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Originally Posted by callas01 View Post

Listening to the Focus XD400 and my Naim Uniti2 / Focus 260s I found the XDs voicing to be closer to the Confidence line, but all the other subjective sounds to be very close to the same. Comparing these 2 they are very similarly priced and performance was about the same. I think the passive line is a little more tipped up sounding in the lower treble more along the lines of the S25 or Sapphire, but otherwise, bass response, details, soundstage layout, were very similar.

Maybe you could shed some light on another topic thats been floating around? Are the passive Focus speakers being discontinued? If so, will we see a replacement? Or will it just be lost? From my understanding the Focus line has been the biggest seller since its introduction, so why would you kill it off?

Lastly, will we be seeing a 40th anniversary product?
Callas,did you have a home demo with the xd 400's?I was wondering if you tried them for just 2 channel... Or in your 5.1 setup too.One of the things I really like about the xd's is they work really well in 2 channel and 7.1 too.Also i don't worry about the drivers popping when I crank it up

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Originally Posted by Otto J View Post
Thanks (both of you). I only recently started working for Dynaudio, although I have been a dealer for around 15 years, so I have experience with the products. That is why you won't have seen the Dynaudio name in my signature thus far. My older posts mostly have to do with my background as a video calibrator, and most are several years back, so they won't be of much relevance. I'll do what I can to keep in touch with this thread, and chime in whenever it feels relevant, without interfering too much with your discussions :-)

Let me say first that I'm perfectly fine with opposing views on what constitutes a good system. That's why we have more than one model, after all. And yes we will continue to offer great passive speakers! We do believe that the best sound-per-dollar is found in our active systems, but we fully understand the reasons to choose a system including passive speakers. That said, it doesn't mean that all active speakers are inherently good, and all passive speakers are inherently bad. We shouldn't underestimate the fact that there are a lot of speaker designers with decades of experience with passive crossovers, and they won't necessarily be able to create a good active speaker. I believe that is part of the reason why an upgrade from passive to active doesn't always yield better results. I do believe that if it doesn't, it is because the active system was implemented poorly though. The proof is in the pudding - what matters is the overall sound quality that reaches your ears in the end. And if you compare a Xeo to a similar Excite with good electronics (which would be more expensive), or Focus XD to a similar passive Focus, I think very few will disagree that the active version sounds better. But again yes, there are very valid reasons to stick with a passive setup.

We certainly don't believe that hi-res audio isn't an improvement, and this is why the Focus XD supports 192 kHz. But every decision when designing a product has benefits and drawbacks. Yes downsampling degrades sound quality - but so does a passive filter. One isn't inherently worse than the other, they're different. The fact is that the degradation from downsampling hi-res to 48 kHz is, globally, not that big. If we went with higher-grade electronics, we would have to skimp on the drivers to keep the price point, and then the end result would sound worse, even at 96 or 192 kHz. Sticking at 48 kHz actually helps us deliver a better sound quality at the given price point. A passive setup with a 192 kHz DAC in the end isn't actually truer to the source, it just has a different flavor of drawbacks. I hope this makes sense.

Now, why 48 and not 44.1? There are several reasons for this, but again it has to do with benefits and drawbacks, and one isn't by definition better than the other. 44.1 would degrade most hi-res material more than 48. There are other arguments to be made, this is just to give an example.

I don't agree that the analog input on the Focus XD is a contradiction. It is simply an added usability feature, it's not there to serve as an upgrade path. It makes the XD usable for instance with AV processors that mostly only have analog outputs. But to get the best sound from a Focus XD with digital sources, you should be using the coax RCA digital input. That is the shortest signal path. The analog input is converted to digital, which is a necessity since the amplifiers are digital. If you're a purist and want a true analog signal path, I guess it's just not the speaker for you. We're perfectly fine with that, we have a full lineup of passive models for you :-)
Ottoj: Welcome, I been a Dynaudio fan for some time, and heard the Focus XD at Axpona in Chicago liked them a lot but not nearly as much as the C2 Confidence Platinum so I traded my older originals in for them right now just using a Oppo 105D for a music server/Dac with decent results but I am about ready to try out a Hegel HD12 I just picked up hoping it improves on Redbook CDs side. So far not bad! I also have a mint pair of Contour 1.3MKII I bring out for some decent monitor listening.
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Originally Posted by GTaudiophile View Post
callas almost took my question for Otto... or should we call him Mr. J?

Question: will the S40 speaker be active or passive?
You might as well get used to me copy/pasting: "I can't comment on unannounced products" :-)

Otto Jørgensen
Customer Care Manager, Denmark
Dynaudio A/S
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Interesting with a Dyn person here. And thanks to you Otto for making it official and not just lurking here. Now we know you might be a little "biased" . But I mean that in a good way.

So I'll try with a more open question.. Does anyone know if Dynaudio is planning an active speaker with a more special design and/or finish like the Confidence line. I like the XD sound but I do NOT like the look of them and the finish.

Focus XD 400 Black Veneer
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