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ctekell's Avatar ctekell 06:57 PM 01-06-2001
Is there a page with the latest product announcements and press releases from the CES?


C.E. Tekell

dailo's Avatar dailo 11:38 AM 01-07-2001
try www.soundstage.com for show highlights on audio equipment.
widescreen magazine's website has some show reports.

Hope this helps.
JohanK's Avatar JohanK 12:49 PM 01-07-2001
Also, check out www.hometheaterhifi.com for some pictures.
TheaterJeff's Avatar TheaterJeff 05:06 PM 01-07-2001
You may wish to check our web site for some details as well. Our very own Jeff Hall (aka "TheaterJeff" on this forum) is covering and meeting with top-end industry leaders there. We will have interviews and more coming this year from some of our friends there.

Timothy Adams, Phd.
Chief Audio Technical reviewer - AudioVideoForum.com

Buzz Goddard's Avatar Buzz Goddard 10:01 PM 01-07-2001
I'm not sure if there is a spot where you can get press releases without press credentials, but etown usually does a good job of picking up the interesting bits...

Buzz Goddard
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Deane Johnson's Avatar Deane Johnson 10:23 PM 01-07-2001
News out of CES seems really lacking this year. About the only thing that's shown up is the new color Pronto.

Not much news on receivers or anything. There must just not be much in the way of new products of interest being shown.

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