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mobster lobster's Avatar mobster lobster 08:52 AM 10-03-2006
Hey Halo's are universally praised as great amps. I bought a Marsh Sound Design A400S based solely on positive reviews and have never regretted it and this was after home auditioning nearly a half dozen power amps.

I'm sure the problems I heard are related to break-in and setup. I'll go back in a month or two and re-audition. The buzz on these speakers is just too good.

The Focal should be a great sub. It looked very imposing at Tweeter. If you'd like something a little smaller with great performance consider a Martin Logan Depth for about $1800. That's what I have and am very happy with it. Three aluminum cone 7" drivers arrayed on every other face of a hexagonal cabinet. Very compact and very powerful.
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MIkeDuke's Avatar MIkeDuke 08:55 AM 10-03-2006
I have been very pleased with the C2 preamp. That is another item I bought without listening. I like to walk the edge
CriPPleR_HD's Avatar CriPPleR_HD 02:44 PM 10-03-2006
mobster lobster,

I can't tell you how the Electra's sound in my house since I don't take delivery of them until the 17th. But in the store I demo'ed them at they sound FANTASTIC! Definitely check them out again at a different store. If you still don't like them then they are just not your style of speaker which is understandable.


My dealer is going to order me a brand new Electra SW1000. The cool thing is that he will let me demo it in my home for 15 days. He also said if I don't like it I can return the sub for a full refund and he will use it as a demo in the store!

I should have the sub on the 17th. Now if only I can find a dealer that will let me demo the Velo DD-15 in my new home. My new budget for my Sub is $3,300 so I can Definitely get the DD-15 or the SW1000. It's just a matter of finding and demo'ing both. I would of went with the Revel B-15a but I decided to get my speaker in NC (where I am moving to) instead of CA (Where I am living ATM) so he was going to charge me full price for it. My dealer in NC does not sell Revel or Velodyne so the only sub he has that I am intrested in is the SW1000.

There is another dealer in the NC area that sells Velodyne but he has to special order it and does not have the DD-15 for me to demo.


I purchased the CC1000 blindly. I will let you know how it sounds as soon as it is set up. Sometimes I like to be like MikeDuke and live on the edge...............Sometimes
MIkeDuke's Avatar MIkeDuke 04:28 PM 10-03-2006
"I purchased the CC1000 blindly. I will let you know how it sounds as soon as it is set up. Sometimes I like to be like MikeDuke and live on the edge...............Sometimes"
It is a long way down with no way to break. I should know. I have given up a long time
rav934's Avatar rav934 08:15 AM 10-10-2006
Has anyone compared the 1000Be line surround speakers to the 1007Be bookshelf?
CriPPleR_HD's Avatar CriPPleR_HD 02:46 AM 01-02-2007
Finally done with my system. I posted my impressions here:

Thanks to all who participated in this thread.
MIkeDuke's Avatar MIkeDuke 05:50 AM 01-02-2007
I'll keep it short here. That is a great looking system you got there. Very well put together. See you other thread for more coments .
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