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Originally Posted by DigitalJackson View Post
I'm running a 11 channel setup as well ...8200e system with additional 4400sr for heights and 4400lr for wides. I guess I was wondering if there's something smaller than the 4400sr to use as atmos speakers. The 4400sr seems too heavy/bulky for use as a ceiling speaker ...but I'm sure I will find a way once I move to an Atmos setup.

I just bought a Marantz AV8801 last month so will probably be a couple of years before I seriously look into upgrading to an Atmos setup. I haven't been following too closely, but was under the impression that the height and width channels would be used in addition to the atmos ceiling channels?
I also bought the 8801 3 months ago so will at least keep it for another 2-3 years till i upgrade.

If you are going to run Atmos then you can't use your wide and height speakers the same time, it's either Atmos or that.

If i am not mistaken the most speakers you could do with Atmos are the traditional 7.1 setup + 4 Atmos speakers which are either ceiling or pointed towards the ceiling. this is called 7.1.4

Hope that helps.
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Speaking of Atmos, looks like the Atlantic Technology height modules were greeted favorably at CEDIA:
Unfortunately, I missed Atlantic Technology’s demo at the Expo, but I got to hear the company’s new 44-DA speaker module in a demo conducted by chipmaker Analog Devices. The $449/pair 44-DA fits atop Atlantic’s 4400 LR speakers so closely that you don’t even notice that there’s a separate module sitting on top. Each one has a 5.25" woofer and a 1" tweeter in a concentric array. Maybe it’s because Analog Devices’ demo was in a small, quite hotel room instead of in one of the prefab sound rooms on the show floor, but I thought this system delivered perhaps the most precise imaging of the object-based sound effects, such as the spears whizzing toward you in the opening of Star Trek Into Darkness.

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I have the 4400 center, L,R, and surrounds coming soon, pretty much sight unseen and unheard by me. The few posts I've read in this thread speak highly of AT. Looking forward to hooking them up and putting them through their paces. 5 speakers for now, eventually moving to 7, maybe 9 or 11 speaker setup. I like also, that the System 4400 is the one that is Atmos ready with the add on modules being fairly inexpensive and unobtrusive.

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Q: I've got a full vintage Atlantic Technology System 350 5.1, I've used it for 12 years in my family room, and also outdoors for movie night.

Is that worth anything these days? Like even $300 - ish, I did pay over $2k for it in 2000 from OneCall, authorized dealer back then..

I've got blown mid-range drivers in the mains, and am contemplating replacing them and selling them as a 5.1 set or just the center and surrounds if fixing the mains mid-range drivers are over $100 total.
Here is thread that shows what I've done so far on fixing them,
Mid-range gone: blown driver or crossover board?

Anybody have good contact to Atlantic Tech service rep please PM me their info, I'd appreciate it.

You can see the family room set-up below

and usage outdoors also, the mains and center mounted on my garage side:
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Originally Posted by sdurani View Post
Speaking of Atmos, looks like the Atlantic Technology height modules were greeted favorably at CEDIA:
AT expects to have the 44-DA Atmos modules available early December, so if anyone is interested, best to get a pre-order in to guarantee availability from the first shipment.

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Atlantic Tech

Originally Posted by Rob Greer View Post
President & CEO of Atlantic Technology Peter Tribeman called me yesterday afternoon after seeing my post here and did a great job addressing my concerns my experience his customer support person. He also gave me a huge download of information about AT, Dolby, their thinking behind the development of this speaker, and why they did what they did. Super nice guy. All is well with the world.
I have been involved with Atantic Tech for well over 20 years both as a user and a dealer and I totally agree Pete is the best. Our company was one of the first authorized online dealers. A quick story from 2005, we sold a Yale Professor the system 8200 this was when they shifted the line over and the 8200 was the new flagship. I might be slightly off on the year but it was around this time. The Yale professor bought his whole system including PJ and screen and sunfire amp/pre amp. He called me one day and he said he had completely blown out his Atlantic tech 8200 front speakers and smoke was coming out of the voice coils. I asked him what he was doing and how loud he had the volume up. He was using the sunfire cinema grand amp at 400 watts per channel. I personally own this very system. I asked him what movie he was playing. He said he had Amadeus playing and one part not sure the scene he put the volume on full and blew the front's out. I called Atlantic and told them this and in about 2 hours Pete Tribeman called me and asked me a bunch of questions about this guy. He said in all of his years as a speaker designer and mfg he never had speakers this good get blown. I told him what happened and he said it's really the guys own fault. I agreed and I said I am not requesting a replacement but how much to fix. You know what he did, he said he would replace at no charge and shipped the guy new speakers. He picked up the old ones free also. He did not need to do that. This struck me as great customer service and I have always had a loyalty to selling and using Atlantic. The bottom line with AT is you can't go wrong with the quality and they back their products. They are a great company.

Alan Hutchinson
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I have 6 of the 8200 LRs (plus the CC) and can't imagine playing them so loud that they'd smoke.

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I own the 8200's also and I would never turn it up that loud as my ears would fall off first before the speakers ever blew.

Alan Hutchinson
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