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metallicaband's Avatar metallicaband 09:42 AM 11-15-2008
Sorry for bumping a pretty old thread, but I don't want to create a whole new thread about this:

How would you guys compare NHT's Classic 3 Bookshelves against HSU HB-1 Mk2 Bookshelves excluding the price factor ? (HB-1's mentioned in this thread are mostly about the old HB-1, the Mk2 should be much more improved)

I'm asking this because I'm getting an HSU VTF3-Mk3 subwoofer very soon, I'm going to order speakers too, I've got a good deal from HSU to get the subwoofer + 5 speakers (4 HB-1 Mk2 & 1 HC-1 Mk2). On the other hand, I was thinking of getting a Classic NHT speaker set to go along with the HSU subwoofer (Classic 3 Fronts, Classic 3 Center, Absolute Zero Rears).

System would be used for:

60% Gaming in HD (PS3 mostly)
25% Music
15% Blu-Ray Movies/TV Series

Any help would be REALLY appreciated because I'm going to have to make a decision in the next couple of days. BTW I cannot test these speakers as I do not have access to them locally, I'm going to import them, that's why any comment would really help.
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metallicaband's Avatar metallicaband 05:12 PM 11-15-2008
Anyone ?
MegaByte's Avatar MegaByte 08:20 PM 11-16-2008
craig I was wondering if you ever got to listen to the Usher-520's and if so your thoughts on them. Thx
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