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04-27-2007 | Posts: 52
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Hey all,

I am thinking about getting some new front speakers for my system, and I am looking at these two options. I need to get some pros and cons for each one. They seem to be very similar products, but I can't seem to find much info to tell them apart. From the spec sheets, one appears to be the newer version of the other. The LS90s did cost about twice as much, but I am assuming that some of their technology has trickled down over the years too. Has anyone owned both of these by any chance? I have a feeling for me that it will come down to price, and I will snatch up whichever deal comes first.

So here is one thing to consider. I don't mind if the Monitor 70s are used, and I'm pretty sure that I won't find any new LS90s anytime soon. I was thinking that I won't loose my butt as badly on the LS90s if I decide to sell them after a few months, even assuming that I would buy either pair used.

My system right now is as follows:


Pioneer Elite VSX45Tx (preamp, center, and rears)
Denon POA5200 (fronts)
Pioneer Elite DV45a (CD and DVD)
Panamax 5100


Front: Speakercraft AIM Monitor 4 LCR
Center: Speakercraft AIM Monitor 3 LCR
Rears: B&W CCM50
Sub: Speakercraft Bass X-12 (x2)

So, what would you guys do?

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