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Originally Posted by DS-21 View Post
I know from actual listening tests personally conducted that you would have lost nothing sonic using Q100's (or worse speakers - the "lesser" speakers in my particular comparison were mid-2000s KEF Q-Compacts, which are inferior in every material way to the Q100) for the four surround positions.

The only advantage of using the same speakers all around is aesthetic. If having speakers that all look the same make one feel better, absolutely do it. But sonically it does not matter, and the people who claim it does generally (1) sell stuff and/or (2) haven't actually done a direct comparison and/or (3) are bad at critical listening.

I haven't tried the Kef Q100's but upgrading my four surround speakers from the Q acoustic concept 20's I had to the Kef ls50's made a pretty big difference in my setup and the QA 20's are a capable budget speaker, just not as good as the more expensive Kef's.

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While my amps are in repair, I'm down to a mono channel. So been I've experimenting with different setups.

There really is nothing quite like listening to the LS50 then switch to floorstanders to make you appreciate the bass in music, lol.
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Gents,..any owners out there some vintage Kef THX series? Need a bit of advice on whether to go with 2 very similar Kef series...a pair of AV3 or TDM23f?
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Thought I would share my review I posted in another thread of my recent KEF upgrade for all the KEF fans here:

I bought a brand new KEF 3005SE system (the 'eggs') from Circuit City when they were going out of business for $900, and picked up two more of the eggs off ebay for a 7.1 system. They have served me well for the past 6 1/2 years, until my center channel tweeter went out while watching The Hobbit. I contacted KEF and could get a replacement of the tweeter/mid Uni-Q, but I opted to upgrade instead I use my system for 99% movies and 1% music.

Old system: KEF 'eggs' KHT3005SE system in 7.1 (with HTB2 sub), crossover at 80Hz all around.
New system: I kept the eggs/sub for surround, and just replaced L/C/R: 2 KEF Q500 for L/R and the Q600c Center, new crossover at 60Hz.

Room treatment: I've got two DIY 4' x 8' absorption panels that are 12 inches thick on the left and right walls covering first reflections points from the front 3 speakers for all seating positions. Also, I removed the drywall for the ceiling for the front 8 feet of the room, and filled it with sound absorption material. And one more 4' x 8' x 1' absorption panel on the rear wall between the rear surrounds.

Also, I now have 2 extra eggs that were previously L/R. In the next couple of weeks, I plan to test these out for side surrounds for the 2 rows of seating as an array and also parallel to the wall facing away from each other for a bipole-like setup.

Here's my reviews of the upgrade:
So, my review here is really just comparing the KEF Egg center (HTC3001SE) to the Q600c, which is about twice the price. The KEF eggs served me well, and is the only real speaker system I've had.

At first listen, my very first impression was that the Q600c was really bright. But after listening more, I realized that what I was hearing was a huge increase in clarity over the whole frequency range. I was hearing clarity in the highs that I simply had not heard before. The detail this thing puts out is amazing. In addition, the added bass really made the sound warmer as well, especially on music, that had a large range of frequencies.

A definite and drastic improvement, and well worth the money spent. I spent so much time paying attention to the Q600c, I haven't had time to notice the Q500 front speakers yet I need to build a stand to elevate the Q600c up so it is right below my screen and angled up a little, but eventually I'll listen to some more action movies/full front stage material and report back on the Q500 as well.
Alright, got a chance to do some more evaluation of the Q500s. Overall, pretty much the same thing as the center - all sounds are clearer, and my lower crossover (now at 60Hz for the L/C/R instead of 80Hz with the eggs) makes everything sound much 'fuller' too. I was particularly impressed with the opening music on Tron: Legacy. The music is very rich in the lower frequencies, and it immediately hit me like it never has before with the sheer amount of presence it had. The ability to fill out the front is just night and day compared to my old eggs. To put it another way, the sound is now big and full, rather than small and thin. Now, the eggs with a subwoofer and 80Hz crossover are pretty decent and I wouldn't call them 'thin' on their own, but when comparing the two, that is the impression I get when listening to the difference.

Very pleased with the upgrade.
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yup it's good Kef produce large center speakers, I have Kef Reference 200. Last time I heard Kef Eggs- they're ok but thin sounding, just because of the 3/4" driver can only do so much. I recommend standmounts as a minimum now, and I prefer large center speakers as some seem to make them as an afterthought rather than integrated to your L/R floorstanders

How about this monster lol
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Krell Evolution 900e x 7

Bose Jewel speakers.


Jealous of my speakers?

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Set the crossover for the KEF eggs at 100hz and you'll likely notice a better sound. (Most avr's will let you set the surround crossover separately from the center and mains.)
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