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I had pretty much narrowed down my choices for a speaker upgrade to either a set of PSB Image speakers (5T or 6T, 9C, and either 10s or 3LR) or a set of B&Ws centered around a pair of DM-603 or 604 S2s when I encountered the concept of planar speakers and the Magnapan MMGs.

I have nowhere nearby to audition these speakers, but I find the reviews facinating. I have some concerns though, which leads me to a few questions I would like to ask about these intriguing speakers:

Just a note that might have some bearing on the answers, I watch movies about 70-80% of the time, but the quality of music is _very_ high on my list. I listen to everything from heavy metal, to classical, to blues, to techno, to folk, and so on and so on. I have found that, at least in my experience, HT suffers less in a system focused on music than music suffers on a system focused on HT, so I want to make sure my music does not suffer just because I am such a movie nut, though the opposite also applies.

1. Room size and placement. The only room I have to use for my home theater is an odd L-shaped room, the area which has my equipment is about 9 or 10 feet by about 18 feet with the third wall of the "L" ending at about 6 or 7 feet. Not the best, but what I have to work with until I move to a larger place. So, my question is, is it going to be worth my while to go with Magnapans in a room like this? Would I do just as well to go with the PSBs or B&Ws? When I move, I will have a much larger room for my setup, but that may be some time off.

2. My current subwoofer is a Velodyne CT-100, it is has been a great sub, but is it enough to fill out the sound of the Magnapans? I am also planning on picking up the Magnapan center if I go with those, unless I can find something more full range to match, if that is possible. I plan on picking up a Hsu 1220 eventually, but not until I have upgraded the speakers and my receiver.

3. The receiver. I am probably going to upgrade my receiver before my speakers, but just in case, I have heard that the Magnapans are very power hungry, I have a Denon AVR-3300 right now, abyone care to share their experiences with the Maggies and the 3300? All of the receivers I am looking at for upgrade have plenty of power (Marantz models like the SR-18 or 18EX, Denon 5700 or 5800, etc.) but I thought I should ask since I may just stick with the 3300 for a while longer.

P.S. Can anyone tell me for certain if the Marantz SR-18EX has the AC-3 RF input that the SR-18 has? Several others interested in the receiver as I am have told me that it does, but I can't find it on the specs on any webpage and a dealer that sent me a list of the models they carry that have the input did not list it.

Thanks in advance,

C.E. Tekell
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Hi ctekell,

First off welcome to the forum. I am pretty new myself but I am addicted already to this site.

I was listening the the Maggie 1.6 and they are very smooth. They have a very forward presentation. Not as laid back as my Mourdant Short Performance 860's. It is definitely a tranparent speaker with pin point accuracy. The speakers are very power hungry and if you do choose to get these I would buy a half decent power amplifier. I have the EAD Powermaster 2000. But there are several good power amplifiers for a good price like the ATI 1505 or the Bryston 9b and others. I had a Denon 5600 and I loved it, I did sell it to trade up to an EAD TheaterMaster Signature. But the highend Denon's like the 5600, 5700 and even better the 5800 are very good.

If I were you I would buy a 5800 because it has definitely some technology upgrades such as DTS-ES and 7.1 channel with a beefier power supply like 170watts per channel. And then when you have the money to upgrade your amplifier to lets say the EAD Powermaster 1000, which is 200watts per channel or my EAD Powermaster 2000 which is 400watts per channel into 8 olms.

Just my 2 cents, bkwong73
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