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Originally Posted by Borderdog View Post
no quarter: I would be interesting to see what's really inside both those boxes.. I have repaired a ton of stuff over the years, one you get down to the circuit board I am lost, now in the most cases replacing them is pretty easy, but some thing tells me the power coming to your house is perfectly fine.. Now if your living in a house that's 100+ years old and it doesn't have a electrical make over, go for it! A lot of other boxes will most likely do the same for less, or at least make claims they can.

Garmin, I'm not directing this at you, I'm just using you as an introduction to my post.

A good company will give you the option of the dry version or the wet version.:roll eyes: The dry version being fairy dust and the wet version being snake oil.
I'm just being facetious.

I think PS Audio makes a decent product. In saying that, I wouldn't get too hung up on power conditioning unless you live in a high-populated area with a lot of manufacturing. With a lot of population and manufacturing, you can get a lot of feedback into the grid and power fluctuations; then a good power conditioner will help.

Luckily, I live a rural area that is fed 100% by nuclear. We have no manufacturing where I live.
It doesn't matter what time of the year, whether we're heating or cooling or just have our windows open(spring/fall), I get a constant 123V +/- .1V at my receptacles.

When I remodeled the house, we rewired much of the old part and diverted that old wiring to a new electrical panel that serviced both the old and the new parts of the house.

100% of all residences in the US are 240 Volts coming into the panel. Two legs of 120 Volts each, which are 180º out of phase from each other. I instructed my electrician to make sure all appliances that had a motor or electronics (washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, etc.) were all on one leg. Just make sure my 3 dedicated circuits to my listening room are on the opposite phase.

I did 3 dedicated 30amp (10 Wire) circuits to my room. Other than isolating those circuits, the only thing I did was install really good receptacles. Grip!(surface area of contact). Electricity depends on good contact.

After the power cord leaves the receptacle (the last 6 feet or so), the only thing that matters is maybe some shielding?, and flexibility.

Cable companies are trying to defy the laws of physics, common sense, & profit margin.
Wow, that must be nice! I have a Panamax M5300-PM that displays the current voltage and amps, and I'm rarely even at 120 let alone above it! Most days it's in the 115 - 117 range but I've seen it as low as 113. Right now is one of the rare times that it's actually at 120, but I'd imagine that's because it's been fairly nice today and the air isn't on...
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Originally Posted by green giant View Post
I've got contour 60's and ordered up pass labs amp and pre-amp that should arrive late next week.

Pretty sure I'll stick with my Blue Jeans Cables.

I do however have a fair amount of money invested in room treatments.

So which Pass Labs amp/pre-amp model are you getting?
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I wasted a bunch of money on a PS Audio Power Plant P3. Good thing I got about $1,000 off it so when I sold it I broke even...
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drewTT: thankfully I got mine dirt cheap, I still have the HT Power Director, only reason I bought it was because of surge protection and it's already paid for itself, hence a few lightning strikes!

Dynaudio,Magnepan,Hegel, Musical Fidelity,Belles and KEF, etc...... New Belles Aria Pre/Amp on the way and Belles MB-200's: Contour's 20's/Special 40's or Raidho next...
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Originally Posted by matrixman18 View Post
so which pass labs amp/pre-amp model are you getting?


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Power Conditioners

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have no use for power conditioning because of the steady non-grunge power I have to my house.
I feel sorry for you guys who live in a high population, high manufacturing area. Your power can be all over the place...lots of grunge.
A good power conditioner will stabilize your power, but that also comes at a cost: loss of dynamics.
It's kind of like "pick your poison".

But then, you can get one of George's power cords and that will fix everything
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