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Originally Posted by tritiumglo View Post
Great equipment list.

Maybe if you tell us what you feel you are missing or where your speakers are deficient, we could help you narrow down your choices.

If you are going to spend the kind of money these speakers command you must listen to them!!! Expensive doesnt always mean good!!! It is a huge gamble to get any of these and be disappointed with them. Speakers depreciate faster than a VW.

Congrats on a great system, you clearly have put a lot of thought and effort into it. The question and thoughts above are excellent advice. What might seem better on paper may not actually be better once you get them into your own room and system.

I have 207's in a fairly large room and had the opportunity to audition the Blade's in my system. The Blade's were definitely a step up in the midrange and more open, transparent, and detailed - but ultimately I couldn't get the bass balance and imaging in my room to a satisfactory level. No doubt the Blade is a great speaker and technically superior to the 207 series, but as always everything is room and system dependent.
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First review that I am aware of on the new Reference, this the 1s
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Originally Posted by jima4a View Post
First review that I am aware of on the new Reference, this the 1s

AWESOME! Thanks. I have been googling every other day to see if a formal review came in yet. I am not a very good technical writer but those comments are pretty much spot on to what I felt and worded in my own way. The imaging was incredible as I had mentioned when first posting about these. The clarity without going over into bright (decent recordings) was great. Once I heard them against the other speakers I auditioned the choice came quickly. Low level listening was the best of the speakers in the group. I keep calling it the boogie factor fun I really was ready to get out my chair and dance around a bit. They were not veiled, not bright just a really fun speaker.

I have not seen the stands yet. Why are they taking so long with those I wonder? I did purchase them in black and I was charged $1k not $1500 and I would think $1k is more in line. Maybe the price went up and I got them cheaper but don't think so. I think it is an error in the review.

I also went with walnut. I did not want a high-gloss finish this time. It is becoming played out to me at this point and a wood veneer is more to my liking.

Thanks for the review. Makes me more excited to see if my Reference 1s will be in next week or soon after.


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Wow, those reference 1s look fantastic. I can't imagine being happier than I am right now with my R300s though.
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Very impressive measurements - if you're looking for a speaker with smoothly decreasing sound power and relatively narrow high frequency dispersion.

For every new thing I learn, I forget two things I used to know.
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Can someone advise on an amp for my front three channels: kef q100 sides and q200c center? Just ordered them yesterday, they will be part of a 3.2 system with dual svs sb1000. I was thinking Marantz 6008 but seeing as q100 is not a large speaker I want to make sure to get the most out of it when the volume is up which I'm not sure 6008 would do. So I'm considering taking Marantz pre-out to a separate amp. Appreciate your input.
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