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nobi125's Avatar nobi125 12:07 AM 05-12-2007
I'm looking around for cheap speaker wall mounts for two rear speakers that weight about 2-2.5lbs.

I've looked around town and places like Bestbuy and Radioshack want around $40 for two mounts.

The speakers ran me $20, so I'm not really keen on the idea of spending twice that much to mount them.

I was wondering if you guys knew any reliable places online to some lower priced mounts.

buzzy_'s Avatar buzzy_ 04:38 AM 05-12-2007
zacgo's Avatar zacgo 05:33 AM 05-12-2007
I vaguely remember seeing pretty cheap ones at Walmart.
tdogroeder's Avatar tdogroeder 06:07 AM 05-12-2007
nobi125's Avatar nobi125 06:08 AM 05-12-2007

Much better, thanks man.

I found some pretty cheap ones at monoprice but they don't have a very good selection like that place does.
joshigh's Avatar joshigh 10:54 AM 05-13-2007
You could always make your own. I had a HTIB system a few years ago. I went to Home Depot and picked up L brackets and the proper screws. I mounted them to the ceiling.

For around 10 bucks I had 5 hidden, solid mounts.

If you're doing a wall mount, I'm sure you could put two L brackets together to make a square, or they may even have something else that would work for you.
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