of deals come out and try them in my room.
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