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Cool Power amp upgrade for CM9's

I have owned my CM9'S for about a year and have grown to appreciate the quality sound that they produce. Saturday I order a Parasound A51 to replace the Acrus Power amps that power my B&W now. In both cases I have the old version of the CM9's and CM C2 center channel. Just running a 5.1 set up and have a pair of DM6 dipoles for rear's. I will evaluate the differance in sound produced by the new amp. I will then look at replacing the fronts with D803's with the HTM2 center.

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can't wait to hear your review I am very interested in the a 51
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Originally Posted by Volpar View Post
HI this is my first post I'm a proud B&W owner!!! I just bought my cm9 from Magnolia the other day for 2000. They just opened the new store with the cm9 and two days later they got the new cm9 In. that's a sweet deal on a open box set!!! 2Day will get you grand off. now for the question I have a Yamaha 730 and looking for a little more power should I go separates? Parasound, Rotel, Outlaw or Emotive?
Depends on what's important to you. What room correction software do you like the best, Audyssey, REW with a parametric equalizer, Dirac, Trinnov TEQ-12 etc. Does Atmos or Auro seem important? The processor you choose will have more of an impact than the type of amp that you choose. I was looking to pick up a Parasound Halo A5, but decided to go with an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen2 for 25% of the cost of the Halo. My system can get uncomfortably loud and sounds darn good to me.

I am waiting delivery of my Emotiva XMC-1 and hope that Dirac will make an even better sounding room. There may or may not be an upgrade to get an Atmos 5.2.4 available on the XMC-1. If Atmos was super important to me, I would have chosen a different processor.

If you decide to get separates, get the processor that has the features and number of channels that you will need now, and will likely need in the future (5.1, 9.2, 5.2.4 etc.) After that get the amp that sounds the best for the least cash. To my ears there is not a huge difference in high quality solid state amps.

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