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Merry Christmas to all!!

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Happy Holidays Everyone, Christmas tunes on the New Dynaudio C2s never sounded better! Even at low listening levels "George"!
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Originally Posted by Garman View Post
Happy Holidays Everyone, Christmas tunes on the New Dynaudio C2s never sounded better! Even at low listening levels "George"!
Hey the originals never sounded bad at all but the MKII and up sound better at lower volumes
Have a great Xmas
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Originally Posted by COmusicaddict View Post
Borderdog's quote:

There are many schools of thought on "price of upstream components vs. the price of your speakers".
1) Some say your total outlay of upstream should equal but not exceed the cost of your speakers.
2) Others say that each component should be about the same price as your speakers and that cabling about 15-20% of the total cost.
I guess I must be on the wrong side of schools of thought recently as I am very happy with the sound I'm getting using an Oppo 105 and a W4S STI-1000 with my Sapphires (mated to an REL B1 sub). I have owned far more expensive components over the years like Accuphase, Threshold, Melos, Muse and McCormack. The prior Accuphase DP-55, Melos MA-333 Ref pre, and DNA-1 were a bit dark through the (already warm/dark) Sapphires. With these newer, less expensive components (Oppo, W4S) the sound is more detailed and retains good body.

I recall in 1978 reading that your cartridge and speaker combined cost should be about equal in cost to your turntable and amplification combined cost. Interesting. And more recently, it seems many (i.e.: high end dealers) propose you drop a small fortune on the other (electronic) components they sell. I feel most have a real financial interest in this proposal.

Personally I've always thought if someone said take $10k and assemble the best possible system you can, I'd probably be spending more on higher quality speakers but still buying good electronics. I say get the blindfolded listeners (high-enders and/or laymen) and let them listen to great $2000 speakers with $8000 of electronics and cables and decide if that setup is any better than a system with, say, great $7000 speakers and $3000 of electronics, etc.

Nobody gets to read the brand names and (mentally) decide. Let the chips fall where they may. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE! Mark
Hey Mark,

I've been in all "schools of thought" and I don't know what is right or wrong. I guess it all depends on your budget and how far you want to tread into this crazy hobby of ours.

Audiophiledom has the lowest bang-for-the dollar out there. The laws of diminishing returns!

What would I do if I had only $10,000 for a system:
1) A pair of Focus 160's w/stands (3.5K)
2) Belles' integrated (3.5K)
3) Dac (1K)
4) The balance of 2K towards more music! Or Room treatments.

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Merry Merry, and Happy Listening to all!
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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Merry Christmas! Anyone get anything nice?
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Anyone have any new information on the expected availability and pricing of the XD line in the US? I kept hearing December availability but now january is practically here and still nothing. Pricing seems to still be a mystery too, the last time I talked to my dealer he thought the XD600 would retail for around $20k, which is quite a bit higher than what has been speculated on here. I received a generous unexpected Xmas bonus this year, so XD's are definitely on my radar now (but probably not the 600's).
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GJ on your bonus. That seems outrageous for the XD600. I doubt it. Still think the 600 will max out around $13K and less than C2P.
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Originally Posted by amatuerholic View Post
Merry Christmas! Anyone get anything nice?
A new Pair of C2's! and some Scansonics MB-1's curtsey of Tyler at Next Level Audio!

Ski stuff..... Now I just need time to enjoy them....

Frickin hit a deer on the way home from my sisters tonight, thankfully just need a new front bumper and thankfully everyone was fine as I was calm and instead of swerving into on coming traffic just applied breaks and said hold on! (company car) Nails the dear in the front right bumper with just a few dings, nice on the right side door and totally missed the front quarter panel.
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