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01-04-2007 | Posts: 873
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Is the finish on the evo plain stain, or does it have a mild gloss or satin finish?

Do you feel that this speaker can hang with the competition in it's class, mainly it's sister speaker, the Quad 22L? I had started looking at the Swan 6.1 because of it's attractive price, but I came across a good deal on Evos. I know I like the Wharfedale sound because I've heard the Diamonds and thought they were great for the money, just a bad vinyl wrap.
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01-04-2007 | Posts: 241
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I own the evo 20's............I would say they have a satin or semi gloss finish to them.

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01-05-2007 | Posts: 578
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The finish is satin and it is better on the Evo's than on the Diamond series. I thought the Evo's 30's and the Quad 22L's were very similar sound wise. I never heard the Swans you referenced.
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01-08-2007 | Posts: 1,014
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Yeah, it's some kind of satin finish, as Dan stated.

They (Wharfedale ) call it a "matte" finish over the wood veneer.

I used to own the 22L and while I don't own the Evo 30, I have spent quite some time listening to them.

The Quad 22L compared to the Wharfedale Evo 30, are a wee-bit cleaner ....sharper or in some systems more clinical. While the Evo 30 tends to retain a wee-bit more warmth and tunefullness.

The bass on the 22L can be boomy or wooly and it requires careful placement in the room. But placed rougly 24"-34" from the back wall and at least 18" off the sidewall, the bass can tighten up. It really depends on your room acoustics and the gear you have feeding it, upstream.

The Quad 22L image better than the Evo 30, but the Evo 30's midrange is much more sweeter and palpable. Again, to my ears.

The Evo 30's bass, to my ears, is tighter. But it too can be boomy under certain cicumstances.

Personally, I like the Evo 30, over the Quad 22L. But when buying, I went straight to the Wharfedale Opus 2, which I have had for over two years now and I love.

Wharfedale has discontinued the Evolution line and has repalced it with the Evolution2 (Evo2) series.

I haven't heard the Evo2 30, yet.

But in speaking with someone who has, I was told the Evo2 image better than the Evo 30 and it's whole frequency range is slightly cleaner than the Evo 30, while still retaining some of that sweet tone and tuneful midrange and palpability. He also said the bass was improved in then Evo2 30 with a new bass driver and some improvements in the driver alignment and internal cabinet structure.

Hope this helps.
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01-08-2007 | Posts: 873
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Awesome response TjMV3, thank you.

I can get two pair of Evo 40 for what one pair of Opus 2 would run me. Believe me, if I didn't have a family the Opus would already be here. I'm trying to satisfy my urge to upgrade without feeling like a heel over what I spent.
I have thought hard about just getting the Opus 2. I know for my purposes I would feel that any further upgrades for my mains would be pointless if I did.
So here are my two options: 2 pairs of Evo 40's and an Evo centre, or 1 pair of Opus 2 and the Opus centre. Option two, I would probably end up using Opus 1's for my rears, but it would be a couple of years before I could pony up for them. That would make me nervous until I had got them, because if they discontinued the line and I wasn't ready to buy I would be bent.

So, for a wannabe audiophile whose real world use of his system is predominantly 5.1, what would you recommend? Room is 15x15x10, B&K 200x5, and SVS PB12-ISD.
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01-08-2007 | Posts: 1,014
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Honestly mlankton, I don't think the Evo 40 is appropriate for the room size you have posted.

They are big speakers and their bass is more predominant than the Evo 30.

Personally, if I had my heart set on the Evo 40 in that room, I would go with only one pair for the front L/R channels and something like the Evo 10 as your rears.

Four Evo 40 would be a major overkill and you'll be in bass-over-hang Hell. as well the upper frequencies will reflect and bounce all over the place.

In order to make the Evo 40 work in that room (with also your subwoofer), you will have to do a few things.

Thick, heavy, big curtains on all windows.

Bass Traps or DIY bass traps in all four corners.

Having a couch and loveseat in the room would help, also.

Booksheleves with plenty of hardcover or softcover books (especially on the backwall, the wall facing your speaker's drivers)

Anything to deaden the room will help. You'll have to do something to the room.

I have bought and installed large Bamboo window blinds, behind the the thick curtains on my windows, and I believe they really help in providing diffusion.

The Evo 40 are real nice speakers, but they will over-power that a bad way.
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01-08-2007 | Posts: 873
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I have heavy leather curtains on the two floor to ceiling windows in the room. The room has two open double-sized doorways leading to other rooms. There is a couch, two large leather chairs, and a large leather ottoman. To a certain extent the room does seem to eat bass. The SVS is set to about 10:00-10:30 to achieve the amount of slam for movies that doesn't overpower when listening to music.
Do you think that even crossed over at 80 Hz the 40's would be overkill? I very much believe in having identical drivers at identical heights in the room. I did this when I switched to Missions, and I feel that it definitely assists in the speakers disappearing for multichannel use. The 40's height would work better for me than the 30's.
Or, do you feel that since most of my usage will be with a sub, that I would be better served by two pairs of 30's? I did read one post somewhere comparing the two, and that particular individual felt the 30's had truer mids than the 40's. He felt that the 40's superior low end extension might have come at the expense of midrange reproduction, compared to the 30's.

Very much appreciate your time. Not too many Evo familiar people around. Thanks
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01-09-2007 | Posts: 316
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If you are going to use a sub I'd just get the 30s, my understanding is the only difference with the 40 is a slightly larger cabinet and slightly deeper response. Right now you can get pretty smoking deals on the EVO I series (50% off or so).

Keep in mind the height is somewhat adjustable as you can mount them on the included pedestals and use spikes, I did.

The finish is low gloss and the veneering is pretty good - one of the speakers I have the main seam on one side could be a bit better but I doubt anyone would notice normally. For the discounted price I think they are pretty decent quality.

The one thing I've noticed is the cabinet isn't nearly as dead as I'd expect - I can feel a good amount of vibration off the sides when listening at high volumes. Kinda curious what the internal construction is and what thickness they used for the "box".
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01-12-2007 | Posts: 178
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In answer to your original question, the finish is oil-based stain and pre-cat satin laquer, on real wood veneer. I bought floor demo 30s that had a few scratches I had to repair, so I became very familiar with the finish.

My living room is approximately the same dimensions as yours, and I've had good success with the 30s + a 12" sub, center and 8s for surround. However, my AV wall is actually a divider with a hall behind, which actually allowed my to have the speakers appox 4' in front of the "real"wall. After toeing in the speakers, none of the drivers or ports are aimed at any wall at a 90 degree angle, nor are any speakers equidistant from two or more walls, so resonance is minimized. This setup would probably seem more bloated ina standard box-shaped room. YMMV, since tyou have openings at the back.
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