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Originally Posted by Milt99 View Post
I love substantial low frequency as much as the next guy but I think there's more than a bit of testosterone involved in this.
Apologies for the Sunday morning OT

Of course, but you make it sound like a bad thing

A dealer one told me, his customer interest in amplifiers correlates well with "maleness".

- Rich

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Not a bad thing at all.
I've been fortunate to have been in few theater music rooms that rival anything out there, literally.
The bass response in those rooms is nothing short of phenomenal.
If fact, in the Seattle area we have some really nice professional theaters and the sound on those theaters does not compare
to the private theater rooms.
Of course much easier to fill a smaller space.
And as lsdec posted previously, the digital tools available to the consumer were unimaginable not that long ago and now they're pretty much SOP.

Not knocking the bassheads at all, I'm one to a point but as always balance is the most important thing.


It ain't ignorance causes so much trouble; it's folks knowing so much that ain't so

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Originally Posted by lsdec View Post
Unfortunately, I'm not that much of a DIY guy but that's a great proposition! 4 15" subs for $2k?!! Will they have the same quality bass like the JL Audio F112/113 my buddies have?

The SVS is a very nice sub but my sub isn't like the JLs. And yes they were a fraction of the price but I just want the bass quality to be similar to the Revels. Otherwise, they don't integrate as well.

I just pulled out my old Klipsch Forte II...and as I suspected, they are still awesome for the mixes / electronica music. As a matter of fact they are the best I've ever heard them! I guess my current gear is better than the Yamaha receiver I had back then. Much smoother and none of the blaring from before. It's not as refined as the Revels of course but it's very listenable. This XMC-1/XPR-2 combo is pretty darn special. I've been to enough high end stores looking at those super high end gear..and even the F208 was paired with some high end gear in that "expensive" room next to the studio2. This combo wouldn't be out if place in that room (save the aesthetics) .

My buddy has the XPR-1s and XPR-2 for his system and I contend that the difference between the XPR-1 and XPR-2 is such that I'd use that money toward the 2nd sub etc. I know most purists like the monoblocks idea from years past but I'm not sure if it's as important these days. Of course I'm coming from a high value standpoint though. I'll be using my XPR-2/XPR-5 combo for a while.

Milt99 if you are thinking about bi-amping, I'm not sure if that's the best route. And without comparing them side by side, I'm not sure how the XPA-1L performs vs the XPR-2. If your amp doesn't run out of steam then I think you're ok. I proved that my F208 cried uncle to the XPR-2 . It would be nice to pair those killer speakers with the XPR something imho. 1,2 or 5 based on your needs / budget. This sale they have is pretty attractive, if you are looking to make a move soon.
How are you liking that F208/Emotiva Xpr-2 combo? I'm thinking about migrating to the same setup.
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Originally Posted by merl1n74 View Post
How are you liking that F208/Emotiva Xpr-2 combo? I'm thinking about migrating to the same setup.
The XMC-1 (with Dirac LE), XPR-2 and F208 (w/ SVS SB13 sub).....I'm very happy with the sound. It sounded really good even before I had the XMC-1 and Dirac but now it's down right unbelievable imho. I can't be happier.

I always thought the SVS sub was just a value sub that was good but not great. Dirac tightened that bass up so much that I have it crossed over at 50Hz to the subs. And I used the port bungs on the F208 to roll off the bass a little higher on the F208 and also to tighten up the bass even more.

Even with no sub, the F208 has great bass. With Dirac it's now better than great.

It's nice to have that reserve power too. The transient response is so sharp and the mids and highs and buttery smooth as well.

I hope I'm not over-hyping it and have you disappointed.
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Can anyone tell me how much they paid for a set of Revel F208s? Also, where is a good dealer to buy from (price-wise)?

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