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Yep, my first Bryston was a 4B NRB and it was a great amp for the price, giant killer as they say. I'm pretty sure between my personal amps and ones I bought for work at my job, I had every version through SST2. I balked at the pricing on those, but love the sound, the build quality, the 20 year warranty so I stayed brand loyal. When I saw the Cubed series pricing I was glad I got an SST2 for a good price.

Bryston amps may still be good deals compared to Mark Levinson prices. I'd have to A/B them to see if I can hear the difference. Is a ML amp worth twice the price of a Bryston 4B3?
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Originally Posted by rsg_1 View Post
Basically, anything with a switching mode power supply and some sort of pulse width modulation is referred to as "digital" amplifier as it is over 90% efficient in operation. If you have feedback mechanisms to regulate the input pulse width modulation you can get some excellent performance. The downside is noise from switch mode power supplies, but newer designs put it over 20 KHz. The new Emotiva XPA Gen3 amps are Class H because of the improved switched power supply. With these switched power supplies, you get higher efficiency and less of the energy is lost as heat. A Class A amplifier will faithfully amplify the input signal as its transistor is always on. They are heavy because of the massive torroidal power supplies and heat sinks as they are always on. Mark Levinson Class A amps are a beast for good reason. It is a no compromise design as power, weight and price are not constraints in the design. Tube amps are often Class A in design, but they don't generate as much power, but the harmonics generated are wonderful if you are playing an electric guitar. I wouldn't use them for audio because they aren't a faithful reproduction of the recording. Opinions of course would vary.
Just to put a fine point on it, a Class D amp can have a linear power supply and many do like the AT5xNC series.
The main feature of a Class A amp is that each bank of transistors processes the entire sine wave. They don't really have to have a massive transformer but it good design as the transistors are always "on" and much of the power is lost via heat. In class A/B only half of the transistors are on at any one time. A/B can still have massive power supplies
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Originally Posted by Rex Anderson View Post
Bryston amps may still be good deals compared to Mark Levinson prices. I'd have to A/B them to see if I can hear the difference. Is a ML amp worth twice the price of a Bryston 4B3?
Bryston is certainly a good amp, but prices have gone up. Though some people have complained it is bright, but I've never heard that when used with Revel speakers. ML amps are way over designed and sometimes you can get good deals on used and B-stock. Whenever there are Revel demos of the Ultima Salons or Studios, they use ML amps as these speakers are power hungry and the ML amps don't hesitate. You may want to look at Classe amps too.
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