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JDHarding's Avatar JDHarding 11:36 AM 08-07-2006
The crossover on my Polk CS300 center speaker broke. It's one of those ones built into/onto the back plate, and while messing with the drivers and the crossover, I busted the crossover. I tried fixing it, but it didn't work. Are these replaceable? I don't think it'd be worth spending the money to purchase the part from Polk, and I'm sure Polk doesn't carry old discontinued parts.

I thought about selling the speaker cabinet and drivers online, but I don't think anyone would buy them as spare parts. I was going to build a new center speaker anyway, and thought maybe the cabinet could be re-used, but I don't know. Any suggestions might help.

Kal Rubinson's Avatar Kal Rubinson 12:43 PM 08-07-2006
It consists of capacitors, inductors and, mebbe, resistors. All these are available off the shelf. So, how is it broken?

JDHarding's Avatar JDHarding 12:47 PM 08-07-2006
Uhm.. lets just say I wanted to build a completely new one. The old one is busted in half. It's pretty bad. Personally I'd rather just sell the cabinet and drivers.
Kal Rubinson's Avatar Kal Rubinson 12:50 PM 08-07-2006
OK. Never mind.

JDHarding's Avatar JDHarding 10:52 PM 04-12-2007
Forget about that, and go here:
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